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100 70% Pretty Woman (1990) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"loveeeeee. cliche but idc"
100 70% Love Actually (2003) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"i love the parallel stories, such great charatcers because of the fantastic cast. i love the concert scene with the boy and his first love. the airport scene is amazing too. the different kinds of love are all shown and are painted beautifully."
100 70% Wolf Children (2012) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"gorg animation. heartbreaking scenes but also such a beautiful coming of age movie. amazing music too!"
95 31% Howl's Moving Castle (2004) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"so so so creative. perfect love story with amazing visuals. if i could chose one movie to watch again for the first time it would be this one."
100 70% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"brilliant. i cried and laughed and just smiled as i watched the two girls grow up. makes me feel like a little kid again. so happy even among the sadness that sometimes sorrounds the girls' lives"
100 70% Spirited Away (2001) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"ugh i love ghibli movies but this one is the best. analyzes different types of relationships as well as power structures so subtely. the animaiton is fantastic as well"
100 70% Parasite (2019) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"amazing. showstopping, incredible. never the same."
100 70% Cool Hand Luke (1967) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"i have the poster in my living room, it looks so cool- paul newman excellent as always. the charatcers are all excellent actually."
100 70% The Party (1968) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"poor man's life got worse and worse. and i laughed the entire time"
100 70% Mary Poppins (1964) - Rated 25 Oct 2022
"best disney movie. i rest my case"