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80 54% Balto (1995) - Rated 02 Apr 2024
"Being inspired by true events adds to this film. The animation is good. The pacing is good. I like the lead voice talents of Kevin Bacon (Balto) and Bridget Fonda (Jenna)."
85 69% The Big Country (1958) - Rated 03 Feb 2024
"The scenery and cinematography are lovely. The title certainly applies. This film is nearly three hours long, but that didn't bother me with this film. While I haven't seen many films with Gregory Peck, I dig him here. The supporting cast does well."
85 69% Shane (1953) - Rated 02 Feb 2024
"This movie is shot well, and Technicolor is groovy. I do have two minor criticisms. One, the film could have been a bit shorter, and tell the story just as well. Two, the kid is sometimes annoying."
65 19% West of the Divide (1934) - Rated 28 Jan 2024
"If you can re-unite with your long-lost brother who is named after potatoes, you gotta do it."
70 30% Riders of Destiny (1933) - Rated 28 Jan 2024
"Fighting over water rights. Surely this is a relic of a bygone age."
65 19% Rainbow Valley (1935) - Rated 15 Jan 2024
"The version I watched was just under 50 minutes. With a running time that short, it can't drag much. Note 1 - $210 for a Horse and a gun. Note 2 - Trojan Explosives. Note 3 - Horses towing a car (That's a new one on me.) Note 4 - Jay Wilsey had the screen name "Buffalo Bill, Jr." (No relation.)"
65 19% Sagebrush Trail (1933) - Rated 13 Jan 2024
"Those were good eggs he wasted!"
70 30% Winds of the Wasteland (1936) - Rated 12 Jan 2024
""The Pony Express" time period interests me. Some more pretty good stunts in this film, ie jumping from moving horses to stagecoaches and such. Bonus points for having a Skunk. Extra bonus points for a title that sounds like Fallout DLC."
70 30% The Lucky Texan (1934) - Rated 12 Jan 2024
"This film has some solid stunts, especially for a low budget 1930s film. There is also a scene involving a guy cross-dressing to sneak into a trial (in a 1930s John Wayne movie!)."
65 19% Blue Steel (1934) - Rated 12 Jan 2024
"It's a solid way to pass the time if you like old Westerns. Plus, it's short."