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T10 3 Women (1977) - Jan 13, 2016
T9 The Skin I Live In (2011) - Dec 19, 2015
T9 I'm So Excited (2013) - Dec 19, 2015
T10 All About My Mother (1999) - Dec 19, 2015
T6 Inherent Vice (2014) - Sep 26, 2015
"The Big Lebowski meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with better photography but less laughs. It's convenient how confusing this movie is. The more you try to figure it out, the more you realize how uninteresting the story is. My tip: if you want to enjoy this movie, don't try to understand it, just bask in the sloppy stupor."
T1 Anything Else (2003) - Sep 25, 2015
"Couldn't finish it. Watching Jason Biggs forcibly stutter at the beginning of literally every sentence is like some kind thespian torture. The acting is so painfully deadpan, not believable at all."