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Flick Fan - 78 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 20, 2020

Bio: Personal rating system
100-90: what I consider my favourites & masterpieces.
89-75: very good, highly recommended.
74-60: good, recommend if interested in premise.
59-50: average, didn't feel much about these.
49 - 1: varying degrees of unenjoyable, boring and bad
0: should've avoided at all costs. Give me back my time spent on these, please.
more Recent Ratings
65 35% The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2014) - Jul 06, 2020
"Beautiful and unique art style - this movie is a feast for the eyes. Intriguing beginning sets up the movie greatly, but only gets bogged down by the tedious and grating middle parts which more than overstayed their welcome - gladly it picks up again at the ending. Overall, didn't manage to grip me much at all and became a bit of a bore at times. Nevertheless, sprinkled with standout moments and it has a fantasting soundtrack to accompany the folktale."
75 55% American Psycho (2000) - Jul 06, 2020
60 26% The Lego Movie (2014) - Jul 05, 2020