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40 3% God Bless America God Bless America (2012) - Rated 02 Jul 2012
"Dreadfully shallow, like some uncreative high schooler just watched Taxi Driver and decided to adapt it to their generation. Full of gratuitous rants that stoop to the level of pandering, it starts with a fantasy murder sequence and never rises above it for the rest of the movie. America's in a bad place not only because of those who are bashed in this movie but also due to folks like Goldthwait, who lower the level of social and political discourse to infantile depictions like this."
60 10% Primer Primer (2004) - Rated 02 Jan 2008
"Intelligent science fiction shouldn't be synonymous with deliberate obfuscation of the damn plot."
45 4% Cube Cube (1997) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Interesting set-up, but terrible acting and writing. Characters are either stupid, unlikeable, or both."