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80 T9 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965) - Jun 24, 2017
"A subdued film where the attention is given to characters and slow development of a complex plot, and these are tightly entwined. Masterfully handled by the director, and Richard Burton is exceptional."
70 T7 Bronson (2009) - Jun 22, 2017
"Definitely sort of one-note, but cool nevertheless. Yeah, I can sometimes dig it when something is just 'cool'. Not Guy Ritchie or QT-arantino cool, more like Le Samourai and Breathless cool. Which this is not either, but it was pretty cool. Refn is clearly having a wank, not an uncommon occurrence, but that can be enjoyable too, like Interstellar. Also, this review is cool, and I am cool. Not Tom Hardy cool, but different."
30 T2 Rocky (1976) - Jun 22, 2017
"In a basic way sets a standard for a certain type of film, but there isn't anything substantial about it. There is a certain kind of meat-headed accomplishment to the script but I'm not really a fan of that."
40 T3 The Loveless (1982) - Jun 19, 2017
"Strange film. The stilted dialogue comes across deliberately awkward, but also awkwardly deliberate, which makes it really awkward. Throw in the mix Willem Dafoe screwing around with a girl represented as barely pubescent, who wears tight fitting clothes that reveal both nipples and genitalia, and you have a really awkward time on your hands. Awkwardness is certainly among my least favourite things to feel for the duration of a film."
50 T3 Silence (2016) - Jun 14, 2017
"A rather dry and sober film that doesn't make substantial the issues raised, even where they could have been valuable. It really feels like Scorsese has been running on autopilot since, well, The Aviator I guess."
20 T1 Mansion of the Living Dead (1985) - Jun 09, 2017
"A very few of Franco's signature atmospheric flourishes adorning otherwise cheap and trashy sleaze. The soft-porn is so grotesque I think my genitals actually fell off and self-immolated before the ten minute mark. Apart from that it was dull."
75 T8 Cat Soup (2001) - Jun 08, 2017
"Crazy, completely unpredictable and horribly perverse at times. This would be recommended to drug users if it weren't for the truly disturbing and heinous shit that it throws at you."
T1 Foodfight (2012) - Jun 08, 2017
"Abysmal, tasteless trash. Being annihilated softened nothing."
30 T2 Temptation of the Mask (1987) - Jun 06, 2017
"Sato's first gay themed film. Rather awkwardly framed by a bland investigative procedure, this one is pretty lacklustre on every front. One or two interesting scenes, such as that with the mask, but largely uninspired."