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85 T10 The Wire (2002) - May 23, 2017
"Seasons 2 and 5 seem a bit weaker than the rest, but that doesn't say much. There is a profound dedication to honestly portraying the complex social dynamics that rest at the core of every narrative arc, but even more impressive is the dedication to addressing the problems with equal complexity and with a moral rigour that surpasses anything I've encountered before. A truly remarkable effort and I've hardly begun to tackle all of this show's many qualities."
15 T1 Faces of Death (1978) - May 22, 2017
"Starts off on a vaguely eerie tone but very quickly it becomes apparent that this is heading into pure bullshit territory. The value of the narration is solely the pleasure of hearing a blathering idiot stating either the blatantly obvious or the tragically ignorant. In terms of 'the goods' it's quite tame, and, once again, the real pleasure comes from the shit faux croc/bear attack and similarly fraudulent violence. It's equivalent to a dumb carnival house of horrors for gorehounds."
75 T8 Maniac (1980) - May 20, 2017
"They sure don't make 'em like this anymore."
80 T9 Burden of Dreams (1982) - May 19, 2017
"If you were ever wondering how Herzog pulls off being Herzog, as opposed to regular ole you or me, well. Here you go. It's because he's batshit fucking insane. This is by turns hilarious and mind boggling, and is an essential supplement to Fitzcarraldo, as well as being an extraordinary piece of filmmaking in its own right."
80 T9 Cesare deve morire (2012) - May 18, 2017
"This is mostly driven by the force of compelling performances. The whole idea is easily related back to Peter Brook's Marat/Sade, but the biographical component lends it another dimension. Fantastic."
60 T5 Suspiria 25th Anniversary (2001) - May 17, 2017
"Superficially informative supplement for the most part."
70 T7 Black Christmas (1974) - May 16, 2017
"Definitely feels much fresher than most slashers, even the well heralded classics of the genre like Halloween. It's genuinely spooky and takes a different tack with the effective soundtrack. It greatly benefits the film that the end doesn't strain, but is effortlessly and bluntly unsettling."
10 T1 The Blair Witch Project (1999) - May 14, 2017
"Absolutely bored shitless."
25 T1 Unfriended (2015) - May 14, 2017
"There wasn't much chance of my finding anything to enjoy here, but I'll still say that for what it is (an idea both stupid and inevitable) it's probably as competently executed as could be."
80 T9 Chainsaw Scumfuck (1988) - May 10, 2017
"Stay classy Alex Chandon."