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  • MartinTeller

    #1 - MartinTeller has 4431 stars from 490 users

    Groundhog-Day Groundhog Day - MartinTeller's Most Popular Review
    72 - "You will not be permitted to continue your life until you fuck Andie MacDowell. THE GODS DEMAND THAT YOU GET INSIDE ANDIE MACDOWELL'S PANTS."
  • Pickpocket

    #2 - Pickpocket has 4341 stars from 485 users

    Lost-in-Translation Lost in Translation - Pickpocket's Most Popular Review
    10 - "I love it. It's just nice to look at all the beautiful scenery, very dreamy. I can always pop this in if I'm having a bad day and feel infinitely better. Also, the soundtrack is perfect and Kevin Shields should be forced to work on more films. Bill Murray is always immensely watchable and it's no different here. One of my favorites."
  • frederic_g54

    #3 - frederic_g54 has 3154 stars from 465 users

    The-Hobbit-The-Desolation-of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - frederic_g54's Most Popular Review
    5 - "Jackson continues to ride the coattails of the LOTR with another mind-numbing installment, only this time around, orcs have been replaced by cheap CGI orcs, Legolas by shiny Legolas and Gandalf by a potato. Gone are the stirring adventures, once associated with pictorial grandeur and unprecedented imagination. What remains is a shameless exploitation of Tolkien's beloved world, an opportunity for a bunch of uncharismatic actors to add the name of a multi-billion dollar franchise to their résume"
  • Alex Watkins

    #4 - Alex Watkins has 3587 stars from 456 users

    Apocalypse-Now Apocalypse Now - Alex Watkins's Most Popular Review
    6 - "My favorite film, a surreal, haunting, visually flamboyant masterpiece. It's one awe-inspiring sequence after another, from the "Ride of the Valkyries" bombing to the incredibly nightmarish encounter at the Do Luong bridge. ("Who's your commanding officer?" "Ain't you?") Few other epics so freely embrace their own insanity, and it works to brilliant effect. Some movies transcend their genres; this one transcends its medium. This is the end..."
  • KasperL

    #5 - KasperL has 5355 stars from 424 users

    Let-the-Right-One-In Let the Right One In - KasperL's Most Popular Review
    90 - "Truly original. Perfectly balanced. The mix of vampire-horror with a coming-of-age story of a bullied boy proves very potent because supernatural happenings to Oskar seem not that much more violent and weird than the everyday life of growing up. The kids are as great as the cinematography is brilliant. A wonderful surprise and the best film of 2008."
  • Ytadel

    #6 - Ytadel has 3048 stars from 412 users

    Jack Jack - Ytadel's Most Popular Review
    1 - "Francis Ford Coppola's masterful followup to The Godfather saga."
  • doctor7

    #7 - doctor7 has 3888 stars from 411 users

    Terminator-2-Judgment-Day Terminator 2: Judgment Day - doctor7's Most Popular Review
    90 - "This movie is the true reason for Arnold Schwarzenegger's fame. He plays the role of the Terminator to perfection and Robert Patrick's distinct haunting presence is brilliant. The visuals are, even now, quite impressive. The dialog and story are both excellent. Indeed, this is one of the best action films you'll ever see and arguably James Cameron's best film."
  • Moribunny

    #8 - Moribunny has 2207 stars from 381 users

    Chinatown Chinatown - Moribunny's Most Popular Review
    98 - "Polanski does a wonderful job, the cast does a wonderful job, but Robert Towne's script steals the show. After a thousand little pieces fall right into place at the very last scene, the sheer perfection of this story hits you, hard."
  • Barthalen

    #9 - Barthalen has 4477 stars from 368 users

    Jurassic-World Jurassic World - Barthalen's Most Popular Review
    48 - ""..and as you can see" the head accountant continues, "adding the Poochiesaurus Rex boosts expected revenue to ridiculous heights." The Omni Consumer Products execs applaud. "Once we realised we could simply copy the original product and replace its 'suspense' and 'sense of wonder' with our InsultinglyContrivedBullshit formula, we got results! We present to you... Jurassic World!". A reanimated dinosaur corpse shuffles into the room. It opens its crooked, drooling maw. Money falls out. Applause."
  • Magb

    #10 - Magb has 2199 stars from 358 users

    Unforgiven Unforgiven - Magb's Most Popular Review
    95 - "Unforgiven is not a western, it's an anti-western. It's the conscience of every western, and of the old west itself. Its protagonist is its antagonist and vice versa. Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, and of course Eastwood himself, all deliver great performances, and most of the supporting cast is equally good. The movie makes intelligent statements about violence and man's capabilitity for evil. I don't know if I can ever look at a more "conventional" western the same way again."
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