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Overall Star Rankings

  • notfyrabanks

    #7401 - notfyrabanks has 1 stars from 1 users

    Rocky Rocky - notfyrabanks's Most Popular Review
    80 - "The last five minutes of this movie made it for me."
  • Bowie

    #7402 - Bowie has 1 stars from 1 users

    Jungle-2-Jungle Jungle 2 Jungle - Bowie's Most Popular Review
    69 - "A businessman (Allen) learns of an illegitimate son who has been raised in a jungle tribe. Named Mimi-Siku (\"Cat pee\"), the boy tries to win the heart of his busy father on a trip to that OTHER jungle, New York City."
  • oliole

    #7403 - oliole has 1 stars from 1 users

    2001-A-Space-Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey - oliole's Most Popular Review
    98 - "just art! <3"
  • roby2358

    #7404 - roby2358 has 1 stars from 1 users

    Jason-X Jason X - roby2358's Most Popular Review
    60 - "This was, oddly, not as terrible as I expected"
  • shoukry

    #7405 - shoukry has 1 stars from 1 users

    Omaret-yakobean Omaret yakobean - shoukry's Most Popular Review
    95 - "This is a highly sophisticated adaptation of the very famous Egyptian novel. The film bursts with big Egyptian stars and has a screenplay that is both strong, modern and highly moving. The film is daring and the performances are uniformally excellent in addition to a lovely soundtrack. This film shows why the Egyptian film industry is the best in the Arab speaking world and is highly recommended for any one interested to be introduced to modern Egyptian cinema."
  • botski

    #7406 - botski has 1 stars from 1 users

    Bridesmaids Bridesmaids - botski's Most Popular Review
    85 - "Some of the scenes were absolutely gut busting hilarious. Kristen Wiig is one of my favorite comedians and she did not disappooint!"
  • lolo

    #7407 - lolo has 1 stars from 1 users

    There-Will-Be-Blood There Will Be Blood - lolo's Most Popular Review
    100 - "Top Film at the lolo Awards 2007 Won 7 Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Editing and Best Original Score. Also Nominee for Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing."
  • akirici

    #7408 - akirici has 1 stars from 1 users

    Burlesque Burlesque - akirici's Most Popular Review
    60 - "There is no acting even from Cher. Cause there is no script to make a impressive acting. All is about dancing, singing and "how can we show cristina's voice?" worries... I gave my points to Cher song performance thats all..."
  • hearstfy

    #7409 - hearstfy has 1 stars from 1 users

    Children-of-Men Children of Men - hearstfy's Most Popular Review
    88 - "insan ırkı olarak yapacağımız en iyi şey üremeyi bırakıp kendimizi yok etmemiz oalcaktır. "Rust Cohle". Koyun şu diziyi de listeye aq"
  • Pikknick

    #7410 - Pikknick has 1 stars from 1 users

    Jaws Jaws - Pikknick's Most Popular Review
    75 - "Even thou the effects isn't the greatest ,the movie really stands out. Great one :)"
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