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0 film ratings

Overall Star Rankings

  • spoonie.luv

    #7601 - spoonie.luv has 1 stars from 1 users

    One-Flew-Over-the-Cuckoos One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - spoonie.luv's Most Popular Review
    90 - "very good one"
  • wanders

    #7602 - wanders has 1 stars from 1 users

    Dogma Dogma - wanders's Most Popular Review
    30 - "I'm all for poking a little fun at organized religion. Unfortunately, this movie is so boring that I would feel bad recommending it to anyone. Comedy? Yeah right."
  • howardho

    #7603 - howardho has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Bridge-on-the-River The Bridge on the River Kwai - howardho's Most Popular Review
    90 - "David Lean's precursor to Lawrence of Arabia is funny and is an amazing study of culture clash (British v. Japanese, British v. American)."
  • danielsamson

    #7604 - danielsamson has 1 stars from 1 users

    Nuit-noire Nuit noire - danielsamson's Most Popular Review
    95 - "A brilliant, visually stunning film. Lots to think about. A little kafka-esque."
  • quirkyjunky

    #7605 - quirkyjunky has 1 stars from 1 users

    August-Osage-County August: Osage County - quirkyjunky's Most Popular Review
    62 - "i can't believe that i have never said that but juia roberts is better than meryl "the great" streep"
  • madlucas

    #7606 - madlucas has 1 stars from 1 users

    LIE L.I.E. - madlucas's Most Popular Review
    50 - "There is nothing disturbing about this. Actings and characters are just terrible."
  • pck

    #7607 - pck has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Blues-Brothers The Blues Brothers - pck's Most Popular Review
    95 - "Jake Blues, just out from prison, puts together his old band to save the Catholic home where he and brother Elwood were raised. ("
  • Antideity

    #7608 - Antideity has 1 stars from 1 users

    Exit-Through-the-Gift-Shop Exit Through the Gift Shop - Antideity's Most Popular Review
    85 - "So much truth in this film, regardless of fact."
  • Abhishek_A

    #7609 - Abhishek_A has 1 stars from 1 users

    Fight-Club Fight Club - Abhishek_A's Most Popular Review
    85 - "When I fist saw the movie, it seemed a little thematically confused. It was on my second viewing that I realized that the movie wasn't a parable on modern civilization, it was simply a story about a man suffering from depression and insomnia. Great characters, sublime performances, inventive direction and incredibly stylish."
  • sacalli

    #7610 - sacalli has 1 stars from 1 users

    Un-Chien-Andalou Un Chien Andalou - sacalli's Most Popular Review
    80 - "it's very interesting movie. It's totally absurd but there is a story behind it! I didn't understand everything but understood something true about the movie by reading the story."
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