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Overall Star Rankings

  • lemmingman

    #7951 - lemmingman has 1 stars from 1 users

    Taxi-Driver-1976 Taxi Driver - lemmingman's Most Popular Review
    95 - " a Mini-Review "
  • shakewell

    #7952 - shakewell has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Place-Beyond-the-Pines The Place Beyond the Pines - shakewell's Most Popular Review
    81 - "Gosling really convincing as a despicable person, one with a heart of gold but can't quite do enough to keep his life in line. Cooper moves beyond Hollywood blockbuster status to show he can actually act, but the strained believability of his son's character leaves the 3rd act a little lacking. First act shines and could have made for a great film on its own, with Mendelsohn doing a great Cazale-esque role."
  • Limelight

    #7953 - Limelight has 1 stars from 1 users

    Limelight Limelight - Limelight's Most Popular Review
    95 - "The simplicity in this movie is amazing! Felt in love with every single scene!"
  • counterc

    #7954 - counterc has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Big-Lebowski The Big Lebowski - counterc's Most Popular Review
    80 - "Ohhh, I watched this movie again just yesterday. What a movie... I love the way Jeff Bridges created the DUDE with his wonderful acting. His dudism has become a cult! "
  • coloradoman

    #7955 - coloradoman has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Stepford-Wives-2004 The Stepford Wives - coloradoman's Most Popular Review
    25 - "The original film is a classic of horror and to be honest, it totally creeped me out. So, with a cast like Kidman, Walken, Broderick and Close, I was expecting something decent. This remake is literally a joke and more of a parody of the original than anything else. There is nothing particularly subtle about the humor and the horror is all but gone. Not worth anyone's time, not even for a laugh. "
  • Treine

    #7956 - Treine has 1 stars from 1 users

    The-Bodyguard-1992 The Bodyguard - Treine's Most Popular Review
    99 - "Love it."
  • mucia

    #7957 - mucia has 1 stars from 1 users

    Tales-from-Earthsea Tales from Earthsea - mucia's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Title should be Gedo Senki... and it has nothing common with Ursula's Le Guin series... it's like comparing Pope to Neo from Matrix. The film is total misunderstanding !"
  • Padriag

    #7958 - Padriag has 1 stars from 1 users

    Alphaville Alphaville - Padriag's Most Popular Review
    98 - "'The comic strip side of Alphaville could be taken for a Brechtian form of "distanciation," for it is evident from the film's beginning that ironic distance must be maintained throughout the film. Otherwise, what is one to make of a film in which Lemmy Caution, the French Mickey Spilane, drives into Alphaville in a Ford "Galaxy" that has just traversed intergalactic space?' -Allen Thiher This quote reminded me of how much I love this movie."
  • texxy

    #7959 - texxy has 1 stars from 1 users

    Stand-by-Me Stand by Me - texxy's Most Popular Review
    99 - "Great coming of age film!"
  • smann36

    #7960 - smann36 has 1 stars from 1 users

    Toy-Story Toy Story - smann36's Most Popular Review
    90 - "great classic!"
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