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Densetsu no Bikenshi... Ai Yue ni Tatakau Otoko ()
Episode of Samurai X

Densetsu no Bikenshi... Ai Yue ni Tatakau Otoko
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Young Kaoru, heiress of a respectful Döjö in Meji-Era Japan, meet a wandering ("rurouni"), master-less samurai. She confronts him, as she thought he is the infamous killer "Battousai", but he saves her life from the one who's calling himself "Battousai" and it's making a bad reputation of Kaoru's deceased father's Döjö. (imdb)

Cast and Information

Season: 1, Episode: 1 - Episode Guide

Directed By: Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Written By: Richard Epcar, Shin'ichi Matsumi

Starring: Yoku Shioya, Miki Fujitani, Mayo Suzukaze

Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation

Country: Japan

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