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Celluloid Junkie - 3162 Films Ranked
Member Since: Apr 15, 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
Recent Rankings
25 T1 Blue Moon (1999) - Jul 28, 2014
"Mediocre telemovie in which various of life's troubles are overcome."
70 T8 A Brief History of Time (1991) - Jul 28, 2014
"Always interesting, even though it inevitably evokes physics more than explains it, and alludes to rather than deeply explores the philosophical suggestiveness of the subject's ideas. Perhaps Hawking's preference for a scientific rather than biographical focus would have been an even more interesting challenge, though the presentation of ideas of this complexity for even an intelligent lay audience may have proven an intractable problem. Very good score by Glass."
30 T2 World on a Wire (1973) - Jul 24, 2014
"Occasional interesting moments, and sometimes nicely photographed, but this is mostly dreadfully inept television nonsense, with shot after shot after shot after shot after shot filmed through a screen, or a mirror, or from behind some obstacle. Most scenes were laughable, some hilariously so. Nice to see Ulli Lommel acting. SLEEPER, released the same year, probably works better as serious sci-fi and as vision of the future, but it can't compete in terms of synchronised chair spinarounds."
60 T6 Sorcerer (1977) - Jul 21, 2014
"Virtues are the major spectacular sequences (bridge, tree, oil well fire scenes) and some of the smaller details (a New Jersey priest, upon the robbery of his parish, says "We've been hit!", a chicken at a police station, a naked boy in the mud, and so on). Human aspects were weaker: characters were too ill-defined, probably due to dialogue scenes being cut, and the intended cinema verité grittiness did not always extend to the acting. Scheider was OK but Warren Oates would have been better."
40 T3 Prisoners (2013) - Jul 17, 2014
"All involved no doubt worked hard, and it is possible to discern some complexity in the characterisation, but this really is junk material."
70 T8 Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story (1971) - Jul 17, 2014
"Funny and good."
25 T1 The Day of the Locust (1975) - Jul 15, 2014
"This film has a very good point to make: that, in certain conditions, enough individual malice and stupidity will catalyse into extremely destructive group behaviour. Almost everything else about the movie is, however, catastrophically bad. William Atherton bore a strange resemblance to a leaner Ben Affleck, Donald Sutherland bore less resemblance to Homer Simpson, and Karen Black's overacting in a terrible role was painful to behold. I felt a desire to trample all the characters to death."
60 T6 All Is Lost (2013) - Jul 14, 2014
"Best person-in-a-stricken-vessel-struggling-for-survival movie of 2013."
55 T5 The Descendants (2011) - Jul 13, 2014
"Mostly well-written and well-made, but just a bit more conventional and pre-programmed than, perhaps, the filmmakers imagined. Or maybe they knew exactly what they were doing. Starts out by calling for a more realistic attitude to Hawaiian life, but not sure that's what was delivered. It would no doubt be an unfair simplification to say the moral was that revenge beats money. Some of the intergenerational stuff was definitely handled better than usual."
65 T7 Enemy (2013) - Jul 12, 2014
"Just today I was reading something written by another me, one from 17 years ago, where this double of myself described to me the role of the uncanny in BLUE VELVET. And then I happened to watch this movie. And then Isabella Rossellini suddenly appeared, as the mother! But where in Lynch symbols are meant to lead to mysteries lying beyond them, here they are more like a code to be deciphered, hence flatter. Note that Freud discusses the idea that in dreams spiders represent the phallic mother."
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