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Member Since: Apr 15, 2006

Location: Ibarra, Ecuador

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
My circumstances during 2015 will not be conducive to seeing very many movies.

Recent Rankings
50 T5 Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life (1935) - Aug 29, 2015
"Not bad."
50 T5 Improvisation (1950) - Aug 28, 2015
"Seems to be footage from a film that was never completed. The sound didn't seem quite right."
60 T6 Jammin' the Blues (1944) - Aug 28, 2015
"Great musicians (though something about Bryant's performance of "Sunny Side of the Street" seemed a little odd). The dancers were good too."
45 T4 Jimi Plays Monterey (1986) - Aug 28, 2015
"Hendrix doesn't do much for me. 24 at the time. Phillips has little to say. Most interesting thing is watching the uncredited Denny Dent painting a wall at the beginning of the film."
60 T6 Shake!: Otis at Monterey (1989) - Aug 28, 2015
"All about Tenderness. 25 at the time. I believe the first time I saw Otis Redding was on a videocassette entitled SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT, which I probably watched in the early 1980s: of all the many performers he left the biggest impression."
45 T4 Padal proshlogodniy sneg (1983) - Aug 28, 2015
"Inventive anti-fairy-tale, but seemed like it was trying a bit too hard to be clever."
40 T3 25 October, the First Day (1968) - Aug 27, 2015
"Animation as Soviet painting come to life."
55 T6 Vremena goda (1969) - Aug 27, 2015
"Very pretty."
60 T6 Secha pri Kerzhentse (1971) - Aug 27, 2015
"Animation as painting come to life. And then death. And then life again, as swords are turned into plough shares. Hurrah!"
70 T8 Lisa i zayats (1973) - Aug 27, 2015
"Extremely simple, but so many beautiful, painterly images, and so many delightful little details."