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Recent Rankings
55 T6 Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014) - Jan 26, 2015
"A little weaker than the episodes of the first two seasons. None of the stories made a whole lot of sense in this one, even if the point was always clear enough."
45 T4 Femme Fatale (2002) - Jan 25, 2015
"Plenty of camera games, narrative tricks, generic subversions and cinematic references, and a lot of self-conscious exploration of the artifices and duplicities of art, photography and cinema, but none of that seemed to this viewer to take the film much beyond the trashy level at which this filmmaker seems to prefer to operate."
45 T4 Europa Report (2013) - Jan 24, 2015
"Not badly done but doesn't really go anywhere, and seems to accept as a (probably justifiable) truism that astronauts are the world's dullest people (which 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY did, too, but in such a way as to make something of it, something that has something to do with Weber's rationality becoming rationalization)."
60 T6 The Wind Rises (2013) - Jan 23, 2015
"Deserves credit as a literate cartoon movie about engineering as a form of dreaming. The dialogue is not without subtlety but the characters are still very flat and simple in a way that seems unavoidable in this genre. The focus on the tragic dimension of an engineer collaborating in the production of war machines may be aesthetically legitimate, but the saintly rendering of the protagonist, without a hint of corruption or cynicism, tending to his fictionally ill spouse, seems a little dubious."
30 T2 The Maze Runner (2014) - Jan 20, 2015
"Weak dialogue and characterisation, and a narrative that beggars belief. The filmmakers's complete lack of interest in negotiating the competing needs of setting up a planned sequel and creating a film that stands on its own makes this a particularly clear example of the degree to which conventional filmmaking has become infected by the aesthetics and carelessness of television."
40 T3 Saint Laurent (2014) - Jan 19, 2015
"Tries things, but ultimately not enough to the material to justify the running time. Maybe the fabric is interesting, but not the material."
35 T2 Gone Girl (2014) - Jan 19, 2015
"Fake issues, fake controversy, uninteresting style. The desire of critics to praise this director continues to confound this viewer."
65 T7 Black Mirror: Be Right Back (2013) - Jan 11, 2015
"Thematically similar to HER."
60 T6 Black Mirror: White Bear (2013) - Jan 11, 2015
60 T6 Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment (2013) - Jan 11, 2015
"Telecracy against democracy."
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