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65 T7 Black Mirror (2011) - Dec 15, 2014
"Well-done examination of the stupefying aspects of digital network technology. First-season episodes concern, respectively, the de-politicizing effects of spectacular political performativity, the artificialization of "reality" induced by the ubiquity of the consumerist image, and the destructive aspects of the continuous exteriorisation of memory. Of these, the third was the most complex and interesting, and also happened to be the one not written by Brooker. Second season was also interesting."
55 T6 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Dec 08, 2014
"A touch of flair and occasional wit mean that this rollicking but disposable space adventure yields a little more pleasure than most blockbuster fare. Pretty good for kids."
35 T2 Teorema (1968) - Dec 01, 2014
"Stamp's irresistible charismatic force causes an entire family to drop the façade of bourgeois repression and embrace, variously, art, sex and the primal scream, but these all just conceal and expose the ultimate horror of contemporary kenosis. An exemplary case of sixties waywardness, this is woefully outdated if it was not indeed already fundamentally wrong at time of release. More fundamentally still, it is tedious and uninteresting, Mozart's Requiem notwithstanding."
65 T7 Touching the Void (2003) - Nov 21, 2014
"Well-told documentary about the consequences of risk-taking, the will to survive, and luck."
30 T2 Calvary (2014) - Nov 19, 2014
"Nearly every earnest look, every serious facial expression, every wise-sounding remark and every wry aside rang false to this viewer. In general the whole thing came off as an attempt to gain approval from critics and audiences that is ultimately just as programmed and nearly as uninteresting as the most generic blockbuster."
45 T4 22 Jump Street (2014) - Nov 19, 2014
"Quite a few flat spots. Earns extra points for the credit sequence."
90 T10 Same Old Song (1997) - Nov 18, 2014
"Life and love inextricably intertwined with and ventriloquized by song and cinema, as a source of both contemporary melancholy and malaise, and an uncanny redemptive power. Argues that if Paris was saved from the Nazis, perhaps in the years since it has not been saved from the French themselves and from the industrialisation of everyday aesthetic life. Possesses the rare quality of continuously improving as it goes along. See Bernard Stiegler, Symbolic Misery, Volume 1, pp. 20–44."
70 T8 Les travailleu(r)ses du sexe (2009) - Nov 08, 2014
"Interesting and well-done documentary about the politics and experience of prostitution, and the prevalence of sexual hypocrisy."
70 T8 Interstellar (2014) - Nov 06, 2014
"Opening shot indicates this is an ode to the human adventure and its physical, intellectual and technical pioneers, playing on fears of this adventure's end. But it is also an engagement with 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (and in the end with SOLARIS), and is quite cinematically and thematically ambitious, though the Nolans fail to avoid some silliness and low-grade philosophising about love that seems light years from either Kubrick or Tarkovsky. The visual imagination is mostly impressive. Avoid IMAX."
55 T6 The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014) - Nov 05, 2014
"Certainly of interest for several reasons, but it seems the filmmakers were so keen on generating outrage that they were content just to produce a very conventional hagiography, preferring to manipulate audience emotions rather than analyse more deeply (perhaps this is slightly overstating it). I will never understand filmmakers who use old television clips and idiotically prefer to distort the images rather than display them with the correct aspect ratio. Swartz says some interesting things."
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