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Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
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60 T6 The Boarding School Bomber (2011) - Mar 01, 2015
"Quite well-done, unsensationalistic and even thoughtful account of one, rather pathetic, case."
55 T6 Whiplash (2014) - Feb 24, 2015
"Despite passing itself off as the FULL METAL JACKET of keeping time, this sticks too closely to well-worn formula. Greater insight into the creative process can be found in a typical episode of DANCE MOMS. Here, mom has been conveniently cut out of the picture, and the single female character has little to do in her brief time onscreen. A few amusing lines but all too silly, really, and the orange and teal filtering is a giveaway that the filmmakers weren't striving for much beyond a "good job"."
65 T7 Fail-Safe (1964) - Feb 22, 2015
"Cinematically, 1964 was certainly the year of what Derrida called the "absolute pharmakon", and this more directly than STRANGELOVE raises the questions of the effects of automation and speed on the likelihood of nuclear apocalypse. Hampered by some technical implausibilities and a few off-key melodramatic moments, this is still quite an effective little chamber drama about the small matter of the ongoing possibility of destroying the whole world in a single day. Yeah but what are the odds?"
55 T6 Paprika (2006) - Feb 21, 2015
"Cinema as a form of collective dreaming, both fantastic and insidious, the stakes of which are the controllability or otherwise of desire. The imagery is vivid and complex, if not quite beautiful, and the ideas are interesting and indeed highly relevant to the problems of contemporary living, but, as seems inevitable with this kind of cartoon, the characters are at best one-dimensional and the dialogue mediocre if not painfully stilted. I still prefer INCEPTION."
65 T7 Louis Theroux's LA Stories (2014) - Feb 20, 2015
"Theroux once again applies his likeable persona to expose the way in which institutions, responding to real dilemmas, often become functionally stupid and irrational, with manifold negative consequences for the human beings (and dogs) with whom they deal. The concluding monologue of the third instalment was disappointingly bland, considering the Kafkaesque nightmare shown in that episode."
45 T4 Predestination (2014) - Feb 17, 2015
"After quite a slow start this becomes more interesting, but it seems as though the whole narrative eventually evaporates into paradoxes that the filmmakers have little interest in resolving. The best of this style of time-travel movies is for this viewer still the under-appreciated TRIANGLE (2009) (as with this one, shot in Australia while pretending not to be). Filmmakers working in Melbourne seem to never tire of using the same locations as wedding photographers. Somewhat orange and teal."
40 T3 Erebus: Into the Unknown (2014) - Feb 15, 2015
"Underwhelming presentation of a tale that no doubt seemed significant to those who lived through it, but which is not actually terribly interesting in and of itself for those who didn't. Seemed intended almost as an act of belated public recognition, which perhaps did not help the work function as an effective piece of documentary filmmaking."
25 T1 Deliver Us from Evil (2014) - Feb 10, 2015
"It is just barely conceivable that this religion-infused horror film is intended as some kind of allegory about the traumatising consequences of regressing to individual and collective beastliness, and the therapeutic practices required to overcome this trauma, but poor dialogue, unconvincing performances and a derivative approach to standard generic elements result in a work that is forgettable and uninteresting."
40 T3 The Old Man and the Sea (1958) - Feb 07, 2015
"Dated and unremarkable adaptation of Hemingway's dated mythologisation of human struggle, this comes across as a very 1950s Hollywood attempt at being "poetic", and the failure of the filmmakers to adequately solve the problem of how to represent the catching of a large fish on the open sea must have been apparent even to audiences at the time of the film's release, but for all that this little feature is not totally without charm."
25 T1 Blow (2001) - Feb 03, 2015
"Gave up on this pretty early. Despite apparently trying as hard as possible to imitate Scorsese in general and GOODFELLAS in particular, the filmmakers make one bad decision after another and the overwhelming impression is one of falseness and insincerity."
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