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Member Since: Apr 15, 2006

Location: Ibarra, Ecuador

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
I will not be in a position to see very many movies during 2015.

Recent Rankings
55 T6 Ex Machina (2015) - Jun 14, 2015
"Some effort is expended at making the dialogue seem "conceptual", not totally without success, despite the familiarity of the theme, but it's all a bit too prosaic (which is why the dancing scene stands out), and it loses steam somewhat as it becomes increasingly clear that the conclusion will resemble a kind of slightly quasi-feminist ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. While others will no doubt disagree, for me HER renders this movie (and several others) superfluous."
50 T5 Johnny Express (2014) - Jun 13, 2015
"On carelessness."
55 T6 Room 8 (2013) - Jun 13, 2015
"Simple but not ineffective."
50 T5 L' Arrivée d'un train à La Ciotat (1895) - Jun 13, 2015
"Apparently untrue that it was shown at the Lumière brothers' first public screening on 28 December 1895 (not being shown until 1896), and apparently unclear what was the true audience reaction. Be that as it may, it seems clear that the audience did react with astonishment, and that what this serves to show is that to watch a film is to engage in a practice that must be learned. The point being: this may well be a practice that, 120 years later, is well on the way to being unlearned."
35 T2 Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) - Apr 13, 2015
"Pretty weak."
45 T4 Foxcatcher (2014) - Apr 13, 2015
"Uncommunicative men play at macho sports; tragedy results. A kind of more enigmatic variation on RAGING BULL but the story is just not very interesting, at least as presented here."
65 T7 Birdman (2014) - Apr 13, 2015
"Many good things, but when Norton disappears, about two thirds of the way through, it becomes clear the filmmakers have nowhere to go except towards crowd-pleasing conventionality."
60 T6 Inherent Vice (2014) - Apr 13, 2015
"Had good things but not funny or interesting enough. Perhaps I was too tired."
20 T1 Death Race (2008) - Apr 10, 2015
"Statham has perhaps the most rudimentary style of acting of any Hollywood actor."
60 T6 World of Tomorrow (2015) - Apr 08, 2015
"Above average short."