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Celluloid Junkie - 3095 Films Ranked
Member Since: Apr 15, 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
Recent Rankings
25 T1 Fantastic Four (2005) - Apr 23, 2014
"Silly movie for kids."
45 T4 Somewhere in Time (1980) - Apr 22, 2014
"Compare this to The Fly: both concern a likeable man who wants to achieve a miraculous displacement (one temporal, the other spatial); both men succeed, but a tiny impurity they bring with them dooms their respective science fictional romances, tearing them away from their love interests and suffusing the films with a tragic air. Also, both movies feature one of those "getting to know each other" musical montage sequences we all know and love. With a better director this may have been something."
45 T4 The Descent (2005) - Apr 21, 2014
"The Descent: almost decent."
50 T4 Butcher Boys (2012) - Apr 20, 2014
"Henkel's commitment to wild, crazed insanity is admirable. The way he tells it, Texas is about the effects of technological disruption on a family, and their attempts to salvage a way of life. This rejigged sequel script seems to ask what happens when, instead of struggling against this disruption, the family or group converges with it, industrialising their own way of life. But discerning the finer points of the lesson amidst the chaos to some extent misses the point of the general exuberance."
70 T8 Wake in Fright (1971) - Apr 19, 2014
"Corresponds very closely to my knowledge and experience of the inhabitants of Broken Hill: it would be a serious mistake to see this as an exaggeration or a caricature. The only other aspect of this "culture" that could have been dealt with is the relation of these kinds of folk to the Aboriginal population, but to do so in an honest way was probably not possible at that time. Actually it is probably still not possible, maybe even less so. Perhaps that's why this needed a director from overseas."
20 T1 Dredd (2012) - Apr 18, 2014
"At best, nihilistic meaninglessness. Rumors you may have heard that the 3D slow motion sequences are pretty are false (admittedly, watched in 2D). That a fair proportion of critics purported to have liked this woeful effort is almost unbelievable. Only serves to cement the feeling that, as far as action movies go, or genre movies of any kind for that matter, probably even just Hollywood movies of any kind, 2012 was the year of Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. John Hyams is the man."
30 T2 Dark Skies (2013) - Apr 17, 2014
"Standard Spielbergian family-in-crisis nonsense (at one point somebody says something along the lines of "so the only way we can win is if we stick together as a family unit"). Some moments were OK."
70 T8 American Hustle (2013) - Apr 16, 2014
"Enjoyable exercise in style owing much to Scorsese. Seems that critics may have liked it more than audiences did: in this case I tend to side with the former."
40 T3 Noah (2014) - Apr 13, 2014
"Environmentalist parable as if conceived by Travis Bickle, wrestling with the desire for a real rain to come and wash the scum off the streets. It may be admirably audacious, but the sounds and images are often conventional, and the heavy-handed melodrama continuously spells everything out in capital letters. Old Testament severity but also a decidedly New Testament preoccupation with original sin. Perhaps it was unlikely I'd find this very involving, but it seems surprisingly artless as well."
50 T4 Sommersby (1993) - Apr 12, 2014
"My recollection of the novel on which this is based is that it was notably unsentimental. Here, it becomes a tale expressing the wish that one man's sacrifice could be the mechanism by which a nation torn by war, and that continues to be torn by racism, could heal its wounds and unite. Despite these fantasy elements, it is hard not to feel that the ambiguous heroism of the lead male character was a bit too morally complex for audiences and some critics to accept. Some women may cry."
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