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Celluloid Junkie - 3196 Films Ranked
Member Since: Apr 15, 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
Recent Rankings
25 T1 Space Battleship Yamato (2010) - Sep 23, 2014
"A mishmash of Hollywood blockbuster sci-fi movies, but ultimately a fantasy postulating that a correctly-performed kamikaze sacrifice at just the right moment may not only have miraculously saved Japan from certain defeat, but also have undone all the devastation wrought by the forces of war and even have reversed any damage caused by radiation fallout from nuclear attack. What does it say that sixty-five years later Japanese audiences still have an appetite for cinematic rituals on this theme?"
65 T7 Cutie and the Boxer (2013) - Sep 18, 2014
"Watching this on the same day as AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON made it seem there were connections to be made between Shinohara and The Gourd."
80 T9 An Autumn Afternoon (1962) - Sep 18, 2014
"Does not quite reach the level of Ozu's greatest works, but still very good. The precision involved in every aspect of the filmmaking, and the repetition of so many narrative elements from his previous films, leave the impression that Ozu was constantly trying to create a film to match the ideal film that he pictured in his mind, like some painters who seem to produce very similar works over and over again in pursuit of some perfection only they understand. Or else it could just be a formula."
30 T2 127 Hours (2010) - Sep 17, 2014
"Some kind of commission should be set up to investigate and explain the bizarre and disturbing fact that critics were virtually unanimous in heaping high praise upon this MTV video about a man who finds himself in the unfortunate position of having to cut off his own arm."
50 T5 Lost for Life (2013) - Sep 15, 2014
"Seems to want to focus elsewhere than the details of the crimes themselves, yet since the tragedies cannot be evaded, the result uncomfortably lets the perpetrators explain what transpired without really giving the viewer much opportunity for evaluation. Nor does the film say much of anything about the prison system or the justice system. The ultimate impression is thus that the filmmakers wished to seem thoughtful and serious but are not above exploiting the crimes for sensational effect."
20 T1 Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Sep 13, 2014
"Witless and charmless. Watched as much as I could bear."
20 T1 Conan the Barbarian (2011) - Sep 10, 2014
"Sole point of interest was the hint of incestuous desire clearly present in one scene."
50 T5 Life and Death Row (2014) - Sep 08, 2014
"Something about the rather standard way this was done was slightly irritating, and it really contains nothing new. The individual death row cases all hold a certain fascination, Pruett's being perhaps the most interesting and seemingly tragic."
40 T3 Skyfall (2012) - Sep 04, 2014
"Effort has been expended to increase the sophistication, pursuing themes to do with changing times and getting old, but despite the general classiness of the production, the feelings of tedium and meaninglessness associated with this franchise gradually dominate. The very simple story about the vengeful desires of a rogue agent might conceivably be understood as an allegory about the West creating its own monsters, but the film is ultimately a defence of the need for a secret security apparatus."
50 T5 The Great Gatsby (2013) - Sep 04, 2014
"The filmmaker's preference for gaudy artificiality makes for a wholly unlikeable first forty minutes, but in the last hundred the strength of the source material and the stellar power of the lead performer to some extent save the film from being the worst sort of kitschy spectacle."
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