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35 T2 Snowpiercer (2014) - Nov 24, 2015
"A man discovers that to be a leader one must learn to sacrifice...and to kill: an unoriginal and uninteresting theme. Some disastrously poor pauses for moments of significance, and one-dimensional characters, mean that it is really impossible to care about any of the events depicted. Ending seems intended to be hopeful in some way that is incomprehensible to this viewer. Revolutionary class politics is today no more than a narrative trope by which to profit from the stupidity of the resentful."
60 T7 Celestial Subway Lines (2005) - Nov 22, 2015
"Cinematic Rorschach test: understood negatively, this would be to question whether there is any actual intended meaning; understood positively, it is to suggest that, if cinema is essentially the projection of sound and light in order to elicit our own sensory, affective and noetic projective capacities, then this does so with a purity and an abstraction that brings to the fore that, when we watch a movie, there is a strong sense in which it is we ourselves who are the editors and producers."
55 T6 The End of the Tour (2015) - Nov 11, 2015
"Based on the evidence as presented in this film, Lipsky comes across as a guy who has largely built a career on reflected glory, through a magazine article, a book and now a movie. Based on the evidence as presented in this film, and on Wallace's writing, I'm doubtful that Wallace would have approved of this effort, which seems to me, despite its literary source material, to too much reduce the novelist to a more or less Hollywood character. Some good moments and mini-speeches...not the dancing."
40 T3 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) - Nov 03, 2015
"Fantasy comedy, but not really amusing enough, even though the wife has now been eliminated altogether. Seems to argue that if only the CIA would learn to work cooperatively with an unregulated body operating outside any legal accountability, then everything would turn out for the best. Still a bit orange and teal."
50 T5 Sesame Street (1969) - Oct 25, 2015
"Some pretty great characters for children: Oscar the Grouch, the Count, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert, Grover, Guy Smiley, Sherlock Hemlock and of course Kermit the Frog. What made them great is that they actually HAD character. In the mid-1980s this changed when the babyish Elmo was given centre stage, for reasons presumably related to a desire to increase merchandising revenue. During my childhood the show seemed to possess some virtues that, one suspects, have long since been abandoned."
55 T6 Rumpole of the Bailey (1978) - Oct 25, 2015
"Although it is a very very long time since I saw this, my recollection is that it was quite an entertaining program featuring a likeable and witty protagonist well played by McKern."
30 T2 Murphy Brown (1988) - Oct 25, 2015
"I guess this will forever be associated with having an allegedly real Vice President discuss the morals of a fictional sitcom character as though she were a real person, though I don't think I saw any episodes from that period. It is possible that this program was not at all good, or that it became increasingly self-important, and that I am overlooking and forgetting its problems because my mind is clouded by my awareness of the fact that the attractive star was also Mrs Louis Malle."
85 T10 Kis Uykusu (2014) - Oct 24, 2015
"Very fine, well-written movie, with characters of unusual complexity, in this case inspired by Chekhov but for me also somewhat reminiscent of Dostoyevsky. The sister's disappearance halfway through seems a thread left rather oddly hanging, but then why not go against audience expectation by letting her play her part then exit the stage? Perhaps there is something a little too cute about the ending, too, but this is not to deny that the concluding scenes are also both ambiguous and affecting."
55 T6 Magic Mike XXL (2015) - Oct 22, 2015
"Tatum's beefed up but conversely the plot has thinned out (well, non-existent really). The post-financial crisis theme of the first has been replaced by pretty much one long fantasy sequence. The final duo routine might be construed as a kind of nod to, and updating of, the shoeshine dance in THE BAND WAGON, except that Stephen Boss really has nothing else to do in the film, so isn't really a character (but I guess he isn't really an actor either). Definitely has some amusing moments. NIN."
75 T9 The Cremator (1969) - Oct 20, 2015
"A somnambulistic rhythm lures the audience into the labyrinth of a mind slowly being infected by an insidious form of power and ideology, and we understand long before the final scenes that this inventive and cleverly-constructed exploration of a thanatological pathology also serves allegorical ends. In the end everything will be taken care of. Made a year earlier than THE CONFORMIST."