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Celluloid Junkie - 3218 Films Ranked
Member Since: Apr 15, 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
Recent Rankings
70 T8 Love and Anarchy (1973) - Oct 27, 2014
"Fairly complex exploration of political idealism, martyrdom and sacrifice, in which the filmmaker knows better than most that, regardless of how many times history may or may not repeat itself, on each occasion it is likely to prove composed of equals parts tragedy and farce. Some great scenes and a strong conclusion."
40 T3 55 Days at Peking (1963) - Oct 27, 2014
"I watched this some thirty years ago as part of a Year 9 subject on "China and India" that gave some attention to the Boxer Rebellion. The teacher, Mr. Ian Anderson, was atypically fond of delivering threats and challenges of physical violence to his students. On one occasion I recall a pupil agreeing to submit, very briefly, to an "Indian deathlock". Also atypical was the fact Mr. Anderson evinced a strong desire to impart genuine knowledge. Quite a memorable class, then. This film less so."
50 T5 My Brother the Terrorist (2014) - Oct 25, 2014
"Some insights, though mostly quite familiar ones. The "here I am on a personal quest to gain insight about X" style of documentary tends, unless done very well, to be a little too self-preoccupied, and while this is far from the worst example, it still suffers from flaws common to its type. The use of a melange of very well-known songs to add mood or significance to the proceedings seemed too much to have consisted in a raid upon an all-too predictable playlist of the filmmaker's favorite tunes."
45 T4 The Nest (2014) - Oct 22, 2014
"Not quite enough to it for me."
65 T7 In the Name of the Girl (2011) - Oct 20, 2014
"A very watchable political parable in favour of reason and egalitarianism, set in 1976 and seen from a child's perspective. Hermida again shows herself to be quite a warm, gentle and thoughtful filmmaker. Perhaps at times the film could have been a little more subtle, but it is mostly rather likeable and even a little affecting. Since the DVD unfortunately lacks English subtitles, watched in Spanish with French captions."
45 T4 O nosso Homem (2010) - Oct 20, 2014
"Yet another iteration of TARRAFAL and THE RABBIT HUNTERS, combining elements of both. Unclear to this viewer why a third version was required three years later."
50 T5 Memories (2007) - Oct 20, 2014
"Score is for Pedro Costa's THE RABBIT HUNTERS only (on the COLOSSAL YOUTH DVD): a re-cut version of TARRAFAL, omitting the opening section, reversing a shot, and making some other changes."
55 T6 O Estado do Mundo (2007) - Oct 19, 2014
"Score is for the Pedro Costa episode (TARRAFAL) only (on the COLOSSAL YOUTH DVD): fairly evocative depiction in miniature of difficult life."
75 T9 Colossal Youth (2006) - Oct 19, 2014
"This seems to have been made by inventing a technique through which real lives are distilled down to an essence, but where in fact this quasi-anthropological approach, which cannot actually be called "realism" or "naturalism", is filled with artifice and indeed historical and cinematic reference. Whether any of this (aside from the very obvious compositional care) yields much in the way of audience pleasure is another question, but one that is perhaps not foremost in the filmmaker's practice."
45 T4 Oculus (2014) - Oct 16, 2014
"Makes a fair amount out of the idea of the mirror as a screen or projector of remembered or fantasised traumatic events, but fails to follow through, becoming too preoccupied with playing out the mechanics of the narrative in an increasingly generic fashion. The film does not build to a wildly horrifying climax, nor does it resolve the ideas it has set up in a way that is either satisfying or effectively disconcerting, and hence it fails to capitalise on the audience's investment in the premise."
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