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32 46% How Men Propose (1913) - Apr 05, 2018
"Simple little half-reeler where three men all propose to the same woman. One of the suitors is played by Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber's then-husband and usual working partner."
53 72% A House Divided (1913) - Apr 05, 2018
"A cute little comedy of misunderstandings where a likeable couple wrongly suspect each other of infidelity for flimsy reasons. Most of the appeal is down to the cast, and they're pretty fun."
53 72% Making an American Citizen (1912) - Apr 05, 2018
"A bizarre bit of "educational" contract work from Alice Guy's American period. Stock-comedy immigrant "Ivan Orloff" is a violent, lazy lout who beats upon his wife and treats her (quite literally) as a beast of burden. Thankfully, there is always a helpful neighbor around the corner to pummel a proper American work ethic and respect towards women into him (?!), until 6 months of incarceration finally set his priorities straight. The direction lends this all a certain archness, but still..."
27 38% Grand Delhi Coronation Durbar and Royal Visit to Calcutta Including Their Majesties' Arrival at Amphitheatre (1912) - Apr 05, 2018
"A particularly grandiose ceremony shot from nicer vantages than usual for the year. George V was the only "Emperor of India" to personally attend the ceremony where the nobility marked his coronation, in this, the first royal visit to India. There was also some sort of flap over the Maharaja of Baroda's behavior, which some saw as an act of protest: as seen here, he did not wear his full regalia, quickly bows only once, and turns away before leaving the dais."
38 57% Panorama of Calcutta (1899) - Apr 05, 2018
"What Promio did for the Lumières on the Grand Canal in Venice some three years before, someone or other does for the Warwick Trading Company on the Ganges in Varanasi. (Yes, you read that right, they misidentified the city in the title, probably because it was filmed along with some scenes in Calcutta. Oh well.) Great scenery; OK shot."
37 56% Antosia zgubil gorset (1916) - Apr 05, 2018
"Antoni Fertner was a popular comedic actor with a prolific career on the stages of Warsaw spanning the first half of the 20th century. He also found time for a few dozen silents, followed by a string of big speaking roles in the 30s. Here, he stars in a cheerful comedy of the "drunken high society hi-jinks" variety."
25 33% L'armée française en campagne (1911) - Apr 04, 2018
"A collection of military actualities. Cannons firing, horses hurrying cannons down the road, a cavalry charge, a rifle volley, etc. Also, a few seconds of a biplane in the field."
36 54% Le tout petit Faust (1910) - Apr 04, 2018
"Faust with stop-motion puppets. There's nothing unusually clever or elaborate that stands out, but it's cute."
33 48% La chasse à la girafe en Ouganda (1910) - Apr 04, 2018
"Machin did a number of exotic hunting subjects. On one hand, they're artfully presented, nicely hand colored, and made with a clear eye for action and detail. On the other, they all act out that odd, ugly, old fantasy where a lone hunter in khakis and a pith helmet plods onscreen with an entourage of a few dozen natives to shoot an already-trapped animal at point-black range for your entertainment. And they don't flinch from showing the skinning. Oh, this one has a sloppily animated mouse in it."
30 43% Transformations élastiques (1909) - Apr 04, 2018
"A light bit of trick film nonsense from Pathé."