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Member Since: Oct 22, 2016

Location: Alpena, Michigan, USA

Age: 31

Gender: Male

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66 27% Jexi (2019) - Jan 11, 2020
"When Siri was originally released, I'm sure all iPhone users got bored and asked it if it had a boyfriend. But the real question is if that's good enough to make a movie out of. I'm not sure. There's a ton of what I call "Jump Jokes" in this film (the opposite of jump scares". Jokes that are said just for comedic sake, but they don't make sense. Punchlines without buildup just don't work very well."
68 31% The Addams Family (2019) - Jan 11, 2020
"I watched this film without a huge knowledge in the original series or movies that came out years ago. I knew some names, I knew the theme song, and that's it. This wasn't exactly the right film to introduce me to the family, and that probably has to do with the fact that it's a kid's movie and certain things were censored. As a film on its own, it's got its moments, but I didn't love it. It did make me interested to go back and watch the original stuff, though!"
61 19% Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) - Jan 11, 2020
"I didn't love the first film, and I enjoyed the sequel even less because it didn't need to be made. Maleficent had an entire character arc in the first film, and it worked really well for what it was, but that arc was crapped on for part two, as the opening narration states it best: "Nobody knows WHY she wasn't accepted...that's just the way it was!" Such a cop-out excuse to make a sequel if ever I've heard one!"
39 4% How to Deal (2003) - Jan 11, 2020
"Recommended to me by my wife, this film is a combined adaptation of two novels, which in theory is pretty interesting, but the author often stays in the same theme for her stories, so while each book might have a diverse-enough or balanced story, what they did for the movie was borrow characters from one and transfer to this, and it's a little bit too on-the-nose, and the story/narrative itself suffers because of that."
90 87% Marriage Story (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
"Talk about a movie trying to tear you down and give you a mental breakdown. By all accounts, this is the best Netflix film I'd ever seen, the performances of the two leads are insanely good, and it reminded me of a reverse Norman Rockwell painting. Still a snapshot of life, but a depressing one. Cinematically beautiful in such a tragic way."
62 21% Playmobil: The Movie (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
55 12% Abominable (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
73 44% Gemini Man (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
"I'm not going to utterly crap on this film, since I feel like I did enjoy certain elements of the film and that it did exactly what it set out to do. That being said, the script is laughably repetitive and some of those fight scenes feel unnatural. Thank god I didn't see it in 120fps. I think I'd rather die "
52 9% 6 Underground (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
"I usually try my hardest at defending Michael Bay, since he has done a lot of things that I've personally really enjoyed, but this is kind of all over the place to the point where I would've rather turned it off or watched Green Lantern. It has a fine concept and everything, but it doesn't really have much of a sense of urgency or passion for the characters, so there's a big fat "why" I'm still asking as far as to why everything happens and HAS to happen the way it does. I come up blank."
93 92% Joker (2019) - Dec 23, 2019
"Wow, an Oscar-bait film I actually really enjoyed. Joaquin Phoenix pulls out all the stops here, and does a good job making the audience believe that this mentally unstable person can one day become the Joker that we all know and love. Easily one of the best films of 2019"