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Member Since: Oct 22, 2016

Location: Alpena, Michigan, USA

Age: 32

Gender: Male

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83 71% The Old Guard (2020) - Aug 09, 2020
"A lot better than I thought it'd be. The choreography was top notch, as was the concept itself. It's not exactly the best film ever produced by Netflix, but it's easily a fun time."
87 80% Relic (2020) - Aug 09, 2020
"Oh man, I really enjoyed this film, which was actually very deep and meaningful because of how metaphorical the film tends to be when it revolves around old age and things like dementia - and how things like that can affect not only those that have it, but those around them, as well. Beautiful horror film."
82 69% Flightplan (2005) - Aug 09, 2020
"Nowadays, this concept has been done and redone a bunch of times, but in was still relatively fresh, and when I think about the concept, Flightplan is one of the first movies I think about. Jodie has always been an actress that can pull off "crazy" relatively well, but I had one big issue with this movie...I didn't care very much about her situation."
75 50% Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (2020) - Aug 09, 2020
"These movies are a bunch of silly fun, but they aren't "movies". They're special episodes of the TV show that are getting further and further away from where the show began. One can say, well...that's just because the characters have evolved...and that's fine, but why did you watch the show? For the fake "psych"ic, right? The off-the-wall humor from Shawn and Gus when they're acting like they're having visions...none of that is really in the movie. "
62 21% Hostel (2005) - Aug 09, 2020
"So, Hostel is a film I've been meaning to see for YEARS, and I've finally gotten around to it,'s okay. I liked the general idea of everything, but it requires a huge suspension of disbelief and a lot of moving parts had to work without fail for this entire business model to even work and stay hidden from prying eyes. When you take all that into consideration, a lot of it feels gory to be gory."
68 31% 1408 (2007) - Aug 09, 2020
"There's things I really enjoy about this film, but then there's John Cusack. I like him as an actor...usually. I'm not so sure horror works for him, though. He acts like Nicolas Cage going crazy in....The Wicker Man or something, and there's very little transition from complete skeptic to terrified. I needed more of a balance and rise in tension. I liked that the room was basically a character in the film, though. That was a nice touch"
71 38% Silent Hill (2006) - Aug 09, 2020
"This is an interesting film. You can't watch it without immediately noticing when they pay homage to the video game series, the overall atmosphere is creepy, the monsters are all very well done on a practical effects and costume perspective. Narratively, it's not the best movie in the world, but it's miles better than its sequel."
72 41% 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) - Aug 09, 2020
"Easily the best story in the entire 3 Ninjas saga as it's politically relevant and deals with cultural diversity - but it's got a lot of filler material. There's too much fighting to fill in a story that really only deserves an hour at most of time - and because there's a lot of useless fighting, they utilize a lot of stuntmen working - and you can tell the stunt people are adults trying to act like kids....and it doesn't work"
82 69% Easy A (2010) - Aug 09, 2020
"Live-tweeted my review of this movie instead of just doing a normal review on YouTube. It's a lot of fun and there are characters here that you can relate to and laugh along with. This is also a great example for a movie you can't gender-swap with because it ONLY works if it's female-led. Pretty fun movie. Unfortunately, I lost 5 followers of Twitter because they didn't like my live tweets. LOL"
88 83% The Rental (2020) - Aug 09, 2020
"This film is fun, and a surprising first outing from Dave Franco as Director. It's not SUPER original, but the pacing is very well done."