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Member Since: Oct 21, 2016

Location: Alpena, Michigan, USA

Age: 31

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81 66% The Art of Self-Defense (2019) - Oct 19, 2019
"While it's difficult to properly explain, the comedy in this movie is subtle, and it seems to take itself incredibly seriously, but the things people are literally saying in these incredibly dramatic-esque scenes are purposefully ridiculous, and the contrast between the two had me busting out laughing."
84 74% Hobbs and Shaw (2019) - Oct 19, 2019
"Hobbs & Shaw is a spinoff that makes sense. These two had such explosive chemistry in the Fast & Furious movies that it nearly seemed like they were taking center stage anyway. That chemistry followed the two leads here, where they once again do a great job opposite of one another. Adding Idris Elba into the mix, and his uniqueness made this film a lot of fun. It won't win any awards, but it is great fun, regardless."
76 52% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Oct 19, 2019
"This is much more of a testament to the fans than it was a movie. That being said, there is a great use of rising tension that Vince Gilligan is a pro of, it's just not the kind of tension you see in Breaking Bad as much as it is the tension you see in Better Call Saul. Lots of flashbacks in this one that are in there more for closure than they are for a true cinematic purpose. Finally, it's mostly just an extra 2.5 episode finale episode than it is a "movie". Still good, though."
93 92% The Lion King (2019) - Oct 19, 2019
"While the critics are right when saying there's a massive lack in the personified expressions seen in the classic film, that affected my overal score negatively by 2%, since it slightly affected the acting and chemistry sub-scores. It doesn't affect characters, casting, or individual importance. Looking past that, BEAUTIFUL visuals, impressive casting, great music, great story, and I felt it. If we weren't spoiled by the 90s film...people may have loved this movie."
82 69% Fractured (2019) - Oct 19, 2019
"While it IS cliche, Fractured is still an entertaining film that I found to be unpredictable and alarmingly engaging. Sam Worthington kills it in this kind of role, and it makes me wonder why he hadn't done it before. "
74 46% Creep 2 (2017) - Oct 07, 2019
"CREEP 2 surprisingly stepped up its game and became a little more self-aware in what it was trying to be, and practically everything was better on a technical level, particularly with the acting and characters, because our supporting actress challenged Mark Duplass's character in a way that he needed the first time around. The fact that he's well-known still hurts the believability factor, but the switch from found-footage to mockumentary helped that issue, too."
69 33% Jackie Brown (1997) - Oct 06, 2019
"Looking back, I definitely feel like the third act of JACKIE BROWN stands out as memorable and different in every way a Tarantino film should feel, but the first two acts are a bit slow and don't do the best job introducing you to these characters who mostly sit around and don't do much of anything."
61 19% Child's Play (2019) - Oct 06, 2019
"Ironically, taking the soul out of the possessed Chucky doll was exactly what it needed to feel unique and also ended up being its worst nightmare, as the film ended up feeling a bit soul-less in the end. Plus, Chucky is bulky and looks weird. Have you seen Alexa or Google Home? They're small, light, and portable. Evil malfunctioning robots are fun, but I think we can keep appreciating the classic series, instead."
83 71% Yesterday (2019) - Oct 06, 2019
"You don't need to be a Beatles fan to fully enjoy YESTERDAY, but it does help. I found that it was a decent feel-good film with fun music and likable characters and undoubtedly will be a film I'll be enjoying again...very soon."
79 60% Anna (2019) - Oct 06, 2019
"ANNA is an imperfect film that doesn't always feel like it knows what it wants to be, but what action sequences it does have are out of this world, and the out-of-sequence storytelling reminds me of a well-crafted Tarantino film. "