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Location: Antwerp, Belgium

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78 46% Copshop (2021) - Jan 04, 2022
74 20% Warcraft (2016) - Dec 11, 2021
"All over the place on all fronts. Good phasing/bad phasing. Good actors/bad actors. Good dialogue / bad dialogue. Inconsistence but fun ride. Felt they wanted to put too much lore into one movie. In the first 15 minute, every 30 seconds is a new scene and place. It doesn't really have a grounding at the beginning. And when you finally find it, then it just keeps going like a train. Dunno, felt like fan made."
78 46% Red Notice (2021) - Nov 14, 2021
"Not so bad at all. Good cast. The plot twists are a bit meh."
76 34% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Nov 11, 2021
"Good dance movie! I have such mixed feelings about the cast. Half of them perform solid, the other half not so much in my opinion. Visually it's all fun but what you expect with the budget Marvel puts into a movie now."
79 55% No Time to Die (2021) - Nov 10, 2021
"Everything I expected of a bond movie. Nice camera work, action, good locations etc. I Did not like the ending though. It felt a bit awkward and out of place. Maybe I missed something, but I was confused on how they choose to close this chapter."
80 66% Wrath of Man (2021) - Nov 09, 2021
70 12% F9: The Fast Saga (2021) - Nov 08, 2021
"At this point they are not even trying. The whole movie keeps moving forward based on coincidences. "Don, we have no water." - Don: "That's the price we pay for living a peaceful and quiet life." - *car noises and you see a car drive over the hill*. Like how big of a coincidence is that? And that is one example... It's so bad I laughed my ass off. Is it suppose to be a comedy? "
78 46% The Suicide Squad (2021) - Nov 02, 2021