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65 T5 Whiplash (2014) - Jan 06, 2015
"This could have been an absorbing portrait of the student-teacher dynamic, or maybe an intelligent rumination on the nature of creativity, or the abuse of power, but instead it heads off into 'Rocky' territory where merely wanting something badly enough and having a good work ethic guarantees results in the end - the most prevalent and tired theme in all of American mainstream films. Simmons is brilliant though."
40 T2 Inside Out (2015) - Jan 15, 2016
"Here's what really happened: Riley's parents were notorious drug dealers back in Minnesota but the Feds were closing in on them, so they sold all their furniture, skipped town and headed off to San Francisco to set up a meth lab. Figuring all the upheaval would make the obnoxiously upbeat Riley jittery they decided to switch her from Lithium to Valium, but the meds got mixed up in the move and they ended up giving her the DMT they had stashed in the glovebox for a special occasion. Poor Riley. "
T1 Warrior (2011) - Dec 31, 2011
"Bad Rocky knock-off with characterisations straight out of CSI Miami. By the end it's unintentionally hilarious in its hysterical determination to grip you by any means possible which here, because of the writers' complete lack of imagination, means we have a series of cliches from start to finish topped off with a laughable finale. Warrior makes all the Rocky films (including the really daft one set in Russia) seem like masterpieces of gritty realism and understatement."
95 T10 Casino (1995) - Jan 06, 2010
"Goodfellas is great, but this is even better. The characters in Casino are much more interesting and fleshed out. From a motivational point of view there's really not much going on in Goodfellas beyond everyone wanting to make more money. In Casino it becomes more about power and control than just money, and the constantly shifting dynamic between Sam, Ginger, Nicky and Lester is fascinating (James Woods is brilliant too)."
50 T3 The Thin Red Line (1998) - Jan 06, 2016
""Okay boys, we have to take that bunker! Now it's not gonna be easy, but rest assured - oh look, a turtle". "
T1 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) - Feb 08, 2012
"One of the most intensely annoying films I've seen, with a lead performance to match. I wanted to shove that fucking tambourine right down that little brat's throat. Don't even get me started on the idiotic story, the stereotyped characters and utterly shameless attempts at emotional manipulation. Cloying, sentimental Oscar bait bullshit. "
20 T1 Deadpool (2016) - Feb 17, 2016
"An R rating does nothing to change the fact that at its heart this is just another shitty superhero origins movie with the same tropes and sensibilities as any other superhero movie. Reynolds is as annoying as he usually is, and the whole thing isn't nearly as subversive or smart as it's trying to be. Nothing to see here folks. "
95 T10 Aparajito (1956) - Oct 14, 2016
"In my view this is the best film of the Apu trilogy. The dynamics between Apu and his mother are fascinating, as we recognise his abandonment of her will probably be the death of her, but also know that he must leave her in order to experience all the world has to offer. The scenes of his enlightenment far from their provincial village are bracing, and Ray captures the almost limitless potential of youth perfectly. Masterful filmmaking."
100 T10 There Will Be Blood (2007) - Sep 17, 2016
"There's so much to admire about this film: The striking cinematography and deftly handled editing, the weirdly discordant score, the utterly assured direction and first-rate camerawork, and of course Daniel Day-Lewis's towering performance. This is classic, powerfully cinematic storytelling at it's finest, and I'm confident it will still be watched and analysed a hundred years from now."
95 T10 JFK (1991) - Jan 06, 2010
"Stone's 'throw every conspiracy theory at the wall and see what sticks' approach may not score points for verisimilitude, but what JFK lacks in credibility it more than makes up for in technical mastery. The editing is astonishing, the sound design superlative, and the way it crams vast tracts of information into its running time in such an eminently understandable and compelling way is nothing short of miraculous. Performances are good across the board and the script is engaging too. Brilliant."