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Cinema Addict - 1972 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 12, 2014

Location: Finland

Age: 25

Bio: Ratings are clinically formulated via felicific calculus specifically excluding the 7th variable.
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65 34% La La Land (2016) - Jan 21, 2017
"I get that Chazelle is trying to do something interesting combining nostalgic musical melodrama with more down to earth drama about the cost of dreams & so forth but it's a really awkward fit with a script that soft pedals both. Instead of complementing one another the two elements deter each other in certain key moments. There are some wonderful scenes & a lot of fine craft but the drama is muddled as a whole & mostly shines in incidental bits. Didn't quite earn that poignant ending for me."
82 83% Bad Lieutenant (1992) - Apr 18, 2018
"Ferrara's lurid sweaty mess somehow comes off as a sincere expression of Catholic guilt & spiritual torment in its most violent & destructive extreme. It's a real character/mood piece in which everything revolves around a core idea often to brilliant effect, but the narrative can feel as redundant as some of the symbolism & dramatic effects. Uses baseball, church & police as cornerstones of some depraved American purgatory that incidentally reaches its miserable conclusion under a Trump sign."
60 24% Raw (2017) - Sep 17, 2017
"Ironically, instead of a "raw" experience that cuts under my skin I got a polished display piece that paints a layer of cheap artifice over an underwritten narrative. Uses easy horror effects to cover for a lack of dramatic depth while annoyingly avoiding digging into either. I guess it works if you bring some preconstructed postfeminist allegory to it but after films like "The Falling" or "A Girl Walks Home--" this felt reductive & lacked bite. However it did earn a few good absurdist laughs."
77 71% Ex Machina (2015) - Mar 14, 2016
"Really tense and fascinating mix of genuine sci-fi ideas, engaging three-hander drama and great audiovisual design. Unravels in a formulaic way and doesn't really dive super deep into the ideas but really manages to captivate with its cool contained vision and excellent performances. The unhinged dominance of Isaac and the balletic grace of Vikander are like twin dynamite. If I really cared about the oscars I would be so glad this won for special effects."
87 93% Possession (1981) - Nov 12, 2014
"Bizarre plot, bleak but naturalistic setting and shrieking performances will offset any viewer even before the introduction of a demonic octopus-creature. There are a number of fascinating ways into this story. The political, religious & psycho-sexual subtexts will reward multiple viewings, but are all marinaded in stark hysterical paranoia that explodes in several unforgettable scenes. The one in the metro tunnel left me genuinely stunned. A layered depiction of mysterious uncontrolled anxiety."
46 10% Land of the Dead (2005) - Jan 11, 2017
"Shows how much the original trilogy's success was due to the time and circumstances in which they were made. Over the years Romero seems to have become kinda captive to his own creation and lost touch with the whole process. This film with its blunt social commentary & awkward tone plays like a pastiche of the directors early work without even the anarchic self-awareness of say Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Not utterly terrible but as a fan of the originals I found it hard going."
62 27% Killer Joe (2012) - Jan 06, 2015
"Some well executed black comedy and acting is fantastic but sadly it loses the story in the finale. Quite weirdly, it feels the need to go into completely absurd territory to squeeze more shock out of the audience & handles it so hastily that the satire just turns to farce (kinda like Dr. Strangelove with the pie-fight ending). It's still an uncommonly powerful and nasty piece of work that successfully provokes a physical reaction in its audience. That's something I can easily admire nowadays."
92 98% Let the Right One In (2008) - Nov 12, 2014
"One of the most uncompromising and true-to-life fantasy stories. Simple but brilliantly executed throughout. Intimately depicts the alienation of a young boy and a darkness he attracts. It's clear that the evil in the story is not found inside any single character but rather in the social structure they create, which causes the protagonist to seek out something perilous. The vampire therefore exists as a natural shadow to our everyday relationships."
86 91% Threads (1984) - Jan 29, 2018
"And this was actually shown on TV? Damn... About as bleak & horrifying as any fiction film ever. The rudimentary but ferociously well implemented docudrama style works to hammer home this severely nihilistic & miserable narrative about the utter colapse of society. Although generally well made it has some issues mostly inherent to the TV docudrama format itself. None of them really hinder its immediate power though & I can pretty much guarantee it will make you feel profoundly upset & insecure."
78 74% Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) - Mar 13, 2017
"An amusing exploitation drenched sex comedy in a better sense of the genre. Clever enough writing & a strangely appropriate hysterical tone but gets a little bit bogged down in the cheap soapy parts of the satire. There's a consistent psychedelic 60s craze to it though and considering it's now over 45 years old I'd say the comedy has aged relatively well. It's not any kind of masterwork but is enjoyably all in with its playful sardonic satire. Overall a better musical about LA than La La Land."