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Cinema Addict - 1949 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 12, 2014

Location: Finland

Age: 25

Bio: Ratings are clinically formulated via felicific calculus specifically excluding the 7th variable.
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69 43% Pink Flamingos (1972) - Apr 22, 2018
"Pivotal link between Pasolini & the Farrellys? Functionally obsolete because internet? I love Waters as a character but he really Fs with my rating system. Possibly the most punk film ever ergo terrible to sit through. Disgusting & hilarious but mainly works on some meta level that has little to do with the actual experience of watching it. Probably had to be seen in 72 in a theatre full of unsuspecting victims. I enjoy that this exists but honestly got close to 0 net enjoyment from watching it."
80 78% The Handmaiden (2016) - Aug 24, 2018
"Lush & intense mix of period melodrama & erotic thriller about desire & control. Layeres of interesting subtext carried by a superb cast & the seductive precision I expect from Park. Plays with some radical ironies taking them so far it approaches some weird kind of parody at times (also not unexpected). Aside from mild tonal conflicts, the spiraling structure struggles to maintain the high level of tension it achieves early on. Still works rather well & holds some truly wonderful intricacies."
72 55% Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 11, 2017
"I love Blade Runner. This is a respectful & finely crafted loveletter to it. Takes great care in conjuring amazing audiovisual homages to it but lacks both stylistic & character nuance that gave it depth. There were so many creative visions, contradictory yet complementary behind the original it became immune to simplification & overstatement. This is the opposite & feels like a very very good fan film. Weirdly enough Wong's 2046 is a better Blade Runner sequel than Villeneuve's 2049."
80 78% Phenomena (1985) - Nov 12, 2014
"The plot and pacing are all over the place, but it's stylish, entertaining and has that classic Argento elegance all over it. There is actually some decent acting going on too and Daria Nicolodi is riotously over the top. The musical theme by Goblin is great and the lighter tone & mainstreamesque sensibility go down well with the more bonkers plot elements. The final 15 minutes are also unforgettably insane. No one else could think this shit up let alone put it on screen. Dario you crazy man..."
82 83% Bad Lieutenant (1992) - Apr 18, 2018
"Ferrara's lurid sweaty mess somehow comes off as a sincere expression of Catholic guilt & spiritual torment in its most violent & destructive extreme. It's a real character/mood piece in which everything revolves around a core idea often to brilliant effect, but the narrative can feel as redundant as some of the symbolism & dramatic effects. Uses baseball, church & police as cornerstones of some depraved American purgatory that incidentally reaches its miserable conclusion under a Trump sign."
85 89% Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) - Jan 08, 2018
"In Kampala slum where everyone knows kungfu only capt Alex, Uganda's top soldier dares challenge the deadly Tiger Mafia & their notorious boss Richard. Dinosaurs. After dying under mysterious circumstances his Shaolin-trained bro teams up with Richard's wife to reap vengeance. Things escalate to an epic showdown of helicopters & machine guns that fails to answer the title question but makes clear this is the craziest most badass DIY film made in a slum with no budget. Expect the unexpectable!"
87 93% The Insect Woman (1963) - Nov 10, 2015
"Although the story is rather basic, the film really stands out due to its remarkably unsentimental perspective, beautiful composition, dominant physicality and fragmented narrative. It really captures the life experience of its main character in a dynamic way. Very stubborn with its bleak style but maintains a level of dignity and purpose through it."
65 34% La La Land (2016) - Jan 21, 2017
"I get that Chazelle is trying to do something interesting combining nostalgic musical melodrama with more down to earth drama about the cost of dreams & so forth but it's a really awkward fit with a script that soft pedals both. Instead of complementing one another the two elements deter each other in certain key moments. There are some wonderful scenes & a lot of fine craft but the drama is muddled as a whole & mostly shines in incidental bits. Didn't quite earn that poignant ending for me."
85 89% Late Spring (1949) - Jan 09, 2017
"Ah, nothing like an Ozu film to warmly reconnect with humanity. Although Ozu's humanity seems to mostly inhabit a stable & conservative upper middle class existence, he has an uncanny ability to use composition, timing & structure to draw every bit of weight, nuance & reflective sentiment out of his dramas with an easy flow. More focused & less layered than some of these. The whole bittersweet essence of this is on Hara's intricate smile. First 45 mins of that noh scene were a bit perplexing."
96 99% Dersu Uzala (1975) - Nov 12, 2014
"Glorious yet humble movie that loves humanity and loves nature but also understands and respects their inherent tragedies. Like Herzog if you replace nihilism with humanism. Wondefully acted and filmed with perfect pace and fitting score. Allows the majesty of the locations to completely take over the drama in several unforgettable scenes. This evokes a uniquely quiet & meditative atmosphere that brings tremendous weight & depth to a story that otherwise might come across as simple or cliched."