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Cinema Addict - 2035 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 12, 2014

Location: Finland

Age: 26

Bio: Ratings are clinically formulated via felicific calculus specifically excluding the 7th variable.
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73 58% Death Wish 3 (1985) - Nov 20, 2017
"Complete and utter chaos and stupidity. Charles Bronson teams up with his fellow elderly to mow down the entirety of the neighborhood youth while sporting a blank expression and a terrible hair piece. Following this films absurd internal logic and shameless celebration of vengeful carnage was absolutely hilarious. In a perfect world I would give this a tier 10 score but as things stand its brazen moral apathy and thorough cynicism hit a bit too close to home for me."
60 24% Caligula (1979) - Nov 15, 2014
"The Wolf of Via Sacra. There's a great insanely excessive exploitation epic in there about the corruptive influence of power but sadly it's lost under a heap of unrelated softcore porn. McDowell, Mirren and O'Toole are all great. Have to feel bad for Tinto Brass whose vision was highjacked and murdered by some assholes from the Penthouse. Which does complete the joke on an ironic level."
86 92% Shin Godzilla (2016) - Dec 27, 2016
"HOLYSHIT they got it right. True 50s scifi rebirthed with contemporary weight while balancing an impossible tone somewhere between heroic, satirical, cartoony, horrifying & existential. Low budget shows but the creative & economical use of design, pace, music & editing all contribute in glorious unison. Very tasking to follow by design & the philosophical themes don't quite have the immediacy of the original but it does its thing with fearless conviction to the new & tasteful respect to the old."
86 92% Chinmoku (1971) - May 23, 2018
"Forceful & uncompromising examination of the fierce conflicts within & about christian faith & proselytism. A layered story that's gruelingly direct & honest with deep unanswered questions. The clunky opening exposition & strange pacing seem to initially erase all narrative thrust, instead emphasizing cultural/psychological disorientation followed by intense ordeals of rationalisation. Pointedly sparse writing, imposing composition, brooding palette, strong acting, bold sound, presice editing."
83 86% Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (1972) - Nov 12, 2014
"This sleazy, unrepentant and youthfully stylish landmark is a good start for an odyssey into the weird world of Japanese exploitation. With crude satire, it assaults the traditional values of Japanese society like the structures of civic duty and patriarchal power while simultaneously exploiting the hell out of every frame. Truly a film to insult everyones political sensibility. At the center of this unscrupulous feast stands the quietly fierce presence of a genre icon Meiko Kaji."
79 76% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Jun 04, 2015
"Old-fashioned in the best sense with spectacular stunts, vigorous yet clear editing & rich audiovisually immersive setting. Visual storytelling cuts out the usual bullshit exposition & fun little stories are told through action & detail. Major character stuff works decently in balance. Too long though & lacks a certain bite of something like Road Warrior. Nothing revolutionary but the flamboyant presentation & rock-solid direction are a perfect reminder of why you once loved action films."
87 93% Possession (1981) - Nov 12, 2014
"Bizarre plot, bleak but naturalistic setting and shrieking performances will offset any viewer even before the introduction of a demonic octopus-creature. There are a number of fascinating ways into this story. The political, religious & psycho-sexual subtexts will reward multiple viewings, but are all marinaded in stark hysterical paranoia that explodes in several unforgettable scenes. The one in the metro tunnel left me genuinely stunned. A layered depiction of mysterious uncontrolled anxiety."
86 92% Mysteries of Lisbon (2010) - Apr 08, 2017
"A grandiose soap mystery with endless interwoven loops of timelines, narrators, love triangles, coincidences and double-identities. Executed with supreme confidence, the gorgeous visuals never feel empty, the tone is always intriguing and the flowing narrative has a sense for both pace & detail. If you have some 5h to sink, this is an intoxicating melodrama about desire & despair & pretty much every other emotion. So outrageously overblown it borders on parody yet gloriously gets away with it."
82 84% Bad Lieutenant (1992) - Apr 19, 2018
"Ferrara's lurid sweaty mess somehow comes off as a sincere expression of Catholic guilt & spiritual torment in its most violent & destructive extreme. It's a real character/mood piece in which everything revolves around a core idea often to brilliant effect, but the narrative can feel as redundant as some of the symbolism & dramatic effects. Uses baseball, church & police as cornerstones of some depraved American purgatory that incidentally reaches its miserable conclusion under a Trump sign."
83 86% The Atomic Cafe (1982) - Jan 29, 2018
"Extremely hilarious and horrifying collage of Atomic Age Absurdity. Instead of direct exposition or narration, the filmmakers rely on clever editing of the archival footage and soundtrack to heighten the contrasts and mixed messages that constitute the film's narrative. The absurdity however arises from the sources themselves and is grave enough to slap you across the face. As political satire I'd say it's up there with Dr. Strangelove but plays out more as a retrospective historical commentary."