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Criticker Zealot - 10193 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 3, 2013

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51 35% Triple Frontier (2019) - Jul 20, 2019
75 87% The Fear of 13 (2015) - Jul 20, 2019
58 42% The Great Hip Hop Hoax (2013) - Jul 20, 2019
65 66% Bill Burr: Let It Go (2010) - Jul 20, 2019
2% The Ugly Truth (2009) - Jul 02, 2019
"A We Hate Movies hate watch. We're supposed to believe someone who looks like Katherine Heigl is permanently single because she's I don't know picky about tap water or something; I'd fuck her"
2% Comedians of the World (2019) - Jun 23, 2019
"Holy moly, the documentary about how Maddie McCann's parents murdered her was funnier than this. At first I decided to allow 5 minutes per comedian before skipping to the next without laughing, that was too generous, in the end I predicted what the first joke would be then skipped to the next - okay fat black woman "I know what you thinking this girl loves eating waffles and chicken", okay tiny camp white man "I know what you're thinking he loves reading gossip columns in glossy magazines". Bad"
20 11% Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy (2019) - Jun 23, 2019
"Are you sitting down? Good. I have some shocking news for you. Sigh. This may be impossible to believe or to accept but here it is. Sigh. This Netflix Original series about comedy is not funny and it's achingly PC. Oh God, I'm sorry I'll call an ambulance. I warned you what I was about to say would be shocking "