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40 T4 Replace (2017) - Nov 15, 2017
"Rebecca Forsythe is an exceptionally beautiful woman but this movie is quite far from exceptional. Undoubtedly a minuscule budget. The special effects were poorly handled. The plot is unnecessarily confusing due to it basically being told backwards. Credibility suffers from poor sets, too much time with talking heads and too few locations. Poor music and low production quality. Barely worth watching."
70 T7 Blade of the Immortal (2017) - Nov 15, 2017
"I expected to like this more than I did. There is a lot of action and blood and some gore. It has some poorly written dialog and some strange and confusing plot contrivances that heavily subtract from it. The swordplay against the crowds mostly emphasized quantity over quality but were not bad. The writing was a mixed bag as was the direction. Overall, the performances are good. There is a lot to like, but also a few stupid things that really should have been fixed before its release."
80 T8 Thumper (2017) - Nov 09, 2017
"Eliza Taylor was magnificent in her role, has an amazing presence and is very charismatic. All of the other supporting cast was also convincing, especially Pablo Schreiber as the drug dealing vet. The story is suspenseful and there are some good high anxiety scenes. It was nice to see Lena Headey's brief performance in something other than GoT. The music and production was good. Pacing was good and the story stays with you. Overall satisfying and it keeps you interested throughout."
80 T8 Birth of the Dragon (2016) - Nov 07, 2017
"This is the first new Bruce Lee movie in quite some time, and it did not disappoint. It shows us a young arrogant Bruce Lee just coming up. The fight with Wong Jack Man was a classic Kung Fu display of fluid skills. It also has great lessons in respect and humility. Philip Ng did a great job as Bruce Lee, but Yu Xia was the stand out as the charismatic Wong Jack Man. It also had the look and feel of a 70's film which gave it a bit of film noir charm. Genre fans will appreciate this one."
70 T7 Wheelman (2017) - Oct 31, 2017
"The twisted plot is full of the unexpected. Frank Grillo holds his own in this tense thriller with enough action and suspense to keep you interested throughout. There was a sharp contrast between the family drama and the criminal activity. The production quality was good, but the music was very good. Worth watching."
30 T3 It (2017) - Oct 30, 2017
"Yet another adaptation of a story so shallow it could be told during a sneeze. Steven King is a huge hack. The movie could never rise above abysmal because it was rotten to the core before it was started. It is sad to see so much money and effort put into such garbage."
60 T6 The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) - Oct 30, 2017
"A lot of mostly campy comedy along with a little dramatic acting with a lot of very unconvincing gun play. I disliked some of the cheesy scenes but it was chuckle humorous throughout. Reynolds was very entertaining, but Jackson's character was not satisfying. Overall it is worth watching, but there is nothing particularly spectacular about it. Music and production quality was very good. "
80 T8 Wind River (2017) - Oct 30, 2017
"This is my favorite Jeremy Renner movie. He effectively plays the unpretentious seasoned Fish and Game hunter doggedly hunting a killer. Elizabeth Olsen was also awesome in her role. The story is heavy but handled quite well. Acting was superb throughout. Beautiful scenery and excellent yet simple story. The director blundered by showing people improperly reacting to the impact of being shot, but was otherwise good."
60 T6 The Evil Within (2017) - Oct 26, 2017
"Very creepy, some gore, occasionally scary, and quite macabre. There are several boring sequences which should have been edited out, but there is enough to satisfy most horror fans. It is a somewhat haunting story. Overall the production quality lacks quality but I have to give it some credit for the way it draws you in and delivers more than just a bunch of supernatural nonsense. It made me quite uncomfortable near the end, which is saying alot."
20 T2 Swiss Army Man (2016) - Oct 22, 2017
"I intensely disliked this movie. This is stupendously stupid. I was not entertained and will forever be perplexed as to why anyone would like this. Perhaps the weird factor appeals to some people, but I just found it inane and pathetic. Frankly, I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could stop watching it."