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68 T6 Realive (2016) - Jun 19, 2017
"A fascinating take on cryogenic reanimation, love and personal satisfaction. A bit heavy handed, dark and depressed, especially near the end. The pace was deliberately slow, but was mostly engaging and interesting. Performances, music and filmography was good. The writing was somewhat weak, but mostly saved by the appealing subject."
40 T4 The Disappointments Room (2016) - Jan 08, 2017
"The beautiful Kate Beckinsale is the highlight of this movie. Nice creepy atmosphere. Acting was good. Good music. The writer & director spent their budget conjuring horror from her imagination but manage only to provide a rather unsatisfying collection of dream scenes and flashbacks to tell this rather unremarkable story. There were many missed opportunities to be better."
40 T4 Countdown (2016) - Jul 18, 2016
"Lots of over acting from Nick Nemeth & others. Katherine Isabel was poorly used. All of the writing is entirely asinine. Dumb plot and tedious dialog. There are a few good fight scenes and lots of action. Excellent audio & production quality and some uneven special effects. Technically proficient, but the story is an abysmal failure. It seems everyone tried very hard to overcome the horrible lousy rotten writing."
10 T1 Wrong Cops (2013) - Jul 12, 2016
"If being asinine & moronic would ever make a good movie, this would be a pretty good start. It pretty much reeks of idiocy & basically has zero redeeming qualities & really nothing worth watching."
60 T6 Welcome to Me (2015) - Jul 10, 2016
"Kristen Wiig was a delight in this offbeat production. A mentally handicapped girl wins the lottery & decides she wants to be on TV. Coming off her medication ultimately leads to disaster, but there is a lot of comedy getting there. It was mostly cute, entertaining & fun to watch. "
50 T5 Third Person (2013) - Jul 09, 2016
"Excellent cast. Some memorable scenes from tragic, messy lives. More sadness than joyful moments. Kim Basinger & Maria Bello were under utilized. Mila Kunis was unusually downtrodden. Liam Neeson was somewhat flat. Olivia Widle was exceptional as the hot mess. Adrien Brody played a strange role. Katy Louise Saunders was aloof but enchanting. Several timelines. Some mixed messages. Good music & production quality. A few good poignant moments. Good performances. Worth watching but not exceptional."
60 T6 Violet & Daisy (2011) - Jul 09, 2016
"Extra points for being quirky & off beat. The unlikely profession of the teenage girls is sometimes hilarious. They are entertaining & incredible at the same time, which led to a lot of cute scenes. I particularly liked how they strolled past the police as they made their getaways. As the ever more unlikely events unfold, they stretch the believability pretty thin. Alexis Bledel was beautiful & really good. Saoirse Ronan was cute but her character was very ditzy. Entertaining & cute. "
10 T1 Wrong (2012) - Jul 09, 2016
"Calling this a movie is like calling a pile of dog poo a sausage sandwich. I find it incredible that I was able to watch it to the end, but come to think of it, I did fall asleep for a few minutes, not that doing that made the slightest differences in how incredibly awful this was."
50 T5 Allegiant (2016) - Jul 07, 2016
"There was much to like. Shailene Woodley is adorable. There is some very good action & performances. However, the dialog & plot is flimsy & poorly written. It's mostly interesting, has plenty of good CGI, good pacing, but it also has many plot holes & roll your eyes moments. The story is overbearing, heavy handed & has far too much crazy logic. Music was a bit too heavy. Naomi Watts & Jeff Daniels were poorly used. Mostly interesting, but ultimately disappointing."
20 T2 Precious Cargo (2016) - Jul 04, 2016
"Bruce Willis must be embarrassed to have agreed to work on this. It was impossible to enjoy the action or unbelievably bad dialog. Ridiculous, unconvincing plot. I had to quit this at about half way in, I just couldn't take any more of the asinine dialog. Whatever might have been good about this is totally overshadowed by the bad. It's very sad to see how awful it turned out with all the money, resources & talent that went into making this pathetic mess. Max Adams is a really crappy director."