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63 T8 All Night Long (1962) - Mar 15, 2017
"Moves with captivating rapidity towards a conclusion that seems all too brief and pat. McGoohan's last lines rescue the film from a comprehensive case of Shame About the End Syndrome that afflicts all too many films. "
30 T3 Spotlight (2015) - Mar 15, 2017
"Disappointing 'All the President's Men' wannabe, lacking any real drama. "
32 T3 Sylvia (2003) - Mar 12, 2017
"Disappointing attempt to describe the married life of Sylvia Plath, suffering from Intrusive Sound Track Syndrome. The film-makers may have tried to encompass far too much of a complicated story, leading to some curious omissions. "
50 T6 Sapphire (1959) - Mar 12, 2017
"Whodunit meets social justice film-making in a depiction of the racial tension in 1950s London. Some of the characterisation -- the sound of the bongos sequence, and Paul Slade -- might still seem concerningly racist, but the film's heart is in the right place. It came out a year after the Notting Hill Race Riots. "
46 T5 Love at First Fight (2014) - Mar 06, 2017
"Charming, largely predictable, but subtle, dissection of class and gender, that aims beyond its striking point and hits the target quite well. "
60 T7 Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 (2014) - Mar 03, 2017
"A mature woman learns that sex is about power, but not all power is about sex in a highly literary film. The prologue of volume one and the epilogue of this would make a good short film about violence towards women. "
27 T3 The Nice Guys (2016) - Mar 03, 2017
"A blend of Donen and Spielberg sees a charming couple with great chemistry solve crimes and re-establish the family unit. The random people who get shot in the process are barely noticed, suggesting video-game sensibility has finally won. "
60 T7 Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 (2014) - Mar 02, 2017
"Unrealistically literary account of a young woman's experience of power. "
18 T2 A United Kingdom (2016) - Mar 01, 2017
"An unusual historical subject with an objectionable ideology (raising liberty above duty) fails because it has to explain too much background. I fear we have to blame the script. Plenty of the fetching Rosamund Pike, though. "
67 T8 Fight Club (1999) - Mar 01, 2017
"Up to 'His name is Bob', this film is an intriguing portrait of masculinity. Then, all its weird combination of imagination, energy and humour loses focus and it collapses into an implosion rather than a conclusion. Or am I reading it wrong?"