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53 T6 Last Flag Flying (2017) - Feb 18, 2018
"An anti-war film at one moment, a p├Žan to warriors (as opposed to governments) the next, this film left me slightly dazed and confused."
37 T4 Bullets or Ballots (1936) - Feb 16, 2018
"New Deal-era politics cannot save an exciting plot turned into a dull script. Great value as a window into 1930s big-city life, though."
52 T6 Burn After Reading (2008) - Feb 14, 2018
"An uneven tone and an overloaded plot frustrate what could have been a misanthropic masterpiece."
62 T7 I, Daniel Blake (2016) - Feb 11, 2018
"Agit-Prop from Ken Loach that sentimentally dramatises the real struggle of ordinary people under an inhumane globalised neo-liberal capitalism. "
26 T3 Hardcore Henry (2016) - Feb 07, 2018
"The conceit wears off eventually, leaving one with a video game."
63 T8 Thank You for Your Service (2017) - Feb 07, 2018
"Good effort at a social-justice movie, but the ending seemed a bit rushed and cost it a three-star ranking."
34 T4 The Ladykillers (2004) - Feb 04, 2018
"Why do the Coens hate humanity?"
41 T5 The Good Catholic (2017) - Jan 31, 2018
"Not a bad attempt at dealing with a difficult topic, but the three clerics (and our red-headed temptress) are a bit simplistic as characters and in terms of their respective ages probably unrepresentative of how the drama would play out in today's church. "
44 T5 Intolerable Cruelty (2003) - Jan 29, 2018
"Subversive screwball comedy about a couple of misanthropes. "
33 T3 Find Me Guilty (2006) - Jan 26, 2018
"It goes on too long -- perhaps inflicting the trial on us? -- and the irony is a bit heavy-handed, but I enjoyed myself. You can also play a 'Spot the HBO Actors' drinking game while watching it."