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29 T3 Shock Waves (1977) - May 21, 2017
"Gilligan's Island meets a murderous Kraut-Rock or Early 80s synth-pop group. This is quite spectacular viewing for a low-budget horror film, and thankfully lacking in gore and shock. It comes with a definite air of menace, but lacks characterisation for the most part. "
32 T3 It Follows (2015) - May 15, 2017
"There's so much one could read into the meaning of the follower, that it defeats the actual novelty of the horror. "
29 T3 Spartan (2004) - May 13, 2017
"The 'twist' is visible miles off, and the rest of the plot is a paint-by-numbers exercise. "
T1 The Interview (1998) - May 07, 2017
"A dishonest piece of film-making."
66 T8 Bellflower (2011) - May 07, 2017
"This is genuinely remarkable, offering a healthy antidote to the fantasies of comic book films, and presenting the apocalypse as something that happens in our own back gardens. There is an ambiguity, however, about the ending(s) which perhaps doesn't work as well as its creators had hoped. "
40 T5 The Impossible (2012) - May 06, 2017
"Well-paced, but largely forgettable, disaster movie based on a true story. "
40 T5 Deliverance (1972) - Apr 23, 2017
79 T9 Stations of the Cross (2014) - Apr 19, 2017
"An incisive portrayal of the puzzle of religion to the non-believer. Simple faith misunderstands, but creates miracles. The most fervent disciples only find the truth when it is too late. The Church is actually on the margins of the lived religion. Materialist society cannot contain spiritual longing. "
53 T6 American History X (1998) - Apr 12, 2017
"The politics of this film verge on the worthless. The end ruins all the rest of the hard work put in earlier. But my goodness it is a tightly plotted story, in which everything is stitched together to the point that the film unravels if you tamper with its structure. Some great performances, too. "
75 T9 Moonrise Kingdom (2012) - Apr 12, 2017
"Set design and camerawork gave this film a powerful visual appeal, out of the Greenaway School. And Benjamin Britten's Guide to the Orchestra was a treat. But I could have done without the stormy resolution. "