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100-91 Four Stars: Must See
90-66 Three Stars: Worth a detour.
65-24 Two Stars: A good film in its category.
23-01 One Star or No Stars: Proceed at your own risk.

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70 T8 Drugstore Cowboy (1989) - Jul 20, 2017
"Compelling story of how addiction makes the absence of control of our lives more apparent and a salutary lesson in keeping hats off beds. "
92 T10 The French Connection (1971) - Jul 20, 2017
"A great Hollywood film -- understated, straightforward, nationalistic, with a compelling story and tense drama.."
71 T8 Neruda (2016) - Jul 20, 2017
"Magic realism is entwined with an historian's sensibility in an intriguing examination of the intersection of art, class and power. "
46 T5 Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 12, 2017
"Technically, a tour de force worthy of three or even four stars. However, I found the actual characters dreary stereotypes caught up in a Hollywood stereotype that they lacked the desire to subvert. Probably, therefore, the perfect film for 2017 Americans. "
66 T8 Across 110th Street (1972) - Jul 06, 2017
"Extremely well-conceived, but highly violent, vision of America's early 1970s urban crisis from a male perspective. The last shot makes this a natural bookend with Blue Collar, another, less-optimistic film with Yaphet Kotto "
50 T6 Green for Danger (1946) - Jul 03, 2017
"They are all so English! Even the Scotsman! (I really enjoyed the reaction to the V-1s, BTW. Sang-froid indeed. No wonder we won the war.)"
65 T8 Toni Erdmann (2016) - Jun 30, 2017
"'Would you not say, Herr Talmann, that a German comedy is a contradiction in terms?' Too long, in a nice kind of way. "
41 T5 Legend (2015) - Jun 25, 2017
"Guy Ritchie does Souvern Goffic wivout the cheeky chappies 'n too long, innit "
42 T5 The Quare Fellow (1962) - Jun 21, 2017
"Play-turned-film, and opened out quite nicely. The story is compelling, but the script leaves too many questions about Crimmins' developing character.. McGoohan does fine work with what he has. Sylvia Syms lovely, fascinating character is well-played."
17 T2 What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Jun 19, 2017
"Very disappointing attempt at a 'mockumentary' about the vampire life. Normally I find kiwi humour side-splitting; this fell flat. Might have worked better as a serious-minded story, especially the poignant comments about the consequences of immortality on friendships."