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26 T3 Crossing Point (2016) - Nov 21, 2017
"It thinks it's a post-modern film noir. I let myself be carried along by the story, but afterwards I decided patriarchy had seduced me to the Dark Side. "
27 T3 Tony Manero (2008) - Nov 15, 2017
"Underfunded and uncomfortable viewing, but one that certainly hits its target. Larrain has got better as he has got more money, thankfully. "
55 T7 Live and Let Die (1973) - Nov 12, 2017
"A personal favourite of mine among the Bond films with a fun Blaxploitation dimension and some kind of 'essence of early 1970s' cultural value. But it suffers from a 'Law of Eternal Return' as the script just keeps recycling the same formula (Bond goes here, Bond gets caught, Bond gets away) through all three acts. "
48 T6 Captain Kidd (1945) - Nov 06, 2017
"Charles Laughton's amazing performance steals the show in this otherwise awkward fiction that takes extreme liberties with the fact. "
26 T3 Fracture (2007) - Nov 05, 2017
"Witless courtroom drama that thinks it's clever. "
52 T6 Post Mortem (2010) - Nov 03, 2017
"Technically effective and affective, this film proceeds slowly, with an important time-shift, to present a metaphor about Chile after Allende. Larrain brings a very 'historical' sensibility to film."
98 T10 Miller's Crossing (1990) - Oct 30, 2017
"Peak Coen Bros, for once deploying their Post-Modern Mannerist style in a way both heartless and sympathetic towards people who actually believe in something. "
73 T9 Raising Arizona (1987) - Oct 18, 2017
"Darkest nihilism disguised as farce. You'll laugh, though."
88 T10 The Earrings of Madame de... (1953) - Oct 18, 2017
"An opulent, feverish fable of the price of deception, with camerawork to match."
53 T6 The Lost City of Z (2017) - Oct 18, 2017
"A beautifully photographed exploration of the triangular tension between spiritual fulfillment, worldly accomplishment and family responsibility. Choose wisely. "