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58 77% The Love Parade (1929) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"Lubitsch's first talky is as remarkably smooth a musical production as existed in 1929, that much is sure. Deft, mildly pleasant enough comedy in the same vein as much of what he'd done through the silent days, but now with some entirely forgettable musical numbers (the sillier ones were fun, though). Chevalier and MacDonald are in great form off the bat, and play off each other very well. The musty odor of this French operetta script from 1903 does however grow as things drag on."
23 26% Le royaume nain de Lilliput contre Gigas le long, prince des géants (1914) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"An excuse for a gaggle of children in fancy dress to serve as the Lilliputians, mainly. Chevalier, gangly fellow that he is, is our Prince of the Giants. With so little of his silent period available, one takes what one must."
11 2% Guanaco Galloping (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"The guanaco is the llama's wild cousin, just as Muybridge was the wild cousin of distinguished engineer Norman Selfe. It takes one to keep up with one, you see."
11 2% Goat Walking (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"Of all the animals whose gait Muybridge photographed, this one is the goat."
12 4% Gnu Bucking and Galloping (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"Who knew they could hightail it like that?"
11 2% Elephant Walking (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"At last, Muybridge envisions a creature of truly mammoth scale."
10 1% Eland Trotting (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"Had Muybridge more elan, he might have captured more frames of this animal in motion than he did, alas."
13 5% Dog Running (1887) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"One of the less exotic subjects from the series of animals in motion, but a cooperative one. Good boy."
26 33% La valse à la mode (1908) - Rated 19 Apr 2024
"The 19-year-old Chevalier had recently started making a name for himself around Paris with his act, but here he's just another goofball starring in a fairly typical couple minutes of comedy from Pathé at the time. There's our star acting silly in the street, a bunch of other people acting silly in the street, a slapdash stop trick or two, and, most successfully, a final trick film bit to set the camera (and everything else) a-rocking (who said you needed to be on a boat for that one)."
54 73% The Beach Party (1931) - Rated 18 Apr 2024
"It's an exercise in weaponized picnicking, as Mickey and Horace takes their dates to the beach only to have things foiled by that dang octopus. Featuring the latest fashion in beach umbrellas."