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70 T7 The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014) - Dec 14, 2016
"This is a crazy movie, not because a lot of weird shit happens but by the way it was filmed. There are two parts to this movie the first part in 2015 and the second in 1946, The part in modern times doesn't really have any meaning to the story except to allow of a crazy unneeded seconding ending to the story. The story is very similar to Where Eagles Dare and the like where the good soldier are righteous and super capable and the villains are easily tricked and poor shots. [Read Full Review]"
61 T5 Wong Fei-hung: Whip Extinguishes the Candles (1949) - Apr 24, 2017
"The Wong Fei Hung here definitely isn't the staunch and slightly naive hero as portrayed by Jet Li. The fighting here while sloppy and primitive looking now was unlike anything seen before and it still holds up in an Chinese Opera Troop/Live demonstration kind of way. The story is also quite fun and full of spunky take no shit women which was a nice addition. There was some good humor sprinkled throughout to keep the non action scenes lively. [Read Full Review]"
70 T7 The Last Tycoon (2012) - Dec 17, 2016
"This was not what I expected from Wong Jing. This is more of a nostalgic wartime melodrama along the lines of Casablanca than anything else. There are two stories going on at about the same time, one about Cheng as an old man and one about Cheng the resistance fighter. Both of these stories would've been better suited to their own movies. Xiaoming Huang does a pretty good Chow Yun-Fat impression and they look enough alike to not be jarring. Francis Ng is a pretty restrained villain in this whic [Read Full Review]"
60 T5 The Red Turtle (2016) - Jun 02, 2017
"This is a hard film to rate. I really enjoyed the themes, story, music and striking visuals but there were curtain things that really bothered me about the film that I just couldn't over look. The background visual were very beautifully rendered and seemed hyper real while the living creatures had a Hergé fel to them which I liked however the creatures and especially the 'humans' didn't fit in to their environments. What I mean by this is... [Read Full Review]"
42 T3 Savior of the Earth (1983) - May 08, 2017
"The English Dub it atrocious and I wonder just how different the dub is from the original script. The terrible English dub aside this movie is still a rip off of the movie TRON. The animation is pretty sloppy and choppy. The Korean anime seems to be about 5-10 years behind the Japanese and a even a few years behind the USA from the same time period. This was a feature film for Korea but the quality was more along the lines of a cheap Hanna Barbera Saturday morning cartoon from the '70s. [Read Full Review]"
52 T4 Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016) - Nov 26, 2016
"First off this is not a great movie, hell it's not even a good movie but it is decent. Now the thing is, this will never be able to compete with the original, which itself is not a good movie...many people love it and the new one wisely didn't try too hard to copy it. This is a re imagining of the original more than it is a remake, in fact story wise is bares more in common with Kickboxer 2 than it does the original and I found that it was better than all of the [Read Full Review]"
83 T10 Dream Home (2010) - Dec 03, 2016
"Wow, I had heard good things about this movie and went into it with high expectations and I wasn't let down. This is a great horror movie but better than that it a great film period. The main part of the movie takes place during a 2 hour time period and is filled with flash backs through out, which brings depth to the main character. The movie s very gory and becomes more so as it goes on. There is plenty of black humor and drama as well to help balance things out and even most of the minor char [Read Full Review]"
35 T2 Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead (2012) - Mar 05, 2017
"Not trashy enough to be really fun and definitely not a good movie."
68 T6 The Lost Bladesman (2011) - Dec 08, 2016
"The movie is visually stunning and the story is a complex one. Wen Jiang did well with his role even though I felt that he was under utilized. Donnie Yen did pretty good with the more dramatic role but I felt he was a bit out of his depth. No one else in the movie really left an impression and that's actually part of the problem here. The direction for the movie was lacking, most scene don't flow well together and it feels very episodic. The actors were able to convey any real emotion because... [Read Full Review]"
65 T6 Lethal Panther (1990) - Apr 14, 2017
"Lethal Panther is a super schlocky, somewhat sleazy action flick filled with sex nudity and violence. The directing is what you’d expect from Godfrey Ho so if you know what to expect you won’t be disappointed. Overall this is an action packed Girls With Guns film that gives you everything it promises, nothing more nothing less. [Read Full Review]"