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Criticker Zealot - 14617 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 25, 2012

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Bio: I like watching movies purely for entertainment, so I tend not
to care if it's a "good film" "a Classic" or about style,
technique, or whatever.
more Recent Ratings
76 84% Sun Scarred (2006) - Jan 28, 2021
"A little over the top and some of the acting is a bit shaky but the direction is on point and the story is really somber and engrossing."
58 44% Salaryman Kintaro (1999) - Jan 25, 2021
"The first half is a light-hearted fun romp but the second half is overly dramatic and ends in the most anti-climatic way while also not having a lasting effect on any character aside from the fate of one forgotten side character."
58 44% Family 2 (2001) - Jan 23, 2021
"A slightly above average low budget Miike DTV that's just as good and entertaining as the first entry. The soundtrack works for the most part even if it's painfully jarring at times. The ending while fun was a bit of a letdown."
40 20% The Making of Gemini (2000) - Jan 23, 2021
"I don't know what I was expecting but this was pretty dull. I guess I wanted to get more of a proper documentary which might've given me a better appreciation of the film which I found underwhelming."
57 44% Delirious (1991) - Jan 23, 2021
"A mildly entertaining comedy that passes the time."
68 65% Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2007) - Jan 23, 2021
"I haven't played the game this is based on so I can't speak to that but none the less this was a wild and fun romp and I thoroughly enjoyed it."
86 96% The Legend of Love & Sincerity (2012) - Jan 22, 2021
"I don't know what it is about this musical parody of '70s Shojo manga and '70s Japanese school delinquent/gang films but I loved it. After watching this I found out that indeed this was a remake of a 1974 trilogy of films that were based on a 1972 Shojo Manga."
42 24% The League of Frightened Men (1937) - Jan 21, 2021
"The basic story and the names are the only things that this has in common with the original story but the characters don't look or act right and there are too many miss opportunities."
56 43% Kumamoto Stories 3 (2002) - Jan 19, 2021
"By far the best of the trilogy of "educational" short films. This one features decent acting, a fair amount of fights, and some nice direction and stylistic choices."
24 7% Kumamoto Stories 2 (2001) - Jan 19, 2021
"The first short had some bad CGI but it was kept in the background but here it's front and center and the film suffers for it. I know these are cheaply made but this segment just wasn't interesting."