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Bio: I like watching movies purely for entertainment,
so I tend not to care if it's a "good film" "a Classic"
or about style, technique, or whatever.

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40 T2 Troublesome Night 12 (2001) - Apr 22, 2018
"The best I can say about this film us at least they tried. This movie like many of the later entries of this series is 80% bad comedy and 20% bad horror. The special effects here are really bad and cheap looking like they didn't even care, which is weird since they actually seemed to put a bit more effort in this one even if it followed the same basic story of "lame ass group of losers encounter/get possessed by a ghost and solve it with the help of Lan Law... [Read Full Review]"
50 T4 Charlie's Farm (2014) - May 13, 2018
"Completely generic. The biggest downside is the fact that they failed to really exploit Nathan Jones. Nathan is massive and athletic and is pretty intimidating but you don't really get to see that here... [Read Full Review]"