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Criticker Zealot - 12550 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 24, 2012

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Bio: I like watching movies purely for entertainment, so I tend not
to care if it's a "good film" "a Classic" or about style,
technique, or whatever.
more Recent Ratings
45 26% Modeling (1921) - Jun 17, 2019
"One pf the weaker "Out of the Ink Well" short but still good."
65 56% Invisible Ink (1921) - Jun 17, 2019
"This one was unique and quite good."
52 36% The Final Wish (2018) - Jun 16, 2019
"I get the feeling that this is supposed to be a cheesy horror comedy but I can't find any information to back up my theory. This isn't a terrible movie in fact its probably the best sequel that the Wishmaster series never had."
20 5% Galaxina (1980) - Jun 16, 2019
"This is definitely one of those so good its terrible movies. There are several types of thee movies and some work but when people set out to make a terrible piece of shit I rarely find it amusing."
34 14% Truth or Dare (2018) - Jun 16, 2019
"The beginning of this movie wasn't bad and reminded me of films from the '80s like Night of the Demons but as it went on it just kept getting worse and worse. Also the "possession" look was stupid as fuck."
43 24% Now You See Me 2 (2016) - Jun 16, 2019
"A lot of flash, bang and noise but little to no substance. The characters are weaker this time and the female magician character was a disappointment and not funny. It moves fast with lots of twist but still managed to drag and become dull on occasions. Way too long for its own good."
66 59% Turbo Kid (2015) - Jun 15, 2019
"Stupid and goofy yet completely watchable."
50 33% Two-Gun Gussie (1918) - Jun 14, 2019
"Not bad but not enough stunt work for my taste."
45 26% The Non-Stop Kid (1918) - Jun 14, 2019
"This one really didn't work for me."
38 16% Luke's Movie Muddle (1916) - Jun 14, 2019
"A mostly unfunny take on older Chaplin works."