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Criticker Zealot - 13234 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 24, 2012

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Bio: I like watching movies purely for entertainment, so I tend not
to care if it's a "good film" "a Classic" or about style,
technique, or whatever.
more Recent Ratings
30 11% The Desert Trail (1935) - Oct 22, 2019
"A boring western with lame unfunny humor, poor action and a seen it done better elsewhere story. Oh yeah and John Wayne plays a lecherous playboy."
45 27% The Lucky Texan (1934) - Oct 22, 2019
"Really dull with lots of poorly done action scenes including some that look like they were lifted from other films. I have to admit the ending was kind of fun."
54 39% Sagebrush Trail (1933) - Oct 22, 2019
"This was actually a pretty good little western. Wayne plays a bit of a grey character which changed things up a bit"
82 93% Noroi (2005) - Oct 22, 2019
"Extremely well made and acted. I could almost believe that this was actual found footage. The story is very interesting and I found myself becoming invested and wanting to know the answer to the mystery. It got creepy towards the end but I wouldn't call it scary."
45 27% 100 Years of Horror: Witches (1996) - Oct 21, 2019
"I was kind of disappointed with this entry."
50 33% 100 Years of Horror: Phantoms (1996) - Oct 21, 2019
"Its good I just wish these were a little more in depth."
35 15% Gai dimanche (1935) - Oct 20, 2019
"Slow moving slapstick comedy that tended to run each gag into the ground."
40 20% On demande une brute (1934) - Oct 20, 2019
"Not bad but the Stooges were doing it much better around the same time."
47 29% Sorority Row (2009) - Oct 20, 2019
"A perfectly good, disposable, forgettable, dumb, yet fun slasher film. "
39 17% Frankenstein '80 (1972) - Oct 20, 2019
"Poorly made Frankenstein monster movie that commits the ultimate sin for a horror film, it's dull."