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78 T9 District 9 (2009) - Aug 25, 2009
"'District 9' is brainier, but not grandiose (and that's a good thing), than your average alien movie. Seeing 'District 9', you get the feeling that this is something which is actually plausible - IF there were aliens, and IF they were to be stranded here in large numbers, this is more or less what will happen. This must also be the first "humans vs. aliens" movie, where I actually ended up rooting for the aliens."
64 T5 The Fourth Kind (2009) - Nov 03, 2009
"While you are watching this, if you are to believe what they say - "based on true events" - you can enjoy this with a feeling of "wow, really?". After the movie is done, and 5 mins of Googling later when you realize that the whole thing was a big lie, you kick yourself."