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66 T4 Darkest Hour (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
84 T9 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Dec 29, 2017
"For the 20-fingered foreplay alone this is a 5 star movie. Cinematography was excellent, but ponderous. Writing was delicate and human. Ideas were sparse but significant, more philposophic than filmic, but always rooted in a heritage. Denis might be one to watch."
75 T6 Justice League (2017) - Dec 10, 2017
"A lot better than expected. Affleck looks like Batman, more than any other since Christian Bale, and Irons sounds exactly like Alfred should. Character action on team forming was super-believable and nearly witty. Fights were just about awesome, and didn't dominate the entire movie. And "the boy scout" wasn't there for most of it, which is a "+1". But The Flash missed a Green Lantern as much as the movie did, so "-1" on that. Oh! Excellent "Group photo" at the end, he really does look like Batma"
74 T6 Layer Cake (2004) - Nov 22, 2017
74 T6 Hoodlum (1997) - Nov 22, 2017
69 T4 Bugsy (1991) - Nov 21, 2017
73 T5 Going in Style (2017) - Nov 18, 2017
"In a word: enyoyable Not world-shatttering, or "Hamlet", or "best heist EVAR" or all that good stuff, but a very good waste of a couple of hours. Especially memorable was the acting, the way Caine or Freeman can let you know what thet are thinking/feeling when the writer shuts up. BUT: nothing wronf with the writing, some classic lines delivered with the panache you'd expect if you're only bnrowsing thru' "