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50 T4 Splash (1984) - Jan 19, 2017
50 T4 Vice Versa (1988) - Jan 15, 2017
40 T2 Business Is Business (1971) - Jan 12, 2017
55 T5 Katie Tippel (1975) - Jan 12, 2017
65 T9 Elle (2016) - Jan 12, 2017
"Great to see Verhoeven back, although I liked his previous "Black Book" even better. Quite unique and unlike any other films today. Hollywood would never touch a complex, perverse and disturbing story like this, and it's surprising how much praise it has received. Much of that has been directed at Huppert who gives a very bold performance. The game aspect had some plausibility issues and the film felt a bit unfocused at times, and could have ended at multiple points, but those are small issues."
40 T2 Clear History (2013) - Jan 12, 2017
"Rather bland TV comedy from the director of Superbad and Adventureland - both which I liked quite a lot. It's biggest asset is the cast which contains a lot of familiar faces and has Michael Keaton right before his comeback with "Birdman"."
35 T1 Jack Frost (1996) - Jan 03, 2017
"Obviously a very low budget affair which would have required more money for more "believable" FX. Now it's surprisingly light on gore and more laughable than scary. It's very hard to make a successful horror comedy even with a proper budget and Jack Frost is mostly a bust, but at least the cast is OK and the film is rather well edited. I didn't feel bored for the duration, but it's not something that I would make a holiday tradition out of. "
63 T8 The Witch (2016) - Dec 20, 2016
68 T9 Nightcrawler (2014) - Dec 09, 2016
"It's very rare to see a film which feels so fresh and unique these days -- a dark portrait of our times and media. Or a film with such a rotten lead character as Louis Bloom who is menacingly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal. With choices like this and "Enemy", he is quickly becoming one of the most interesting actors out there. It's still not a knockout: I felt that the story was not as strong as the concept, characters or individual scenes, and it could have been even better."
55 T5 Dog Day (1984) - Nov 24, 2016