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57 T6 Pump Up the Volume (1990) - Feb 27, 2017
70 T9 Mr. Robot (2015) - Feb 27, 2017
53 T5 Sister, Sister (1987) - Feb 21, 2017
"This could have been a c-grade horror flick, but Bill Condon takes his first film seriously and wisely uses his budget on scope cinematography, quality score and interesting actors. It's biggest assets are the southern setting and gothic atmosphere that haven't really been utilized that much. Stoltz, Leigh and Ivey are solid, and it's a pity that the twists and cliches finally sink the film during the last third. Still, it's surprising that it's not better known due to it's stars and atmosphere."
55 T5 Heaven's Prisoners (1996) - Feb 20, 2017
50 T4 Code Name: Emerald (1985) - Feb 20, 2017
56 T6 Lincoln (2012) - Feb 20, 2017
30 T1 Cut (2000) - Feb 20, 2017
55 T5 Toivon tuolla puolen (2017) - Feb 16, 2017
"Immigration is surely a hot topic right now, but otherwise this is familiar territory for Kaurismäki: bars, restaurant and people lost in time, delivering ironic dialogue. As a Finn I was a bit irritated by how Kaurismäki made the bureaucracy and system look a lot worse than it is, and there's plenty of drama and injustice even without that taking kind of artistic freedom. Also, at least some kind of motivation for the racists would have been nice. Now they just picked on Khaled for no reason."
56 T6 Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994) - Feb 13, 2017
"I'm a bit torn on this: I admire the effort to give the series a dignified ending by toning down the goofy humor that plagued the previous films, making Freddy scary again and giving it a fresh post-modern angle. But it's also lacking the fun of the original film and feels more of a thriller with a ludicrous plot. It shares themes with Craven's Scream films, but they are done way better in the latter ones. So, better than most Elm Street sequels, but not a highlight on Craven's filmography."