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Location: Norway

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50 77% Fra Piazza del Popolo (1925) - Jul 03, 2022
"More than anything, this is a very well shot picture by A.W. Sandberg. Can't say I was as dazzled by the romantic tragic story, but it did tickle the emotions from time to time too. Real elegance for a Danish picture."
60 89% Schatten der Weltstadt (1925) - Jul 03, 2022
"Didn't need to be as long as it was, but everything silently screamed quality. Recently restored by the Murnau Foundation, and is the first film I've seen directed by Willi Wolff. Felt just like you'd expect from mid-1920s German film, with all the dark tones that the expressive silent cinema was known for. Perhaps a little melodramatic and slow at times, but the acting felt believable."
50 77% Soft Shoes (1925) - Jul 03, 2022
"Some kind of adorable gangster western hybrid written and starring Harry Carey. It was a weird mix, but I can't deny I was enjoying it. Didn't take itself serious at all, and that way it was playful."
40 58% Waking Up the Town (1925) - Jul 03, 2022
"Saw the 41-min version that's out there. Will watch the 60-min one if I can get my hands on it. This is a Jack Pickford picture, but it's really Norma Shearer wheeled me it. It's a silly mid-range filler, but it seemed alright for what it was there to do. And that was put you in a good mood."
60 89% Tkies khaf (1924) - Jul 03, 2022
"Pretty much the same as The Dybbuk (1937), and pretty much as good, even if silent. It's haunting, but perhaps a little easier to digest than the heavier dramatization of the sound adaptation."
30 35% Bud pripraven (1924) - Jul 03, 2022
"More a sightseeing and boy scout documentary than a narrative feature. Odd one for sure. Not sure what to make of it."
40 58% Love and Onions (1938) - Jul 03, 2022
30 35% The House Where I Was Born (1934) - Jul 03, 2022
50 77% Toot Sweet! (1929) - Jul 03, 2022
30 35% Wooden Money (1929) - Jul 03, 2022