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40 T6 Aatamin puvussa ja vähän Eevankin (1931) - Sep 27, 2023
"Silent with a soundtrack and sound effects. Solid comic start with them getting stranded, but then they started milking the one idea they had and the plot became looser without that creating bigger laughs. Had it's moments, but it seemed they improvised too much of this making it a longer than it needed to be."
40 T6 Meidän poikamme (1929) - Sep 27, 2023
"Finnish equivalent to those cadet movies Hollywood did a lot of."
50 T8 Mysterious Island (1951) - Sep 27, 2023
"It's a serial, so naturally they make a mess of Jules Verne's story. Complete camp, using props from previous episodic cinema series to make it entertaining. Calling it good would be a stretch, but it's one you can have a good time with.... if you want to. I had plenty of unintentional laughs with this one!"
60 T9 The Mob (1951) - Sep 26, 2023
"Broderick Crawford gets to do what he does best. Run his loud mouth. Pretty straight forward undercover job, talking to a lot of suspicious people until the main villain revealing himself to be the most obvious one. Solid crime flick."
50 T8 Saturday's Hero (1951) - Sep 25, 2023
"Oh, look! It's another average American Football movie. And it comes at a time they were trying to make a leading man out of John Derek, putting him in all types of films hoping something would stick. Here, the sports genre. Can't say it made me any more interested in the wrongly labeled "foot" ball circus. And I can't say I got any more interested in John Derek as an actor either."
60 T9 Four Ways Out (1951) - Sep 25, 2023
"Italian noir following four crooks and what they individually decide to do post-crime to escape the law. Interesting concept and they bring a sense of realism. A nerve that stays with the story, only lacking some high tense moments to take advantage of what they had here. For it had the foundation for something great here. They just decided to bring a more realistic approach than sensationalizing the crime story."
40 T6 Two Dollar Bettor (1951) - Sep 25, 2023
"Bland production, which was something director Edward L. Cahn was known for, but it was interesting seeing such a career straight guy as John Litel being crocked! That's not something that happened often."
50 T8 Elia Kazan: A Director's Journey (1995) - Sep 25, 2023
"Doesn't go super deep into the man, but gives us a nice chronological walkthrough of his Hollywood career with plenty of clips from his movies along the way."
40 T6 A Streetcar on Broadway (2006) - Sep 25, 2023
40 T6 A Streetcar in Hollywood (2006) - Sep 25, 2023