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Criticker Zealot - 5942 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 23, 2006

Location: Austria

Age: 34

Gender: Male

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34 17% First Reformed (2018) - Aug 03, 2018
"The environmental themes Schrader brings up are a red herring. His concerns are depression and despair, and the hope that love will save us. It may. The film itself is a frozen quiche heated up in a microwave."
63 57% Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Jul 28, 2018
"Respect for Cruise still running and getting things."
10 1% Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) - Jul 20, 2018
"Unrelenting beautiful people trash, eliciting something like severe ice-cream headaches for anyone moderately sober. But when platinum blonde Cher staggers in and asks whether we believe in love, Fernando, I sensed that we might have arrived at the end of cinema, for better or worse."
21 5% Racer and the Jailbird (2017) - Jun 27, 2018
22 6% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Jun 15, 2018
"Jeff Goldblum has a single, solitary scene in it. He testifies about man-made, cataclysmic change, whereupon dinosaurs will forever be fighting each other, running after scientists in tight industrial spaces, eating lawyers and other capitalists. I've honestly hit a wall with these things."
73 79% November (2017) - Jun 07, 2018
"So strange, wow. Dark Estonian folklore and superstition, the dead side by side with the living who feed them bread. Then they enter the sauna where they turn into chickens. Oh, and did I tell you about the speaking and flying pipe beast, a contraption out of some death metal surrealism. The stark and heightened b/w images are unremittingly odd and dreamlike. So much so that the lack of genuine suspense turns the film slightly droll/dull. Nevertheless, a communication from the beyond."
29 11% A Quiet Place (2018) - May 26, 2018
"[a silent review]"
74 82% Isle of Dogs (2018) - May 21, 2018
56 46% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - May 16, 2018
"It doesn't matter that Ehrenreich doesn't have the swagger in him (he seems like a supporting player in his own story) because nothing matters. The film is lights and sounds, betrayals and tight escapes, watchable (even magnificent) through its visual design (MVP dp Bradford Young), with capable, robust action. It will probably be remembered as a misfire, if anyone remembers it at all. But seeing it on a rainy day in Cannes felt smooth like velvet."
30 12% Under the Silver Lake (2018) - May 16, 2018
"A try at a mysterious, dazed, and slightly psychotic L.A. detective story that miscalculates our investment in a grungy loser's creepy fascination with conspiracy theories. Of course he's looking for a girl, or rather girls, who in fantasy sequences consistently bark at him. It's pointlessly uncomfortable, just like the anachronistic noir style that doesn't capture the chill and danger of the modern city at all. There's a stink to this film."