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78 44% Spring Breakers Spring Breakers (2013) - Rated 15 Sep 2013
"Harmony Korine paints this kind of surrealistic portraiture of something I'd otherwise treat shallowly. His scripts won't be smart, he'll never be flattering towards his characters, for they serve somewhat satyrico-allegorical purposes. Here, I love the emphasis on the "teen lifelustsexpower drive" as naiive college girls' means in their struggles to be un-ordinary, to make for themselves a life as in a movie or a videogame. Eros&thanatos in neon and cottoncandy, in Britney Spears and dubstep."
88 75% The Pervert\ The Pervert's Guide To Ideology (2012) - Rated 03 Oct 2013
"Has totally revived my appetite for films. Other than that, I love the bullshitfree approach, the "pretentiouslessness" that Zizek applies in his dynamic analysis and assertion. It's for dummies and super digestible, it truly is. Watch it! (especially if you don't go all crazy when a tiny spoiler comes alog - if you do, who cares, you should have seen all those films by now if you are so devoted to cinema)."
95 94% Pierrot le fou Pierrot le fou (1965) - Rated 15 Jul 2012
"One more incredibly beautiful film by Godard, another bleu-et-rouge femme-et-homme dichotomy. I could not bring myself to pause this even to answer the phone. Not a single wasted frame, superb photography, surprising plot, better-than-expected acting and the undeniable pinch of the je ne sais qoi. This film is a bursting cup of champagne and it drank it all in one sip."
95 94% Gummo Gummo (1997) - Rated 15 Jul 2012
"May i return to my Korine-Arbus parallel? Thank you. This film is very alive and authentic, like that frog dissected right in front of you in biology class. And i bet you too can see the poetry in it. Will rewatch."