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73 T8 L'éveillé du pont de l'Alma (1985) - Jan 24, 2015
"After a number of false starts and aborted attempts, i finally managed to not only finish but come to rather like what might be Ruiz's murkiest film (in more than one sense). Obviously the video quality doesn't help much in this respect, but this is also the closest Ruiz gets to "dark", which is to say it's typically absurdist nonsense involving a pair of theory-spouting, um, hypnotist/rapists (go figure?). So, yeah, typical '80s work basically, but maybe Ruiz's homage to Ulmer's The Black Cat?"
99 T10 Le Monde Vivant (2003) - Jan 24, 2015
"Seriously though, a Bressonian fairytale about Lacanian linguistics replete with deadpan humor and glaring anachronisms? A film after my own heart indeed."
83 T9 Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell (2008) - Jan 23, 2015
"While it doesn't quite reach the poetic heights of Bruce Weber's Chet Baker doc Let's Get Lost, Matt Wolf still manages to place his film more than a few notches above the standard interview-based musician documentary, mainly through the same skillful montage editing and eye for evocative, dreamy imagery that marked his (more accomplished) essay film Teenage."
30 T3 Zazie Rides The Metro (1960) - Jan 22, 2015
"I don't get it."
99 T10 Toutes les nuits (2001) - Jan 20, 2015
"Never, perhaps, has a film cried out more desperately to be a part of the Jake Aesthete canon, and i'm certainly more than happy to oblige. It may be dry as a bone, but it's (sort of) funny and even ultimately moving. All the expected reference points are on hand (Hartley, Greenaway, Ruiz, late Godard, Rappaport, Bresson... yes definitely Bresson, plus lots of Ozu/Davies frontal shots) and yet Green somehow manages to find a wavelength particular to himself (or at the very least close enough). "
75 T8 Empire Builder (2012) - Jan 18, 2015
"Should i be surprised that Kris Swanberg's directorial debut is a bit better than anything her husband has been able to come up with? It's hardly a masterpiece, and practically the definition of "too minor for it's own good", but it's nonetheless a quietly ambitious and formally accomplished film. Eschewing the expected shakeycam and improv for the most part in favor of long static takes, this could almost pass for mumblecore Berliner Schule."
84 T9 A Dog's Dream (2005) - Jan 17, 2015
"With all due respect to Giorgos Lanthimos, i have to say this is probably the most distinctive and idiosyncratic Greek film that i've ever seen (a bit self-consciously so) even if beneath the enigmatic atmosphere and oblique, slightly ponderous stylization (owing as much to Lynch and Kubrick as it does to Angelopoulos) lies a fairly slight and even a bit whimsical film noir fairytale with a touch of Rivette-ian mystery and magical (sur)realism thrown in for good measure."
97 T10 Le professeur Taranne (1987) - Jan 16, 2015
"Perhaps not Ruiz's most coherent work (nor is it necessarily intended to be), but altogether this has a bunch of the most quintessentially Ruiz-ian cinematic moments that i've ever seen, and aside from possibly The Golden Boat this might be his film that i'd recommend most to curious Hartley or late-period Godard fans (he's never felt closer to either, and in any case this is less than an hour long)."
79 T8 Nuit noire, Calcutta (1964) - Jan 16, 2015
"I'm not even really sure most of this takes place in Calcutta but nonetheless this is among the most compelling examples of self-conscious Nouvelle Vague artiness that i've seen, up there with Resnais at his best not to mention Duras' own directorial work. Ultimately a minor accomplishment perhaps, but nonetheless severely underrated."
71 T8 Neighbouring Sounds (2012) - Jan 16, 2015
"It feels like Filho just sort of threw his hands up at the last few pages of his script and drastically changed the tone of his film to (unnecessary) "dramatic mode", and there are a few other hackneyed touches scattered throughout (the blood dream *rolls eyes*), but otherwise this was a refreshing change of pace from the usual "gritty" glue-sniffing handheld verite stuff i expect from Brazilian cinema, for the most part consequentially feeling all the more genuinely socially realistic."
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