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Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
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67 T7 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) - Sep 02, 2014
"Remember that time Gus Van Sant went insane and made a movie that basically seems like something John Waters, David Lynch, and Emir Kusturica would come up with together during a bad peyote trip? I really wanted to be able to call this my favorite Van Sant film, but it's really too undeniably flawed and problematic (but at least endearingly so), but i did like it perhaps despite my better judgement. Of course it helps that i just really like stilted, unnatural dialogue and absurdity."
77 T8 Mud (2013) - Sep 01, 2014
"I feel like i'm rating this kind of high, but i'm actually surprised by how much i enjoyed this. I mean it's basically the same movie as Joe but i think this is a little bit better (Nichols' classic approach actually works for the better here, unlike the more unwieldy Take Shelter). I will say, it probably wouldn't be nearly as good with different kids in the lead, or without the naive young-love subplot which really helps to emotionally underscore the whole thing."
74 T8 Joe (2014) - Sep 01, 2014
"Well, if nothing else this feels more or less like a 'real' David Gordon Green film for a change (whatever that even means at this point), or at the very least like it was run through an adequate David Gordon Green-approximating algorithm. Actually, it's probably not much of a step down from Undertow or Snow Angels (neither of which i'm in any real hurry to revisit anytime soon). As if making up for lost time, it's easily the most lurid, fully Southern Gothic thing he's ever done at least."
27 T3 Promised Land (2012) - Aug 31, 2014
"I think you owe us another artsy one already, Gus..."
65 T7 The Long Goodbye (1973) - Aug 31, 2014
80 T8 It Felt Like Love (2013) - Aug 31, 2014
"Getting wavvy (Thematically, the tropes of this are nothing new at all, but as a rejoinder/corrective to both Larry Clark and Catherine Breillat this is sort of amazing. Also, aesthetically it's again nothing unqiue but kind of perfect at the same time. The best of it's very specific kind since Fish Tank.)"
76 T8 Stolen Kisses (1968) - Aug 31, 2014
"Truffaut, the least distinctive but perhaps most innately likable filmmaker of the nouvelle vague?"
40 T4 Away We Go (2009) - Aug 30, 2014
"White People: The Motion Picture"
48 T5 Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) - Aug 30, 2014
"Jarmusch at his most self-congratulatory and pointless. It's quite telling that the original three segments are easily the best ones."
74 T8 Antoine et Colette (1962) - Aug 30, 2014
"Very sweet and quintessentially French New Wave."
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