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55 T6 Aurora (2010) - Jun 30, 2015
"Well done for what it is, even if i feel like i've seen pretty much the same thing a number of times before, and i'm not sure why Puiu felt it needed to be three hours long (maybe this is our punishment for overrating the Dardennes?) . If nothing else, watching these ponderous Eastern European mope fests gives me a greater appreciation for Emir Kusturica's over-the-top, extravagant maximalism since he seems like the only filmmaker from this part of the world who knows how to have a good time."
57 T6 Farewell, Home Sweet Home (1999) - Jun 29, 2015
"More of the same from Iosseliani, maybe slightly less funny than Monday Morning and visually even less impressive (the fact that William Lubtchansky shot both just indicates further how little visual sense Iosseliani seems to have). He appears to have a very specific, consistent schtick (sort of a drab Tati, basically) that i can certainly admire and even find amusing in limited doses (although both these films sort of put to me sleep) but i don't feel like i need to see any more anytime soon."
61 T6 Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014) - Jun 28, 2015
"Ultimately there just might not quite be enough to the tragic true story/urban legend this is based on to elevate it beyond being a pleasant mood piece (although it does at times feel like a lesser sibling film to both Morvern Callar and Under the Skin, which at least hints at it's potential). At the very least though it's a showcase for another great Kikuchi performance plus some impressive cinematography (the first half in particular is a perfectly decent imitation of a Kiyoshi Kurosawa film)."
63 T7 P'tit Quinquin (2014) - Jun 27, 2015
"I guess if anyone was wondering what Twin Peaks would have been like if Bruno Dumont directed it, here's your answer? Less of a complete departure than a kind of lateral sideways move (as others have said, it's almost a remake of L'Humanite), it's nice to see him augment his usual dourness with moments of bizarre comedy, and the socio-political undercurrents are timely, but personally i think Serge Bozon did both of these things better in Tip-Top."
62 T6 Monday Morning (2002) - Jun 26, 2015
"A film in which a series of mundane and/or mildly humorous things happen without adding up to much of consequence either way, comparable to a lesser Kaurismaki or a subtler Tati, but without the distinctive visual sensibility than either (i found it sort of plain bordering on dull). Still, as far as contemplative minimalism goes, i'll take this brand of understated whimsy over ponderous miserablism any day. Could have used more of the teenage couple though."
58 T6 Police, Adjective (2009) - Jun 24, 2015
"the dialectic/semantic arguments are clever and sort of fun (even if they telegraph their implications a little too broadly), and help to differentiate this somewhat from the scads of like-minded festival films with 'naturalistic'/'minimalistic' real-time-master-shot aesthetics, which otherwise this would be mostly indistinguishable from (ironically, for a film that seems to get off on it's own 'subversion' of police film tropes, it mostly just conforms to a set of vaguely more rarefied ones.)"
79 T8 While We're Young (2015) - Jun 22, 2015
"A film about midlife crisis and 'losing your edge' that either incidentally or by design feels just a little bit like Baumbach himself losing his edge, although that might be underselling it (in a certain way it's a thornier and more complex film than Frances Ha, if also undeniably the most conventionally plotted film Baumbach has made). Either way it's often up to his usual witty standards, and to it's credit a lot more than the commercial for millennial hipsterdom it initially appears to be."
70 T7 Blind Chance (1987) - Jun 21, 2015
"While not quite up to the same standards as Kieslowski's later work, this was still more visually accomplished than i might have expected (the opening pre-train sequence is particularly impressive). The film does have a very specific political context that takes some getting used to, and as such can feel a bit dry in places, but by the second segment at least i was on board with it (it helps that Witek is one of the more realistic and identifiably human characters in Kieslowski's filmography)."
78 T8 A Short Film About Killing (1988) - Jun 18, 2015
"While it's maybe both a little too blunt and a little too obscure for it's own good, the real highlight is Slawomir Idziak's cinematography (even if Jean-Pierre Jeunet films are almost enough to ruin this style for me). I think it could have been longer, but i guess that would have betrayed the title?"
70 T7 Miss and the Doctors (2013) - Jun 15, 2015
"Considerably less stylized and offbeat than Ropert's work with Serge Bozon (who has a small role here), this instead feels almost radical just in it's sheer good-naturedness, exuding a sense of warmth and just plain niceness that one could easily dismiss as hopelessly middle of the road or even bourgeois, but which in Ropert's hands seems weirdly brave (which is not to say that the film is completely light and fluffy, i would argue that there is a certain toughness, so to speak, in her intent). "