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Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
Recent Rankings
28 T3 Nosferatu (1922) - Oct 30, 2014
"It's no Sunrise."
38 T4 Side Effects (2013) - Oct 29, 2014
"Soderbergh's usual odd, generic detachment (seriously, more than probably any other contemporary director his films feel like they could have been made with some kind of computer algorithm) is actually a pretty decent aesthetic fit for conveying depression cinematically, so it's kind of disappointing that this gradually degenerates into a completely schlocky thriller with a twist ending in the last fifteen minutes. The acting is good all around but is pretty much wasted on this material."
36 T4 Compliance (2012) - Oct 29, 2014
"I can understand reading about the real incident that happened and thinking "this is crazy, this could totally be a movie", that is until you realize how basically pointless and mean the whole thing, and by proxy re-enacting it, is. If not exactly mean-spirited (i do think Zobel had good intentions) it's at the very least more than a little condescending (yes, please, show us another close-up of a grease fryer to remind us how dehumanizing the fast food industry is...)"
32 T4 October Country (2009) - Oct 29, 2014
"I don't really get the David Gordon Green comparisons, apart from the superficial "ruminative" nature montages, this is essentially more like the crew of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo aspiring to Gummo. Sorry."
11 T2 Oldboy (2013) - Oct 26, 2014
"Ugh, i don't even really want to know what i'd think of the original at this point but i'm pretty sure this is in no way an improvement. "
32 T4 Clue (1985) - Oct 26, 2014
"Trivia: Tom Stoppard and Stephen Sondheim were both offered the chance to write this. Needless to say they both turned it down, i'd like to think because they knew that a movie based on a board game was fundamentally a dumb idea. The screenplay that does exist appears to be written by someone who saw His Girl Friday and decided that all it takes to write a screwball comedy is a few vaguely clever lines and a whole lot of yelling for no apparent reason."
66 T7 The Kingdom II (1997) - Oct 25, 2014
"I mean, Udo Kier as a giant mutant baby, seriously what's not to like?"
66 T7 The Kingdom (1994) - Oct 25, 2014
"While still baring all of Von Trier's usual trademarks, i.e. the characters are one-dimensional and visually it's awful, this is nonetheless a lot less didactic and therefor a lot more fun than his usual stuff. "
94 T10 Listen Up Philip (2014) - Oct 23, 2014
"Certainly the End of Something or Other, One Would Sort of Have to Think."