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Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
Recent Rankings
80 T8 Listen Up Philip (2014) - Oct 23, 2014
"Is This Finally the End for Magnificent Narcissists?"
50 T6 Stranger by the Lake (2013) - Oct 21, 2014
"Well, at least now i know how gay guys probably feel when they watch Twentynine Palms..."
39 T4 Rubberneck (2012) - Oct 20, 2014
"Karpovsky namedrops Haneke, Soderberg's Bubble (which actually sort of makes sense), and Morvern Callar (which absolutely doesn't) as influences behind this, but unfortunately he doesn't have nearly enough directorial finesse to pull it off. In his hands "deliberately paced and atmospheric" basically amounts to dull and pointlessly slow with tinkly music on top, plus laughable "psychological" payoff. For an infinitely better exploration of similar themes see Antonio Campos' great Simon Killer."
38 T4 24 Exposures (2013) - Oct 19, 2014
"Well, i guess Swanberg at least deserves some credit for trying something a little different this time (sort of), although it's still basically an examination of shitty dude bro behavior. Actually, considering all the recent controversy surrounding Terry Richardson this is thematically sort of relevant, but unfortunately all the crime murder mystery aspect is done really badly and feels pretty much pointless (look Joe, we all love Twin Peaks, but this is just not the right look for you at all)."
45 T5 Zodiac (2007) - Oct 17, 2014
"Sort of the definition of a "handsomely made" movie, certainly an improvement on Fincher's overly-eager stylized early work but essentially bloodless (no pun intended). Good soundtrack though."
23 T3 V/H/S (2012) - Oct 17, 2014
"Mostly this just gave me a headache. The girl in the first segment was really pretty though (before she ate the dudes), Swanberg's was actually kind of creepy and effective, Ti West seems continually disinterested in actually making horror apart from a "shock" ending (i'd kind of like to see him make a real drama though), the rest was bullshit..."
25 T3 You're Next (2013) - Oct 16, 2014
"To be fair, much more effectively scary than Ti West's stuff, but ultimately just too much of a conventional horror film for my taste, replete with endless bloody violence and ultimately smug nihilism (although to be fair it's self-reflexive commentary on horror tropes is both more grounded and funnier than in Cabin in the Woods at least). I might be the only person who saw this and wished it was way more of a mumblecore family comedy/drama. Kate Lyn Sheil at the beginning was the best part."
37 T4 The Sacrament (2013) - Oct 15, 2014
"Kind of in bad taste, but i do admit i thought framing this as a fake Vice documentary was a nice, ridiculously in-jokey take on the whole tired "found footage" horror thing. Maybe it's just me, but i sort of think the idea of Vice inadvertently triggering the Jonestown Massacre is sort of clever (i've also seen enough of their stuff to appreciate how pitch-perfectly this parodies their whole aesthetic). If only as much effort had been put into the often stilted script..."
35 T4 The Innkeepers (2011) - Oct 15, 2014
"Sara Paxton has amazing eyes though"
92 T10 The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears (2013) - Oct 14, 2014
"Cattet and Forzani kind of seem to only be interested in doing one very particular thing, but fortunately they do it really, really well. It's at once more abstract but also (sort of) more narrative than Amer, but keeping very much on the same specific wavelength. The proliferation of Art Nouveau imagery and design is very appropriate, as this is truly decadent in the real 19th century sense of the term. Delirious nonsense of the highest order, a film Des Esseintes himself would have loved."