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Cinema Addict - 2094 Films Ranked
Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
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51 T6 First Winter (2012) - Aug 28, 2014
"If nothing else i at least give this credit for trying to take the mumblecore aesthetic somewhere new (and a bit more aesthetically accomplished, at that). Not that this thematic material hasn't been covered before in other films (Time of the Wolf, The King Is Alive, and Gerry all came to mind while watching it), but maybe not quite in this way. As tedious as the film often is, i have to admire that the basic message seems to be, that hippie bros are just the worst."
62 T7 Subway (1985) - Aug 28, 2014
"I kind of hate to admit it, but this was pretty entertaining in an endearingly cheesy '80s kind of way. Obviously not dissimilar to Beineix's Diva but i liked this just a little bit more, as it almost has a certain kinship with Alan Rudolph's neon-drenched cornball romanticism a la Trouble In Mind. It's completely style over substance but i sort of liked the style. Also, Adjani..."
20 T2 Delicatessen (1991) - Aug 28, 2014
"I thought that i might at least kind of like this now that i can appreciate stylized, absurd stuff but no. I guess i forgot that Jean-Pierre Jeunet is basically like a french Terry Gilliam."
35 T4 Blackbird (2007) - Aug 27, 2014
"If Adam Rapp had made this before Winter Passing (but ideally still with Zooey Deschanel in the lead) i would have probably really liked it at the time. Actually i'm sure i would have because i liked a lot of movies pretty much exactly like this when i was younger, and even tried to write screenplays pretty much exactly like this (which might be why Rapp usually writes "edgy" young adult novels?) It's actually pretty funny to see Gillian Jacobs and Michael Shannon in this, of all people."
45 T5 Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian (2013) - Aug 27, 2014
"I can't really understand why Desplechin would willfully make a film this conventional, i mean to be fair it doesn't feel like a cynical hack job and to an extent it has certain vaguely unorthodox elements, but overall it just feels very... ordinary. Amalric and Del Toro are both good in their roles, the cinematography is kind of nice (although a lot of movies look like this these days), but i would expect a lot more considering the amount of talent involved."
60 T6 Ober (2006) - Aug 26, 2014
"I like van Warmerdam, but he should seriously leave this meta-fiction stuff to Charlie Kaufman. I would say this is a lot like Adaptation sans Kaufman's latent pathos and soulfulness, but it's actually probably less about deconstructing a screenplay and more a meta-commentary on the director's own manipulations of his characters and the moral obligations (if any) he has toward them (which makes it closer to Solondz' Storytelling). It's funny but ultimately feels a little bit hollow and smug."
80 T8 De Noorderlingen (1992) - Aug 26, 2014
"Not quite as great as Abel, but still really good. What i said about Seidl and Solondz before goes doubly for this, as structurally its not unlike a much more heightened, deadpan absurdist Dog Days or a toned-down, less acerbic Happiness. Van Warmerdam may take sort of a cartoonish approach to characters, but doesn't seem misanthropic. It's worth noting that this film came before the whole "ironic dysfunctional suburbia ensemble film" became such a cliche."
90 T9 Abel (1986) - Aug 25, 2014
"How am i just now discovering van Warmerdam? I mean it was pretty much a guarantee i was going to love this, it's like the exact meeting point between Kaurismaki deadpan and early Almodovar over-the-top campiness. Pretty much the only thing stopping it from being completely perfect is the slight undercurrent of Solondz/Seidl-esque condescension and meanness (that said, the "date" scene is the embodiment of awkward hilarity). Still, i'm really looking forward to seeing more by this guy."
69 T7 Rodrigo D: No Future (1990) - Aug 24, 2014
"Finally, a 'glue-sniffing' genre movie i liked when i was younger that actually holds up relatively well. I mean, it's no Pixote but it's at least in the same ballpark, and if nothing else it feels just as much like a direct precedent to Gummo as that film does (the proto-black metal hardcore punk soundtrack helps in this respect). Something i didn't remember or didn't notice before was the odd mix of gritty verite realism and stoic, (unintentionally?) stilted, almost Bressonian non-acting."
57 T6 The State of Things (1982) - Aug 23, 2014
"I think i like Wim Wenders more when he does Wenders, rather than when he tries to do Godard. I mean, this is fine, but it's not his best. Interestingly for a guy who's mostly known for road movies, this is mainly about boredom and stasis. Then in the last twenty minutes it becomes almost like a different movie. Given that Wenders "borrowed" the cast and crew from Raoul Ruiz's The Territory, it's hard not to think of that film during the opening film-within-a-film."