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42 T5 Bal (2010) - Mar 02, 2015
""I know that directors find serious and sensitive audiences for films where people sit around peeling potatoes in the peasant houses, but I can't read that kind of novel either." - Orson Welles"
20 T2 Bright Lights, Big City (1988) - Mar 01, 2015
"The production history of this is actually somewhat amusing to read, certainly more so than the film itself, but i'm still not quite sure who thought the animatronic ferret and talking fetus were good ideas (i'm inclined to blame Joel Schumacher?), much less how McInerney himself was more or less responsible for the script (to be fair i can barely remember the novel). Alas, Ivory's Slaves of New York remains the only unheralded gem among the cinematic adaptations of the '80s literary brat pack."
36 T4 Boyhood (2014) - Mar 01, 2015
"Not terrible, but it sort of just plods along from one oddly overdetermined scene to the next, although i guess to be fair it does pick up a little in places (once Mason hits adolescence, mostly). Ironically, for a film that strains so hard for some kind of idealized slice-of-life verite realism, the radically telescopic time frame gives it a "greatest hits" feel that actually prevents almost any moment from coming across as genuinely lived-in or truthful, even at it's rather bloated length."
28 T3 Jodorowsky's Dune (2013) - Feb 28, 2015
"Much like Lost in La Mancha, this documentary all but expects you to presume that the unrealized film in question would have been a visionary masterpiece with very little actual evidence to go on, when as far as i can tell, all signs pointed toward a kitsch curiosity at best, probably closer to The Apple than Solaris (whatever credibility Jodorowsky might have had was completely lost to me around the point he starts raving about the rightfully forgotten French prog rock band Magma.)"
69 T7 Mein langsames Leben (2001) - Feb 28, 2015
"Perfectly well done for what it is, but honestly i can't see anything that would separate it from any number of other minimalistic, slice-of-life "festival films" (which, to be fair, is a self-imposed pseudo-genre that i care a lot less about now than i might have a few years ago). Basically like a Michael Haneke film without the heavy-handed agenda (although this might just be a byproduct of Germany's distinctive cultural rigidity) , so yeah in that sense typical Berliner Schule i guess?"
99 T10 Mods (2002) - Feb 25, 2015
"Can something come off sort of like a glorified student film and still be one of the greatest things you've ever seen? Going by this, i'm going to say yes. Admittedly, it sort of feels like bits and pieces of Surviving Desire, A Zed and Two Noughts, and Katzelmacher were grafted together for optimal Aesthete Appreciation, but it feels sort of perfect just the same (it makes sense that Eugene Green and Bozon are kindred spirits)."
89 T9 La jalousie (2013) - Feb 25, 2015
"At a mere 75 minutes, it would be very easy for me to call this "too minor for it's own good", and i might even be correct (this score may very well change upon further reflection), but at the same time this brevity prevents the film from dragging the way so many Garrel films tend to do (especially seeing as how he's more or less remade the same film for most of career), and yet at the same time Joe Swanberg could only dream of creating scenes that resonate with me the way this does."
50 T5 Toute une nuit (1982) - Feb 23, 2015
"To be fair, this isn't Akerman's most tedious film, as minimalistic as it is (i didn't find it nearly as hard to get through as, say, News From Home by any means). It's more that ultimately i'm not left feeling like there was really a whole lot "there" there, and i'll probably completely forget about it fairly quickly."
86 T9 US Go Home (1994) - Feb 22, 2015
"Feels, not at all surprisingly, like the missing link between Assayas' Cold Water and Denis' own Nenette et Boni (in which Colin and Houri also play siblings, and which in many ways feels like a direct expansion of this film). Stylistically, Denis hasn't fully found her mature, increasingly elliptical and visually poetic sensibility quite yet, and this feels closer to Chocolat with it's functional, muted minimalism than much of the work that came later. Still obviously great filmmaking though."
42 T5 Hawaiian Punch (2013) - Feb 21, 2015
"As someone who spent most of the first 25-odd years of his life in Hawaii, the proposition of a post-mumblecore minimalist experimental film set near where i lived for a number of those years really can't help but be intriguing at the very least. That said, unfortunately the execution of this leaves something to be desired, largely due to forays into empty, pretentious formalism (long scenes of dialogue over black screen as well as complimentary long stretches of silent footage etc.) "
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