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Location: portland, oregon, USA
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41 T5 Your Sister's Sister (2012) - Sep 30, 2014
"Not a terrible film by any real stretch, but not exactly a very good one either. However, if you replaced Rosemarie DeWitt and Emily Blunt with Catherine Keener and Emily Mortimer, respectively, this could undoubtedly pass for a Nicole Holofcener film, for better or for worse. Either way, Rachel Weisz definitely made the right choice passing this up for The Deep Blue Sea, however infinitely more believable her and Blunt would have probably been as sisters..."
62 T7 Brysomme mannen, Den (2006) - Sep 30, 2014
"I sort of thought i was going to completely love this, and as it is it has a lot of aspects that are definitely right up my alley, but as absurdist dystopian comedies go, i could have probably used a little more absurdist comedy and a little less heavy-handed dystopian allegory. I get the feeling that there's a satirical aspect playing on the austerity of Scandinavian culture that doesn't really resonate with me enough to be truly affective. It definitely has it's moments though. "
64 T7 The Color Wheel (2011) - Sep 30, 2014
"I didn't find this to be nearly as revelatory as everyone else seems to think it is, but it's still a pretty good take on the cringe-ier side of mumblecore (cringecore?). It's kind of interesting that The Comedy, Tiny Furniture, Orphans, and You Won't Miss Me all prominently came to mind while watching this, and it turns out various people involved in all those films acted in it (also it turns out Bob Byington is a better actor than a director). "
18 T2 Neighbors (1981) - Sep 29, 2014
"I remember watching this as a kid and being very confused, so i thought that a rewatch might reveal some subtly subversive comedic gem. Sadly no, this is really just an inept, incredibly misdirected film with maybe the worst soundtrack ever. It is a bit "weird" in some sense, but more because of how misguided it is than the humor, which is maybe only "subversive" in very tame and silly way if that (and not really at all funny on any level i could find). So yeah, my reaction as a kid was right."
68 T7 Eating Raoul (1982) - Sep 29, 2014
"Maybe just a little bit too over-the-top silly and campy to be really great, but i did quite like it. Aesthetically it's well done, and while obviously broadly satirical it feels essentially amiable and good-natured more than overly cynical. Like i said, some of the humor is just a bit too cartoonish and juvenile, and in some aspects it's pretty badly dated with all the stuff about swingers, but still in a lot of ways it's not at all unlike if a young Pedro Almodovar made a film in English."
85 T9 Rapado (1992) - Sep 28, 2014
"Wonderfully done, low-key and minimalistic (sort of) coming-of-age type film, not really sensationalistic enough to qualify as "glue sniffing genre" despite it's South American setting, basically think Rebels of the Neon God or Unknown Pleasures directed by Kaurismaki or Jarmusch. In other words great, although maybe a bit on the 'too simple for it's own good' side of things. On the other hand, it really makes me not want to rewatch any Larry Clark movies because i'm sure they'll seem terrible."
67 T7 White Bird in a Blizzard (2014) - Sep 27, 2014
"Gregg Araki sure Arakis the shit out of this (you'll know it's his when Cocteau Twins starts playing less than two minutes in), and at it's best the film conveys a dreamy, nostalgic 1980s adolescence as beautifully as only he could (well, him and M83 i guess). The Eva Green missing mom stuff, on the other hand, feels less distinctively his own and the film sort of loses it's spark when it focuses on the story. But at it's best, it's a worthy return to his "serious" Mysterious Skin territory."
40 T4 Maps to the Stars (2014) - Sep 27, 2014
""The world will know we have done crimes" (rolls eyes). In which Coronenberg goes from a brilliant DeLillo adaptation to a smugly nihilistic yet indulgently self-flagellating Bret Easton Ellis knockoff bit of nastiness. There are some good performances (namely Wasikowska, who continues to impress me) as well as some terrible ones, and some typically Cronenberg-ian touches of violence and bodily ickiness, but mostly it feels awfully pretentious and even rather tired with it's meta-"trashiness". "
55 T6 Wake in Fright (1971) - Sep 26, 2014
"Wait a minute, this isn't the sequel to Kangaroo Jack..."
53 T6 Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Sep 26, 2014
"My favorite Russell film, however hokey it might be (and it is), mostly because of it's genuine affection for it's almost-characters despite their basic one-dimensionality (unlike the nearly inherent condescension of American Hustle). Sure it shamelessly advertises it's intent to be 'The Graduate for a Medicated Generation' or some such shit from the opening seconds, but keep in mind Zach Braff tried to do the same thing a decade ago and we all know how that turned out..."