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Cinema Addict - 1980 Films Ranked
Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
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56 T6 Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993) - Apr 23, 2014
"Jake wonders what the hell he's doing with his life as he watches a relatively pleasant if unremarkable movie about people wondering what the hell they're doing with their lives... the '90s were sort of a weird time for romantic comedies."
66 T7 Sleep with Me (1994) - Apr 22, 2014
"About as uneven as you could expect a movie written by six different screenwriters to be, but that said this was actually surprisingly a lot better than i expected, all things considered, even if it is basically "the 90s movie" to end all quintessentially '90s movies (replete with Quentin Tarantino cameo, which is actually pretty funny). It doesn't hurt that you've got pretty much the perfect '90s cast with Eric Stoltz, Parker Posey, and even Adrienne Shelly shows up for a minute which is great."
75 T8 Down by Law (1986) - Apr 21, 2014
"Roberto Benigni is pretty irritating most of the time, but this is still definitely one of Jarmusch's best."
39 T4 Feelings (1984) - Apr 20, 2014
"Solondz is such a smug asshole, but i'd probably be his best friend if we went to film school together..."
86 T9 The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Apr 20, 2014
"On second thought (and a crucial re-watch of Royal Tenenbaums), I have to admit that this film doesn't quite reach the aching pathos Anderson achieved in that film and Rushmore, largely due to the incessant plottiness compared to those earlier works. That said, this is still Anderson's greatest aesthetic achievement to date and his most visually impressive film. In a lot of ways it's almost like a live-action, more adult Fantastic Mr. Fox."
47 T5 A Hard Day's Night (1964) - Apr 19, 2014
"I don't really care much about The Beatles, i mostly just watched it because it's one of Hal Hartley's favorites and, he claims, biggest influences. Which i can sort of see from the surprisingly snappy and droll, ironic screwball-like dialogue and faux-Nouvelle Vague cinematography. That said, some of the humor is very silly and dumb (everything with the grandpa is pretty terrible), and cinematically there's nothing here Godard wasn't doing better at the time. "
87 T9 Under the Skin (2014) - Apr 18, 2014
"Remember when Beyond the Black Rainbow tried to be the ultimate mindfuck hybrid of Kubrick and Cronenberg but ended up falling short? This is the movie we all hoped that would be, plus much more. Actually, at it's best (which is often) it's far closer to Sombre or Morvern Callar, so much so that the more overtly Kubrick-ian sci-fi bits feel almost superfluous (although they are often visually pretty "cool"). Johannson is nothing short of a revelation here, between this and Her this is her year."
21 T3 Chapter 27 (2007) - Apr 14, 2014
"Why did i watch this you ask? Because i wanted to see more Jared Leto trainwrecks of course. Did i get what i asked for? For better or worse, absolutely. Having Lindsay Lohan around almost ensures a certain degree of cringe-y watchability/unwatchability (playing a character named Jude no less. Yes, as in "Hey Jude". Does this phrase get spoken in the movie just in case you missed the reference? Damn right it does. Repeatedly. Because, you know, it's a Beatles song... not written by John Lennon)."
39 T4 Mr. Nobody (2009) - Apr 13, 2014
"So this is like what happens when the guy who used to sell me weed in high school watched some Kieslowski movies (or maybe just Run Lola Run?), dropped acid, wrote a screenplay and somehow got a few million dollars plus Jared Leto to make it? Sometimes it's so batshit insane that it's almost beautiful, and never less than entertaining, so there's that... (but seriously needed more of the Asian girl please)"
52 T6 Sleeping Beauty (2011) - Apr 12, 2014
"I feel bad being too critical of this, since Leigh clearly has the best of intentions and is aiming pretty high. That said, i'm not sure she has quite found a means of expressing her vision without resorting to some fairly clunky and obtuse art house pretensions. The Jane Campion production credit makes a lot of sense, as they share a lot of idiosyncrasies (and penchant for awkward symbolism), but unfortunately this lacks the brilliant singularity of a film like Sweetie."