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72 T8 La maison Nucingen (2008) - Nov 25, 2014
"Don't worry, it make sense. People fall asleep easily here."
35 T4 Blondes in the Jungle (2009) - Nov 24, 2014
"Admittedly pretty creative and amusing, albeit it sort of silly, but ultimately amateurish and too long even at just 48 minutes. I half expected them to run into Tyrone from Impolex walking through the jungle (they'd probably make a good double feature of sorts)."
73 T8 Pennies from Heaven (1981) - Nov 24, 2014
"While i have certain reservations about this (Steve Martin is sort of goofily miscast, it seems kind of insane to cast Bernadette Peters in a movie where she lipsyncs...) i have to say, fundamentally it succeeds by understanding exactly the things that Woody Allen failed to in Purple Rose of Cairo, even if it is sort of mean-spirited as a result. It may essentially be a musical for people who cynically hate musicals, but it's also (unintentionally?) a great critique of patriarchal capitalism."
86 T9 Ce jour-là (2003) - Nov 23, 2014
"Well at the very least this sort of answers the question of what an episode of Twin Peaks might have been like with Ruiz directing. The answer, of course, is 'pretty great'."
77 T8 Slaves of New York (1989) - Nov 22, 2014
"(Rewatch) It's really anyone's guess as to what the fuck James Ivory thought he was doing with this, but from today's perspective it really does weirdly come across almost like if Pedro Almodovar had directed Frances Ha (or at the very least like a less completely misanthropic Fear, Anxiety & Depression). It's funny that in his scathing 1/2 star review Roger Ebert kind of perfectly describes the things i actually really like about it and why it's even weirdly presciently proto-mumblecoreish."
52 T6 Under the Roofs of Paris (1930) - Nov 22, 2014
"Perhaps appropriately, my favorite Clair film that i've seen is essentially 'a silent film with sound', relieving him of the obligation of nuanced characterization and allowing his poetic realistic visual sensibility to take precedent over plot. While still far less sophisticated than Murneau, Borzage, or von Sternberg at their best for example, Clair at least feels comfortable in this context."
47 T5 Le Million (1931) - Nov 22, 2014
"Not to be redundant, but again while i find Clair's unabashed Leftism admirable, it's ultimately so dogmatic, and the story and characters so simplistic and one-dimensional that the whole thing, while sort of endearing, feels antiquated compared to the wit and sophistication of Ernst Lubitsch films or even just Hollywood screwball comedies of the time. It's as if Clair never fully adjusted to talkies, and remained as broad as silent films required, yet much less poetic than the best of that era."
46 T5 Freedom for Us (1931) - Nov 19, 2014
"I was sort of falling asleep while watching this, so i sort of lost track of the plot along the way, but from what i could follow this was proudly leftist, felt vaguely proto-Kaurismaki-ish, and was maybe the original proto-Apatow bromance comedy all at the same time? I approve, but i guess i was also expecting more of an actual musical?"
58 T6 The Rules of the Game (1939) - Nov 19, 2014
"I feel sort of bad for not rating this higher, because i can clearly see how groundbreaking and innovative it was, both aesthetically an otherwise (and in truth admittedly as such it has aged surprisingly well, or should i say surprisingly little?) what with it's tonal shifts between outright farce and a remarkable degree of naturalism. Yet i have to admit it simply doesn't move me the way, say, most Lubitsch comedies do, perhaps because i personally prefer his more overtly scripted witticisms?"
36 T4 The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) - Nov 18, 2014
"Superficially clever and somewhat entertaining, but the effectiveness of the central conceit ultimately suffers from the overall pervasive (intentional?) flatness of the "real" world Allen creates for Daniels' "fictional" character to escape into, a world just as cliched and one-dimensionally stereotyped as any 1930s comedy (and a lot less funny and clever than one at that). Also could Daniels be any less convincing as a '30s comedic actor?"
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