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71 T8 Lourdes (2009) - Sep 02, 2015
"In many ways your usual clinical Euro-arthouse fare in the Haneke/Dumont mode, but well done for what it is. It helps that i would probably be happy just to watch Sylvie Testud look at stuff for an entire movie, and having Elina Lowensohn around never hurt either. The film manages to strike an interesting, pointedly neutral tonal balance, avoiding the easy, cynical condescension of Seidl at his worst (see Jesus, You Know) while also never really delving into Bressonian spirituality either."
68 T7 Clouds of Sils Maria (2014) - Sep 01, 2015
"Smaller scale and on the surface at least simpler than Assayas' last few films, but at the same time his most complexly meta and intertextual. I can't say that it's one of my favorites (the odd stilted quality his English language dialogue tends to have really gets the better of him here at times) but it's a nice companion piece to Irma Vep at least, and even better a much-needed corrective to Birdman (smart yet pro-populist where that film was dull and pretentious at the same time)."
60 T6 The Merry Widow (1934) - Aug 29, 2015
"The plot gets a bit unnecessarily convoluted toward the end, and overall it feels sort of like a retread of The Love Parade, but it has some great clever lines and it might be Lubitsch's most opulent, visually impressive work at least, even if it also somewhat lacks that certain cynical, subversive edge that defines his best films. Chevalier gets more grating here than usual, but as always Edward Everett Horton makes up for it."
55 T6 Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) - Aug 28, 2015
"Well, this more or less lives up to its reputation as the Ultimate Feel-Bad Experience, i'll give it that much. Yet despite the not undeserved acclaim, i can't really bring myself to consider it one of my favorites of Fassbinder's, less because of any single substantial flaw than because 16 hours is just a hell of a lot of Fassbinder to take, and is almost inevitably a bit uneven despite the talent involved, and i'd be lying if it didn't seriously drag at times (on top of being a huge drag)."
43 T5 The Niklashausen Journey (1970) - Aug 19, 2015
"Go home Rainer, you're stoned..."
73 T8 Martha (1974) - Aug 11, 2015
"One of Fassbinder's most visually stunning films, if also a bit one-dimensional (not that conventional psychological realism was ever really Fassbinder's thing to begin with) albeit unnervingly effective enough to counteract the simplicity of the characterization. Works as both a comedy and a horror film, as well as both an example of and, in my opinion at least, convincing argument against Fassbinder's alleged misogyny (of course a less morally divisive filmmaker would be far less interesting)."
86 T9 Satan's Brew (1976) - Aug 10, 2015
"Sort of Fassbinder does screwball, which is about as insane and great as it sounds, although the sheer nonstop over-the-top franticness is so relentless it threatens to become shrill and overbearing (which i guess is kind of the point). Aesthetically, he's at the top of his game (showcasing Ballhaus' cinematography at it's most outlandishly baroque) and overall it's one of his best films, simultaneously kind of hilarious and one of his most damning (if cynical) critiques of human cruelty."
67 T7 Pioneers in Ingolstadt (1971) - Aug 09, 2015
"Somewhat underrated if inessential Fassbinder, although i can sort of understand why it gets overlooked. It's a bit rough around the edges (it was a quickly-made television production after all) if not completely without the director's usual formal charms from this period, and thematically it covers a lot of the same ground as other, similar Fassbinder films. At best it's like a sort of cut-rate companion piece to Katzelmacher, which is to say it's still pretty good by normal standards."
68 T7 Passion (1982) - Aug 07, 2015
"(Rewatch) Kind of scattershot and hard to follow, even for late-period Godard, and not his best from this era, even if otherwise it has all the elements i love (except maybe lacking in seagull cries?). Somehow simultaneously even more dense but also strangely diffuse than usual, more a collection of cool little moments than anything even vaguely resembling a coherent whole, although i suppose this could be said about almost all his work from this period. "
66 T7 In Praise of Love (2001) - Aug 07, 2015
"(Rewatch) Not a major work, but probably Godard's most relaxed, elegiac and effortlessly poetic film, kind of an outlier in his filmography (although the closest comparison might be Slow Motion?). Nice to see again, it probably helps that i know who Simone Weil is now. 'Every thought should recall the debris of a smile.'"