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Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
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53 T6 The Band Wagon (1953) - Jul 30, 2014
"If the Girl Hunt ballet sequence was the entire movie i would probably rate this a lot higher, but even then that sequence is basically a warm-up for the Broadway Melody sequence from Singin' in the Rain (one could argue that the entire film is more or less a warm-up for the latter). Minnelli seems great at small sequences like this, but sort of inept at directing an entire coherent film."
48 T5 Fellini's Casanova (1976) - Jul 28, 2014
"I can definitely see why this is one of Peter Greenaway's favorite movies. That is to say, it's incredibly stylized and artificial and sort of mean-spirited (although to be fair, Giacomo Casanova isn't a very sympathetic character to begin with). Except whereas Greenaway seems merely cynical about sex, Fellini just seems to think that sex is very silly (cue that stupid circus-y music during every sex scene, ugh). I'll forever associate Rota's score with Almereyda's Another Girl Another Planet..."
99 T10 Arizona Dream (1993) - Jul 25, 2014
"Where has this been my whole life? Maybe not quite my favorite movie, but without question my favorite kind of movie. Plus, Johnny Depp actually seems cool in this (quite an accomplishment in and of itself), Lili Taylor seems not just likable but absolutely lovely and beautiful and amazing (ditto, accomplishment-wise), and well Vincent Gallo... dare i say his best role? The scene at the car dealership is absolutely one of the greatest things ever."
53 T6 I Used to Be Darker (2013) - Jul 25, 2014
"So is Lifetime Network Minimalism a thing?"
90 T9 Corps à coeur (1979) - Jul 24, 2014
"Seriously why isn't this Vecchiali guy more well known? This is lot more tonally consistent and less relentlessly theatrical than Femmes Femmes and therefor all-around easier to watch, and pretty much just amazing. The last half hour may be a bit muddled, but as a whole it's one of the best critiques of male romantic egotism ever, stylistically somewhere between Rohmer and '80s Godard. "
40 T4 Sexy Beast (2001) - Jul 23, 2014
"(Rewatch) Well this isn't nearly as bad as i remember it, but it's still easily Glazer's least accomplished film, mostly because he hasn't seemed to have grown out his music video/advertisement tendencies. The film is stylish, but not in the way his later films are (there's only the barest trace of the Kubrick fixation here). Instead what you have is basically an artier Guy Ritchie movie. Kingsley's part is pretty impressive and entertaining enough, but the whole heist bit is pretty useless."
69 T7 Bad Education (2004) - Jul 23, 2014
"Probably Almodovar's most narratively complex and certainly darkest and most serious film. Unfortunately "dark" and "serious" aren't necessarily what i love about Almodovar, so i miss a lot of the campy humor from his earlier films. That said, it's still beautifully shot as always, and the nesting doll-like nonlinear narrative is almost Egoyan-esque in it's density. It's also intertextual enough to show Almodovar's postmodern side, as well as being a good showcase for his love of melodrama."
41 T5 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) - Jul 22, 2014
"I basically only watched this to see if Burton could completely ruin Sondheim's genius with his usual cartoon-y pseudo-goth bullshit. The answer is, of course, pretty much, yes. That said, the source material still pretty guarantees that this is the best Burton movie (not exactly saying much), and a surprisingly violent one, even if he seems to forget that it's kind of supposed to be a comedy half of the time. I can only dream of what someone like Peter Greenaway could do with this..."
64 T7 Birth (2004) - Jul 22, 2014
"Jonathan Glazer really wants to be Kubrick, doesn't he? I do have to admit, after seeing this the arthouse aesthetics of Under the Skin are a lot less surprising, as the stylistic template was pretty much laid out here, albeit in a much less fully-realized form. The icy detachment that worked so perfectly in the latter film feels more arbitrary here, and well, cold (not unlike how i feel about Kubrick, actually). It actually not unlike a companion piece to Todd Hayne's Safe as much as anything."
31 T4 Streeters (2001) - Jul 19, 2014
"Pointless glue-sniffing miserablism with obligatory oversaturated handheld cinematography, so yeah, of course i liked this when i was younger. Even then, i don't think this ever left that much of an impression on me, even if i do rather unfortunately own the dvd."
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