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Member Since: Jun 13, 2008
Location: portland, oregon, USA
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79 T8 Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses (1994) - Sep 17, 2014
"Completely ridiculous, but also maybe funnier and somehow even more deadpan than the first film. The scene where they read alternate quotes from the Bible and Marx feels like both an affectionate parody of Godard and a beautiful encapsulation of 90% of what he does."
13 T2 Novocaine (2001) - Sep 15, 2014
"Well, at least now i know whoever was responsible for the inexplicable, singular brilliance of Arizona Dream, it sure as fuck wasn't David Atkins. The Mellow song during the end credits was easily the best thing about this."
51 T6 Company: Original Cast Album (1970) - Sep 14, 2014
"Inessential but mildly diverting documentary, you get to watch Sondheim smoke a lot of cigarettes."
55 T6 Out of the Furnace (2013) - Sep 13, 2014
"Intensely blue and orange piece of miserablist Americana. It feels a bit self-important about it's own musings on Masculinity and Violence, but fortunately Casey Affleck and Christian Bale are at their very best here and hold the entire thing together. Still, I could have done without the fucking Pearl Jam song..."
40 T4 David Holzman's Diary (1967) - Sep 13, 2014
"At the time this probably seemed very innovative, but now comes across as sort of tedious and pretentious (not unlike similar verite documentary/fiction experiments of the time like Symbiopsychotaxiplasm). The faux-documentary aspect, while lending an intriguingly self-reflexivity to the project, also negates most of what otherwise might seem genuinely interesting about it. The concept is on some level quite prophetic, but at the same time feels kind of dated. "
98 T10 Teenage (2013) - Sep 13, 2014
"Although this feels as inevitably abridged as any 80 minute film based on a 600 page book would be, it still manages to feel as compelling and wide-ranging as any film with such an incredible scope should hope to be. Essentially a brief history of the first half of the twentieth century through the eyes of youth, and every bit as staggering as that description suggests. Comparable to, and easily on par with the greatest achievements of Chris Marker and Adam Curtis, the greatest of essay films."
80 T8 Six by Sondheim (2013) - Sep 13, 2014
"As a typical biographical documentary this is aesthetically completely ordinary, but on the other hand this also has Jarvis Cocker singing 'I'm Still Here', i mean seriously..."
96 T10 The Wife (1995) - Sep 13, 2014
"And people think Bergman is great why exactly?"
79 T8 God Help the Girl (2014) - Sep 12, 2014
"This is a movie musical written and directed by the lead singer/songwriter of Belle and Sebastian, which is literally all the information anyone should need to know whether they're going to preemptively love this or hate it almost by default (and i suspect if you find yourself watching this to begin with you know which side you stand on). That said, this is everything you should expect from that description, for better or for worse. Also it has Cassie from Skins, because of course it does."
45 T5 The Telephone Book (1971) - Sep 11, 2014
"Sarah Kennedy might have one of the sexiest voices i've ever heard (which i guess means i either want to have sex with an asthmatic cartoon mouse or a 10-year-old girl, both possibilities which are a bit disconcerting). The film itself, unfortunately, is not nearly as clever or as naughty as it obviously wants to be, and essentially amounts to what a 12-year-old boy who reads too much Mad Magazine and has at least heard of Godard might come up with (it's mostly dick and fart jokes, literally)."