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52 T6 Freedom for Us (1931) - Nov 19, 2014
"I was sort of falling asleep while watching this, so i sort of lost track of the plot along the way, but from what i could follow this was proudly leftist, felt vaguely proto-Kaurismaki-ish, and was maybe the original proto-Apatow bromance comedy all at the same time? I approve, but i guess i was also expecting more of an actual musical?"
58 T6 The Rules of the Game (1939) - Nov 19, 2014
"I feel sort of bad for not rating this higher, because i can clearly see how groundbreaking and innovative it was, both aesthetically an otherwise (and in truth admittedly as such it has aged surprisingly well, or should i say surprisingly little?) what with it's tonal shifts between outright farce and a remarkable degree of naturalism. Yet i have to admit it simply doesn't move me the way, say, most Lubitsch comedies do, perhaps because i personally prefer his more overtly scripted witticisms?"
36 T4 The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) - Nov 18, 2014
"Superficially clever and somewhat entertaining, but the effectiveness of the central conceit ultimately suffers from the overall pervasive (intentional?) flatness of the "real" world Allen creates for Daniels' "fictional" character to escape into, a world just as cliched and one-dimensionally stereotyped as any 1930s comedy (and a lot less funny and clever than one at that). Also could Daniels be any less convincing as a '30s comedic actor?"
76 T8 Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt (2010) - Nov 18, 2014
"As a documentary this is pretty ordinary and conventional, but for some reason i've found myself watching it like three times so i should probably give it some credit for that at least..."
72 T8 Pulp (2014) - Nov 18, 2014
"Admittedly i'm sort of biased since i'm a Pulp fan, but once the obligatory concert footage is out of the way this doubles as a pretty good portrait of working class life in Sheffield (stylistically putting it somewhere between kindred spirits Saint Etienne's essay experiment Finisterre and LCD Soundsystem's Shut Up and Play the Hits). These days i care less about Jarvis' schtick and more about what drives him as an artist, so a more revealing look at that would have been nice, but oh well..."
31 T4 Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) - Nov 17, 2014
"Guys, seriously shut the fuck up about the fucking leads already. "
96 T10 Combat d'amour en songe (2000) - Nov 17, 2014
"Possibly Ruiz's most coherently incoherent film (so to speak), filled as it is with overarching formal concepts, dream logic, and his usual stories-within-stories, and as such might be his most brilliantly and quintessentially Ruiz-ian film, although it's neither as outright hilarious and almost inexplicably perfect as The Golden Boat nor as innately poignant and elegiac as Night Across the Street, yet it might also be his nicest looking (rivaling even City of Pirates) which also helps."
54 T6 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) - Nov 15, 2014
"When I first heard that title, I thought finally someone's going to tell the truth about the bourgeoisie. What a disappointment, it would be hard to imagine a less fair or accurate portrait."
52 T6 Comédie de l'innocence (2000) - Nov 14, 2014
"Generally acknowledged, it seems, to not be one of Ruiz's better achievements, this may very well be the least representative film of his that i've seen, although at the same time one can see how he'd be attracted to this somewhat odd material, and if you squint hard enough you can see a subdued variation of his trademark visual style (the mediocre dvd transfer does it no favors in this regard). If anything it's like Ruiz doing a parody of/homage to typically bourgeois "serious" French dramas."
23 T3 Too Many Cooks (2014) - Nov 13, 2014
"Wait, this gets to be on Criticker but Twin Peaks doesn't? That doesn't seem right. Also for anyone who gave this a 10, you should probably read "E Unibus Pluram" pronto. I think Chris Kelly just might have finally killed irony, as if Seth McFarlane hadn't already..."