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92 T10 The Color of Pomegranates (1969) - Feb 15, 2017
"A magnificent artwork of unparalleled visual and metaphorical invention, droll and deeply felt, evoking a spiritual peace in the matter of Tarkovsky. And every time you feel you've had enough, they come up with a new puppet house tableau that resolves itself like clockwork. Art posturing is its very texture, and it's a complete madness – most of all that they get away with it."
59 T6 Closely Watched Trains (1966) - Feb 15, 2017
60 T6 The Public Enemy (1931) - Feb 14, 2017
""I ain't so tough", says Cagney as he goes to his knees. And there's worse yet to come."
68 T7 Jackie (2016) - Feb 13, 2017
"I don't see a reason for its existence beyond an idol fetishization, but as a distant art object the grainy opulence, claustrophobic directing, tearful verging on camp performance all deserve notice."
69 T8 The Quiet Man (1952) - Feb 12, 2017
44 T3 Ashes and Diamonds (1958) - Feb 11, 2017
"Yes, that's exactly how art films were made by the maestros of that time - crowded rooms to show the circus of party politics, a dandy Resistance fighter with existential doubts, an amour fou for the poetry. Being bored by the narrative stasis of it all I looked at how the camera moved, at what was hidden and what was revealed, where the irony and the symbolism lay. Not that I really want to care about such pat things."
37 T3 La fille inconnue (2016) - Feb 09, 2017
42 T3 Talk Radio (1988) - Feb 06, 2017
"110 min of (self) hatred."
67 T7 Personal Shopper (2016) - Feb 04, 2017
70 T8 Moonlight (2016) - Feb 03, 2017
"A film about introspection, detachment, and the longing for release. Its reduced, elliptical style powerfully concentrates Chiron's personality and the reasons he's forced to change his exterior. Unfortunately all the redemption of the third act, drawn out of thin air, is unconvincing. It plays like a fantasy, and highlights Manchester by the Sea's daring to resist closure."