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55 T1 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009) - Apr 20, 2015
"Embraces the inherent insanity of the premise to scale a new series high. Even plays with our expectations and gets a little meta on us! Still, couldn't exactly recommend it in good conscience.."
69 T3 A Little Chaos (2015) - Apr 20, 2015
"I quite liked that this period drama offered an unusual spin on the genre's standard fare - the horticultural, garden-design theme gave this a more appealing point of entry than many other by-the-numbers romances. Ultimately, though, it doesn't really do anything new with the genre; Winslet is stunning, Tucci is funny, and a couple of strong sequences late in the film escalate tension impressively. But the majority becomes a pleasant watch, ultimately too tame to rate highly."
68 T3 Child 44 (2015) - Apr 20, 2015
"There are the bones of a solid thriller here, but the languid pacing prevents it from achieving its real potential. It never quite finds a way to make the Cold War elements completely mesh with the tense, creepy child-murder plot, and for every genuinely tense sequence there's something rather more anodyne just around the corner. Good in places."
50 T1 And Soon the Darkness (2010) - Apr 15, 2015
"The original And Soon the Darkness is a calm, restrained and compelling thriller that really escalates the tension nicely (and packs a marvellously joyful soundtrack that works well with the on-screen horrors). No classic, but I've watched it a few times over the years, and I'd happily watch it again tomorrow. This US remake, on the other hand, is tedious wank that has no concept of how to heighten dramatic stakes. Avoid."
66 T2 Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) - Apr 15, 2015
"I'm a staunch defender of the first Hot Tub Time Machine, but this unnecessary sequel leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Certainly funny at times, but some scenes drag on for too long, and others trade genuine wit for moral bankruptcy and expect sheer insanity to do the comedic legwork. Shame, but if you liked the first there's at least some value in here."
53 T1 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) - Apr 15, 2015
"Brainless, witless dreck. Not one joke lands. Kevin James is better than this (honest)."
84 T7 John Wick (2014) - Apr 15, 2015
"So efficiently and effectively choreographed that it's easy to forego any misgivings about how thoroughly it conforms to genre trappings. Exciting, intense, and spectacularly paced. The best thing Keanu's been involved with for a good while."
78 T5 Woman in Gold (2015) - Apr 15, 2015
"Philomena mk. II, but I found much to enjoy here anyway. A pleasant, warm blend of odd-couple comedy and courtroom thriller. Simon Curtis draws on the extremely compelling real-life material - a Jewish refugee takes on the Austrian government in a bid to retrieve familial artwork - to present a film sure to delight the audience it's targeting."
65 T2 Annie (1999) - Apr 15, 2015
"Too similar to the original to stick in the memory beyond the closing credits. The cast are all fine in their roles and the songs are still good fun, but there's nothing here that compares favourably to the original, or even the 2014 remake."
84 T7 The DUFF (2015) - Apr 08, 2015
"Doesn't quite transcend the cliches and trappings of the genre completely, but offers a funny, intelligent look at the world of high school seen through the eyes of strong, well-developed characters. Mae Whitman's Bianca is one of the most inherently likeable big-screen teens of recent years, complex and wryly funny character who carries the film marvellously. Great also to see Allison Janney supporting, and a frenetic unusual editing style that goes beyond iPhone texts being displayed on screen"