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[new] exclude users from my newsletter and RSS feed

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[new] exclude users from my newsletter and RSS feed

Postby livelove » Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:20 pm

I have 2 types of kumpels:

  1. single users (friends from real life and Criticker)
  2. meta users

  • On film page > ratings > just kumpel I want to see both groups.
  • In my eMail newsletter and kumpels RSS feed I obviously want to see only my real friends (1st group).
    (There obviously is not much point in receiving 1000 of RSS messages of newly rated films by the IMDb criticker account!)

I think many users encounter this very problem and I would be thankful for any solution.

I'm not sure what the best solution would be.
Off the top of my hat, I have only 2 ideas:

:idea: when adding kumpels, offer option to "exclude from newsletter and RSS feed"
:idea: let users add "kumpels" and "watched users". Only kumpels are included in the newsletter and RSS feed. And the ratings tab would be changed to "just kumpels and watched users".

I think the 1st idea is better and easier to implement.

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