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70 55% The Odessa File (1974) - Nov 21, 2019
"This is what I regard a subtle thriller film. Its ok as a mysterious, dialogue heavy story, the plot pace is alright. The story is quite sobering and sad and the fact that its apparently based on (if but loosely) some facts is certainly food for thought. Its a little bland in the middle but I thought the final scene was quite good, worth the wait. Overall I'd say this is worth a watch, yes."
80 82% From Here to Eternity (1953) - Nov 20, 2019
"As classics (i.e. black and white films pre-1960s), I quite like this one as it has a good cast (Burt Lancaster and Frank Sinatra), interesting characters and some intriguing scenarios. There's some quite witty dialogue ('if you carry on drinking, you'll be as much use as a melted candle' etc.) and I found it to be an enjoyable watch for the most part. I suppose the plot partly reminded me of the recent drama series 'Catch-20'. I'd recommend this film."
80 82% The Enforcer (1976) - Nov 20, 2019
"I quite enjoyed this film, with some decent chases, action sequences including explosions etc. and so on, plus Callaghan's disdain of finding himself lumbered with a, of all things, female partner(!). His catchphrase in this film appeared to be 'marvellous(!)' said in very much a sarcastic tone of voice, of course. Callaghan's legendary coolness is maintained and I respected his ability to point out others mistakes, no matter the response."
70 55% Stavisky... (1974) - Nov 18, 2019
"This is a nice piece of period drama. Its slow but the plot is intriguing. It certainly focuses on the more upper class sides of French society, including some pretty big names, primarily Trotsky. Its a throwback to the first half of the 1900s I suppose. There are some nice landscape shots and it kept my interesy for the most part. Its a little meandering but relatively easy watch I suppose, if you can manage the subtitles (its in French). Its a good piece of escapism I suppose."
80 82% Caché (2005) - Nov 18, 2019
"This film is quite a good mystery - its slow to build and thus a bit plodding but I liked that its not a regular sort of a film - certainly not a bog standard drama or action film, its very much a mystery and as the film continues, we learn about people who the couple know of and that may be involved. Its a bit like a jigsaw - we get glimpses of certain things at times but it never feels like everything is entirely coming together to explain every circumstance, perhaps frustratingly so for some."
70 55% Paterson (2016) - Nov 17, 2019
"This is very much an arty film - its like a love letter to poetry and its also very much centered on mundanity, on the local area of the titular character, Paterson, the issues found at his workplace and how certain events can have an effect on them. I liked the dog, Marvin - he's a cute English Bulldog who features in a few scenes. Oh and also, I liked when Paterson gives voice over/narrative reading out the poems in his mind, said lines appear on screen - some more thoughtful than others. Good"
80 82% The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) - Nov 17, 2019
"I liked this Western in terms of it showing the titular character getting on with the natives and that not all the characters were young and attractive, as I imagine must have been the case back in the days of 'wild west'. There are some good pieces of dialogue, some thoughtful. There is of course strong violence (some quite bloody) and some strong language. I thought this was a good film and so I'd recommend it."
80 82% Gifted (2017) - Nov 16, 2019
"I liked the actress playing Mary - the main character (McKenna Grace). She certainly seemed quite intelligent/inquisitive/assertive. The story was interesting. I empathised with Frank, who has his niece's welfare at heart. I've heard and seen enough stories about child prodigies to know it isn't always in the childs best interests to try to nurture extraordinary knowledge, to put it one way. I did find this to be a somewhat emotive film and thus an engrossing and decent watch overall. "
80 82% The Other Side of Hope (2017) - Nov 16, 2019
"I really enjoyed this. The characters are quirky and likeable, with interesting backgrounds and I found myself hoping for the best for the main character, Khaled. We learn about what he's left behind when he talks to people. There are many scenes in which little is said, by way of dialogue but its pretty clear what emotions are meant to be felt by the viewer. Its quite thoughtful - certainly the main theme being about immigration and somewhat about perserverance. I recommend this film."
70 55% Animal Kingdom (2010) - Nov 16, 2019
"This is a gritty and bleak Australian crime drama. It features strong drug use and its very much about family dynamics, dysfunctional family dynamics, obviously. I thought the background music was quite well used to add to the bleak tone of the film and the fragility of the characters, without being overdone. The most memorable character, I felt, was Janine Cody, played by Jacki Weaver. This is worth a watch,though its not the kind of film I'd think about for too long as such but its still good."