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47 T5 Louder Than Bombs (2015) - Oct 21, 2016
"I'm honestly not sure whether this is really a steep decline from Trier's previous work, or I've just completely outgrown this type of overly earnest, affectedly adolescent navel-gazing nonsense. Probably a little of both. I guess it probably doesn't help that he's working in English for the first time either. Eisenberg and Huppert are fine of course, although underutilized. It's not a particularly bad film by any means, but hardly as "meaningful" as Trier seems to think it is."
35 T4 This Sporting Life (1963) - Oct 20, 2016
64 T7 Molière (1978) - Oct 18, 2016
"Comparable to Rossellini's history films (not only because Descartes and Louis XIV both makes appearances here), although a bit livelier and less dryly didactic. It moves fairly quickly for a film that's four hours long, although I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it started to feel it's length going into the third hour. If I didn't know, I would have never guessed that this inspired Hal Hartley when he wrote The Unbelievable Truth, there's really no similarity to Hartley's style unfortunately."
60 T6 Le soupirant (1962) - Oct 14, 2016
62 T7 Kes (1969) - Oct 13, 2016
41 T5 Still Walking (2008) - Oct 13, 2016
93 T10 ¡Que Viva Mexico! (1932) - Oct 11, 2016
65 T7 Ludwig 1881 (1993) - Oct 11, 2016
98 T10 Sleepwalk (1986) - Oct 09, 2016
"Probably the best movie i've seen all year. Jarmusch ain't got nothing on this."