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62 T7 Stage Door (1937) - Sep 28, 2016
"I'd like this a lot more if the last twenty minutes didn't take a completely jarring and unexpectedly maudlin turn that clashes distractingly with the whip-smart, rapid-fire banter that preceded it. The shift in mood just doesn't work at all and leaves the firecracker wit feeling more like a wet fuse. Still, the good parts are pretty great (basically everything that takes place in the girls' boarding house), and Hepburn and Rogers have never been better."
87 T9 Une chambre en ville (1982) - Sep 27, 2016
"One of Demy's less heralded works, this almost feels like the redheaded step-sibling of his more widely acclaimed masterpieces The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young GIrls of Rochefort. Fortunately for me, I happen to like redheads, and the fact that this film is a bit scruffier and rougher around the edges than it's sisters makes it all the more endearing. Although Michel Legrand's music is sorely missed, this is still very much a Demy film in every sense."
81 T9 The Boyfriend (1971) - Sep 26, 2016
"Ken Russell doing Busby Berkley is pretty much exactly the gaudy, garish, phantasmagorical fever dream/nightmare that you would expect from one idiosyncratic camp iconoclast paying tribute to another. Truth be told, almost two and a half hours of such relentless over-the-top kitschy spectacle does threaten to get a bit exhausting, but it's also downright impressive just how much Russell manages to keep the momentum going for that long."
77 T8 A Brighter Summer Day (1991) - Sep 22, 2016
"There's probably no way that this was ever going into live up to it's near-mythic reputation, but it's still very good. If it does feel slightly disappointing, its only because of how exalted it's been in cinephile circles over the years. I do have to wonder if it's scarcity did feed into it's reputation, because while it's definitely pretty great, I'm not sure it's length is entire justified (although it certainly doesn't feel particularly slow), at least compared to Yi Yi."
63 T7 A Room with a View (1985) - Sep 19, 2016
"Daniel Day-Lewis in this is pretty much my hero."
25 T3 Mountains May Depart (2015) - Sep 17, 2016
"I like Pet Shop Boys as much as the next guy, but this sure was a clunky, tone-deaf mess."
34 T4 Arabian Nights: Volume 1 - The Restless One (2015) - Sep 17, 2016
"If it could have somehow been edited down to only The Men with Hard-Ons and The Tears of the Judge (and maybe with Scheherazade thrown in just to stretch it to feature length and to strengthen the otherwise tenuous thematic conceit), this would probably be my favorite thing that Gomes has done. But as it stands at six hours, it's a bloated, excessive endurance test of uneven artistic and political pretensions. I sort of admire the audacity, but it's also tedious and exhausting."
68 T7 Viola (2012) - Sep 15, 2016
"Another Pineiro film, yet again as beguiling as it is inscrutable. This one might be the "simplest" and easiest to watch, only being an hour long probably helps (if anything, i actually wish it had been longer). The Rivette influence feels more pronounced than usual as well, maybe. Like other Pineiro films, nothing about it feels particularly "major", but at the same time again i find myself feeling like American indie filmmakers could do well to take some cues from what he's doing."