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82 T9 Isle of Dogs (2018) - Feb 16, 2018
"Funny and quirky, with an emotional basis. Wes Anderson's second animated movie is even more silly than Fantastic Mr. Fox but has enough heart and a great cast to be a good movie all around. The dogs staring into the camera dramaticly cracked me up every time."
80 T8 River's Edge (2018) - Feb 16, 2018
"An intimate look into the minds of several japanese highschoolers. With good performances all around, the movie ask the question of what being alive means for the individual in times of social harmony. The movie has just the right amount of asian insanity and lots of interesting characters, each adding to the mesage of the movie."
78 T8 Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014) - Feb 15, 2018
"A very emotional journey of woman to find hidden treasurenin the cold of Minnesota. Kikuchi plays the lonely Kumiko with great intensity. Minnesotas icy landscape underlines Kumiko's emotional state very well. A sad tale that is sometimes incredibly funny and heartwarming."
78 T8 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Feb 13, 2018
"Probably a better Making-of of The Room than the official Making-of. Dave and James Franco are fantastic as the oddest friendship in recent memory, Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. The Disaster Artist tackles its subject with enough respect to be truely moving at times while not shying away from the more unpleasant parts of the story. All around a very entertaining and funny movie. I almost died laughing during the scene where they shoot the "Oh hi, Mark" sequence of The Room."
82 T9 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) - Feb 13, 2018
"Incredibly cool visuals surround this quite movie about finding love and escaping your dull hometown. Good performances and the fluffiest movie cat in a long time make this movie really worthwhile. Also, all vampires should skateboard more often."
43 T2 The Room (2003) - Feb 13, 2018
"Is The Room actually a bad movie? Yes, but it's an interesting one. You have to respect Tommy Wiseau for actually going through with his plan to make his own goddamn movie despite what everybody else says about it. Yes, the script is terrible, the actors range from not good to incredibly bad with Tommy himself somehow being even worse than everybody else. Watching this movie by yourself probably is an absolute nightmare. Watching it with friends is a great pleasure. Oh hi, Mark."
71 T5 Last Action Hero (1993) - Feb 04, 2018
"Arnold making fun of Arnold with one-liners and dumb gags up to eleven. But Arnold's performance makes the movie kind of charming. If only the meta ending wouldn't be mostly bad and the kid not such a smartass, this would be a perfect no brainer."
73 T6 Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Feb 04, 2018
"Surprisingly funny at times, even though the premise is super ridiculous. But Arnold perfectly overacts and is super charming while doing so. For some reason I found none of the children annoying. And now we're going to play a fun game called: What's your favorite Schwarzenegger comedy and why is it this one?"
63 T4 Love (2011) - Feb 03, 2018
"Low budget Sci-Fi that aims to be among big names like "2001" and "Moon" but never quite gets there. Some nice ideas, but they ultimately lead nowhere. Uses some clever shots to make up for its missing budget."
82 T9 Phoenix (2014) - Feb 03, 2018
"Great performance by Nina Hoss, as a Jewish woman returning from a concentration camp after WWII. A story about forgiveness and the wish to return to a normal life after heavy trauma. The movie looks great and is nicely shot as well as acted."