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85 T10 Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 12, 2017
"Vastly entertaining and cleverly cut. I have always dreamed of a movie that uses the soundtrack like this one does. Good characters, but the female ones do not have an agenda of their own."
58 T3 Gangster Squad (2013) - Jul 09, 2017
"Despite the great cast the movie fails to deliver a coherent movie. It wants to be funny, emotional, meaningful and exciting all at the same time, but achieves none of the above. Whatever Sean Penn was trying to do in this movie did not work for me at all."
73 T6 The House (2017) - Jul 05, 2017
"Ridiculously stupid. Starts really slow with more bad jokes than good jokes. But... once the movie goes totally off the rails with its nonsense and you kinda get in the mood for some, again, ridiculous stupidity, then you can have a good time with this movie. YES, I laughed really hard a couple of times... SUE ME! "
75 T7 Ava (2017) - Jul 03, 2017
"A girl going blind spends her last vacation while being able to see trying to live a little. Nicely shot and and well performed by the lead actress. You might wonder whats up with the thirteen year old being nude all the time but thats probably just how french movies are."
48 T2 Triumph des Willens (1935) - Jul 03, 2017
"Remarkable cinematography. Some of the wide shots of soldiers marching in formation are really impressive. But aside from that rather boring since its basically just Hitler, marching soldiers and speeches about Hitler, marching soldiers and how great Germany is. Get some knowledge about what happend historically before watching it."
83 T9 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jul 03, 2017
"A well done superhero movie with a good female lead that suffers a bit too much from the typical superhero movie formula towards the end. The Gal Gadot/Chris Pine duo works well as a hero/sidekick team. Overall very enjoyable and to no ones surprise the best DCEU movie to date. "
80 T9 The Beguiled (2017) - Jun 29, 2017
"A period piece that is spendidly acted as well as gracefully shot with several women tempted by the presence of Colin Farrel (who wouldn't be?). The strong tension between the women and Farrel himself is flavoured by just the right amount of humor to entertain you throughout."
70 T5 The Mummy (2017) - Jun 29, 2017
"Starts as an entertaining adventure ride but almost comes to a complete stop, when the Dark Universe worldbuilding begins. The ending is downright terrible. Sophia Boutella delivers a kickass performance while Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise."
76 T7 Hounds of Love (2016) - Jun 29, 2017
"A horrific tale that keeps its intensity throughout the movie despite the predictable ending. Both lead actresses deliver impactful performances."
74 T6 Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Jun 25, 2017
"I liked that this movie was not just a Kirk and Spock flick like the first two but more of an ensemble movie. Therefore the cast can actually try to act as a team and the story is less centered around just two characters. Also, more movies need the Beastie Boys as a relevant plot element."