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78 T8 Amiko (2018) - Apr 09, 2018
"Good debut by people who have never done a movie before. Smart interactions that portrait first love that is very one-sided. With minimal crew and budget the movie comments on Japanese dating while being clever and funny enough to entertain you throughout its one hour runtime."
68 T5 The Time of Humans (2018) - Apr 09, 2018
"Kim Ki-duk's story about how nature interacts with human atrocities is as misanthropic as it gets. The director shows that he has no love for humans. Nature is a silent observer to all the terrible things that humans do to one another, never taking action, always just passively judging. The movie does get very uncomfortable early on and keeps going until the cycle is over and begins again. Interesting, if you can stomach what is happening on screen."
73 T6 Las herederas (2018) - Apr 09, 2018
"The movie takes place in a very isolated world of older women in Paraguay which is something not usually seen in movies. Ana Brun delivers a very good performance of a woman trapped in her own social status trying to live again."
80 T8 Don't Breathe (2016) - Apr 09, 2018
"Clever home invasion slasher that turns the scenario on its head very soon. The main actors act in smart ways and avert most cliché horror tropes. While still being tense and entertaining, the movie could have ended a bit faster. Really fun though."
79 T8 Escape from Tomorrow (2013) - Apr 09, 2018
"A slightly lynchian fever dream at the worlds biggest happy place. Goes from "Hey, where is this going?" to "What the actual fuck?" pretty quickly while staying endearing throughout. The black & white visuals mix very well with all the stolen shots from the Disneyworld grounds. Good surreal indie horror."
77 T7 Tomb Raider (2018) - Apr 04, 2018
"Apart from the typical weird Blockbuster pacing that goes from the set up directly to the finale without any middle part, this movie is a good time at the movies. Alicia Vikander is great as Lara and the setpieces that were taken directly from the game were placed well into the movie. Fun times!"
10 T1 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) - Apr 04, 2018
"I watched this because of #deathblart and as a companion piece to a really funny podcast this movie is... still terrible. But at least now I know what the guys are talking about. Yes, the banana scene is the highlight of the movie, the scene with Jackie Sandler is one of the worst scenes in movie history, Kevin James is entirely unfunny and the whole bird fight sequence is absolutely ridiculous. Everything is trash. Except for the banana scene. That one is gold. Solid comedy gold."
76 T7 The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) - Apr 04, 2018
"Well done book adaption with great visuals, a nice story and some clever concept and characters. There is less deeper meaning than behind some of the other Ghibli movies. But this movie is far from harmful and can be enjoyed be people of all ages."
50 T2 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2014) - Apr 04, 2018
"Let's start with the good things: The movie looks amazing. When the animators allow the visuals to shine, they truly shine brightly. Unfortunately, I knew this movie would bore me to death 5 minutes into the story. And oh dear god, did it do its worst to bore me. The fairytale like structure made everthing incredibly obvious and repetetive. Yes, its a tragic tale, but it absolutely did not work for me. Cut 45 minutes and it would have been fine. Why is this movie so long?"
35 T1 Mohenjo Daro (2016) - Mar 27, 2018
"The blandest plot, utterly predictable, terrible acting, bad CGI, just three songs - all of them bad, and not very impressive to look at. Why would you do that, Bollywood? "