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Bio: This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.

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74 T6 Detroit (2017) - Nov 16, 2017
"The main story bit is well acted, unnervingly tense and incredibly terrifying. You have to hand it to Kathryn Bigelow, the things she does well, she does really well. On the other hand, her trademark weaknesses are also present. The movie starts of too slow and unfocused and doesn't quite know when to end. But it's an interesting, dramatic period piece none the less."
28 T1 Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) - Nov 16, 2017
"The most unnessecary movie ever made. Why does it exist? Why does it have so many plots at once? Why is no one actually acting? Why did I watch this? Not even Jeff Goldblum knows..."
83 T9 You're Next (2013) - Oct 31, 2017
"Gives the slasher/home invasion movie a clever twist by turning most of the genre tropes on their heads with intelligent characters and tons of dark humor. Mixed with mostly good acting the movie becomes a fun horror movie with lots to enjoy. Do not watch the scenes that play in the background of the Bluray menu though,there are several spoilers in there."
90 T10 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 23, 2017
"Remarkable aesthetics and a good atmosphere make the film a pleasure to look at. The movie never gets boring despite its almost 3 hours running time and dives into so many themes that you cannot really grasp them all in one viewing. It drove me almost to tears during the simplest things. Life is great. Find your place in it!"
77 T7 Gerald's Game (2017) - Oct 15, 2017
"The inner monologues of the book were brought to the screen in clever fashion and the performance of the two leads was well done. The movie was also nicely creepy at times and features one of the most disturbing scenes in recent movie history."
23 T1 Pudelmützen Rambos (2004) - Oct 12, 2017
"The acting is bad, the jokes are worse and the whole thing is two agonizing hours long. Its a weird experience. The movie has cameos by German c-list celebrities. Ralf Möller is just being filmed walking down stairs at a movie premiere. German singer Frank Zander is not actually in the movie! He just appears in stock footage scene from one of his own music videos. Despite being the main villain! But the scene in which about 25 cars crash one after the other and flip over for no reason is great!"
84 T9 I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"A quirky tale about not being an asshole in a world where assholes are everywhere. Funny and filled with good performances the movie tells you that being good is not always the easiest thing to do. Also, Elijah Woods' haircut!"
74 T6 The Bad Batch (2016) - Oct 07, 2017
"Although the movie seems not to be completely sure what it wants to be about and tries to dance on too many parties at once, it still is full of obscure, over the top ideas, that make it feel fresh and interesting. Most of the casting choices feel really weird at first, but turn out alright. The dialogue is pretty bad at time though, even if Keanu Reeves delivers a great monologue about sanitation."
78 T8 Okja (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"Joon-ho Bong's second international film takes a look at mass food production and the companies behind it, in this sometimes funny, sometimes sad tale of a young girl trying to safe her best friend, a giant piglike animal, bred for consumption. While the films message is not entirely a sucess the movie has some great performances and good visuals. One question remains though: What THE FUCK is up with Jake Gyllenhall in this movie???"
73 T6 Gosford Park (2001) - Oct 04, 2017
"Several British people try to outwit each other in terms of Britishness. Then one becomes too British and is murdered by one of the other Brits. An investigation starts to determine who could possibly do such a British thing. In the end it is decided that is was the British thing to do and everyone goes back to their own British ways. God save the Queen!"