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Member Since: Sep 29, 2008

Location: Australia

Age: 30

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90 91% How To with John Wilson (2020) - May 12, 2021
"So, here's a show that makes the most out of nothing. A fairly prescient mix of cable television standards and internet-era on-the-street material, John Wilson takes an already fascinating take with one aspect of modern life and then expands on it to even more fascinating, quirky, and hilarious areas. This show is simply about opening up a random door or walking up to a neighbour and seeing what incredible things happen -- a lockdown season 2 would be interesting to watch."
93 95% Nathan for You (2013) - May 12, 2021
"Nathan's plans for these businesses are fairly ingenious and amusing, but they just get even moreso as he navigates the legality of what he's doing, all the while maintaining a sharp sense of humour and a particular relationship with the working class, which showcases both their wholesomeness and their quirks ("if you scared, you drink the small child's pee")."
54 9% Adam (2019) - May 12, 2021
"A slowly drawn out story of desperation and resilience, though this good natured character study relies on standard characters and their obvious relations. This may be a nice enough film about two incomplete families working together to support themselves, though has very little innovation even in its details – one of the only really new things to see here is the unique location that is Casablanca, Morocco."
71 40% Richard Jewell (2019) - May 12, 2021
"If you like your films about real-life injustices that get your blood boiling, this may kill you. It's a purposefully frustrating watch, as it digs into this media shitstorm, and even though there's nothing overly cinematic or special in how it does it, it at least avoids any sentimental time-wasting pitfalls (I'm looking at you Just Mercy)."
69 34% About Endlessness (2019) - May 12, 2021
"If you've seen one Roy Andersson film, you've seen them all. He continues his trademark surrealism here, though to what end? Life is a miserable slog with no real beginning or end? It's an astonishing crafted piece of work, but very piecemeal with how it presents that."
70 37% Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) - May 12, 2021
"It's well told, concise, and clear, but also linear and missing some kind of spectacle, insight, or even tension. But the direction is ambitious, helped by some powerful performances (both actors of which are somehow both supporting)."
79 59% Take Shelter (2011) - Apr 14, 2021
"Ultimately not a hugely deep psychological study, but it manages enough to be a compelling cinematic experience. It's held back in some departments of storytelling, but builds up to a hugely memorable climax, appropriately showing the right amount of restraint and the right amount of cinematic adventurousness. Man, where can I find a supportive Jessica Chastain-looking wife? "
77 54% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - Apr 14, 2021
"I like Wes Anderson. He makes good, not great, films. This is a thoroughly enjoyably film, with exceptionally witty dialogue and some stupendous craftsmanship. It's simplicity makes it feel a tad empty, which I'm sure resonates better with others, and the scene where he fights off the pirates is dumb -- but the rest of the film is good shit."
93 95% The Sopranos (1999) - Apr 14, 2021
"All praise given to this show is deserved so anything I have to say will be redundant -- but I'll say it anyway. Absolutely everything (except cinematography) is exceptional, and even when the characters are frustrating me, it just makes them feel more real. No smugness present here like certain other copycat shows, this gets right into the nitty-gritty of mafia life and its psychological consequences (that never change). "
43 4% Nobody (2021) - Apr 01, 2021
"From the writer of John Wick, with almost the same concept, but with far less impressive action scenes, barely any needed back-story or lore, and an awful tone that may seem edgy and humorous to Monster-drinking 13 year old boys. Odenkirk's actually a good fit for this role, but he's just wasted on this shit film. I can enjoy my revenge films, whether they're establishing a moral compass or simply being exploitative for our bloodlust, but this just fails at both."