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Location: Australia

Age: 28

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77 54% Stone (1974) - Aug 16, 2019
"A very cool and far-out opening showing a political assassination, accompanied by intriguing shots and editing and some rather experimental music, is then followed by a general story of a cop trying to assimilate with the biker crowd -- it's not a new story, but it has a deep authentic feel, as if these are real bikers in the film (and they just so happen to be good actors as well). "
83 72% Week End (1967) - Aug 12, 2019
"Finally, a Godard film that actually hates its despicable characters ... and finally, a reminder of what experimental films are actually like. Creating a post-apocalyptic world inside the modern world, Week End is empathetically frustrating, each of our two leads keep encountering ludicrous obstacles on their way to immorally get some inheritance. This is the kind of world I wish to observe, but not be a part of."
78 57% Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) - Aug 12, 2019
"As a photographer, Varda is able to stage just about each shot so thoughtfully, as well as incorporate the everypeople of the streets. The central character, otherwise, is a bit of a rollercoaster to digest, who we should empathise with due to her anxieties, but also comes cross as a vain and egocentric little white girl (and the film seems to know this). This existential horror film has quite a lot to end on, and ends the landing casually, but not as difficultly as it could've."
82 68% Chernobyl (2019) - Aug 12, 2019
"Very good chronicle of this tragedy -- aside from some character tangents that don't resolve entirely and some of the government officials portrayed as unrealistically villainous, this is clear storytelling with an impressive and thoughtfully used production value, all the while using economic time to keep a focus on not just the main persons, but the oblivious citizens as well."
70 36% East of Eden (1955) - Aug 12, 2019
"The 2nd of 3 James Dean films I've seen and he's not exactly the rebellious and estranged teen heart-throb that he must've been at the time. In fact, his early characterisation, going from meandering loiterer to someone with a keen hinge in the job market was respectable and identifiable. Much of the film from that point on is reasonably good, though doesn't have much of a spark to make it escape its wooden conventionality."
71 39% Midsommar (2019) - Aug 05, 2019
"Just like with Us, the sophomore film of Aster's contemporary and possible frenemy Jordan Peele, I'm struggling with the greater picture, but I'm nonetheless enamored with just about all the incremental moments, ideas, and atmospheric directing. Neither horror film is actually scary, but they certainly offer up horrific musings on society and the individual. "
71 39% My Name Is Joe (1998) - Aug 03, 2019
"A well paced romance at this film's centre is what makes it work, as its blossoming feels genuine because of how careful and deliberate the film treats it. It's just too bad Loach and Laverty sometimes don't know how to end a film, they just cheese it once their film hits its depressing zenith (despite the general mood beforehand being so wholesome and hopeful)."
85 79% Point Blank (1967) - Aug 01, 2019
"Great crime-thriller-noir film made greater with some ambitious and time-bending editing that really pays off, restructuring just how unpredictable the protagonist acts (some of his reactions are downright hysterical and hilarious)."
82 68% Wise Blood (1979) - Aug 01, 2019
70 36% Backroads (1977) - Jul 31, 2019
"A decent road movie that would've gotten too repetitive if it were feature length. The tragic ending echoes the endings of Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider, making this film firmly connect the New Hollywood wave to the Australian New Wave and the cross-cultural (or cultural imperialistic) similarities."