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Cinema Addict - 1075 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 14, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Even though I haven't had time to do anything lately - and for my weekly podcast, full reviews and other stuff. Not updated in basically a year, but fuck it maybe you'll laugh.
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70 74% Incredibles 2 (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"A disappointment by Pixar and Brad Bird standards, but much better than Finding Dory hoped to be. Opens a lot of doors, but closes very few. I wish they did so much more with Screenslaver and the general themes. Instead it's just a simple movie with simple setups and simpler resolutions."
50 45% American Made (2017) - Jun 21, 2018
"It's intriguing and original, but it's missing something I can't quite put my finger on. It needed less Tom Cruise, or Doug Liman, or Domhnall Gleeson, or these weird caricatures of the Cartel. Oh, and it needed a better ending, but I guess we can blame Reagan for that."
85 93% Touch of Evil (1958) - Jun 19, 2018
"Cinematography, yo. Orson Welles is the champ."
35 27% Tag (2018) - Jun 15, 2018
"Most disappointed in the tag sequences not having any joy or fun to them (until the final sequence, that was cool). Horrible direction, horrible cast, but the concept is okay enough to carry it. Isla Fisher's cleavage almost make up for Jake Johnson being about as funny as a dead clown."
25 14% Upgrade (2018) - Jun 08, 2018
"There are good ideas in here. And then there's the execution. It's like this was made by the guy who wrote Saw or something? Logan Marshall-Green should win the Razzie. Completely falls of the cliff of redemption after the cough of doom."
40 34% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Jun 07, 2018
"Is this a female empowerment vehicle or a demonstration in why directors matter and Gary Ross is a shitty one? Above the grating self-aggrandizing "do it for the young girls" tone of the movie (literally translated through a nonsensical bathroom break speech by George Clooney with a vagina), this movie is such a disservice to the gals-can-do-it-to movement since everything is mailed-in and lifeless. At least try. Even Cate Blanchett's a bore, and she's the best actress alive. What the fuck?"
40 34% Tully (2018) - Jun 01, 2018
"So, what was the point of that again. Diablo Cody, you're so clever."
75 82% Isle of Dogs (2018) - May 25, 2018
75 82% Deadpool 2 (2018) - May 18, 2018
"Not as many jokes as Deadpool, thank Christ, but certainly better ones. Come for Cable, stay for Domino, leave for T.J. Miller."
3% Life of the Party (2018) - May 11, 2018
"Rodney Dangerfield's Back to School meets Lady Ghostbusters if it were written by a computer algorithm that thinks jokes are pop-culture references. Ben Falcone has to be one of the least talented directors and writers active in Hollywood today, getting work because he's married to the literal sacred cow of Hollwyood comedy. Hard to not give a 0."