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35 T3 Tomb Raider (2018) - Mar 16, 2018
"I was waiting the entire movie for a dick punch, only tto find out Walton Goggins apparently has no balls."
50 T5 A Wrinkle in Time (2018) - Mar 09, 2018
"A Wrinkle in Screenwriting."
40 T4 Black Panther (2018) - Mar 06, 2018
"Oakland is Jerusalem for black people."
40 T4 Red Sparrow (2018) - Mar 02, 2018
"Full disclosure: I fucking hate Jennifer Lawrence, but I fucking love Joel Edgerton. This is surprisingly decent for the first hour and a half, though it can be plodding at times and could have about 30 minutes edited out to make it flow better. The end though...what the fuck? Fucking spy movies ruining everything with seven layers of convolution. Way to ruin a mediocre thing."
10 T1 Game Night (2018) - Feb 22, 2018
"Not the Hangover, no matter how bad it wants to be."
35 T3 Annihilation (2018) - Feb 22, 2018
"Was there something to get here? Completely falls apart once they reach the house, and nothing actually happens before that. Visually super cool, though."
50 T5 The Post (2017) - Feb 16, 2018
"A well acted, well directed film in serious need of an antagonist. The last hour is Meryl Streep being indecisive (i.e. a woman)."
20 T2 Fifty Shades Freed (2018) - Feb 10, 2018
"I don't understand these movies, but I also don't have a menstrual cycle. There's literally no drama in any scene and if there is it's resolved in the very next scene. I really dug them tying up every plot thread with a manila envelope in the second to last scene while Christian reveals his one imperfection, he sucks at cooking. This is Marvel for single broads."
30 T3 Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) - Jan 25, 2018
"The fact that this book was written, let alone turned into a movie is so beyond my comprehension of anything it's hard to even have an opinion about this. At least it's not Divergent. Young Adults are cancer."
60 T6 The Foreigner (2017) - Jan 14, 2018
"Best movie with an incest subplot of 2017 that I saw."