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Cinema Addict - 1156 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 15, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Even though I haven't had time to do anything lately - and for my weekly podcast, full reviews and other stuff. Not updated in basically a year, but fuck it maybe you'll laugh.
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40 33% Uncut Gems (2019) - Jun 02, 2020
"Having your film's climax be a Jewish guy watching a basketball game is a ballsy move."
85 93% Jerry Maguire (1996) - May 26, 2020
"I just read all the reviews of criticker and now know that everyone here works with Bob Sugar."
65 64% The Majestic (2001) - May 21, 2020
"Jim Carrey may have gotten off of the blacklist, but this movie basically destroyed the career of the director of The Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile, so I guess the good guy doesn't always win."
75 83% Con Air (1997) - May 10, 2020
"He should have put the bunny back in the box."
65 64% Penguins (2019) - Apr 29, 2020
"Steve isn't the hero we want, but he's the hero we need...all 17 different versions of him the film crew shot."
45 39% The Irishman (2019) - Apr 29, 2020
"I love the part when he's telling a flashback within a flashback."
65 64% Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Apr 24, 2020
"Equal parts cute as it is creepy. They should make a spinoff about Bill Pullman, who gets needlessly shafted worse than probably any character in any movie I can think of. How can Nora Ephron make a character like that and live with herself? "
60 54% Oliver & Company (1988) - Apr 24, 2020
"The weirdest mashup of Lady and the Tramp, The Rescuers, and Oliver Twist ever made. Fifth best use of Dom DeLuise in animated feature films. Best use of Billy Joel in any movie."
60 54% Onward (2020) - Apr 24, 2020
"I'm not sure if Chris Pratt was intentionally trying to be the most annoying voice actor in Pixar history, but he is certainly the most annoying voice actor in Pixar history. "
40 33% The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) - Apr 11, 2020
"Could've been a lot better were it not for Heslov, Clooney and McGregor (and I really like Clooney and McGregor normally)."