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Cinema Addict - 1167 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 15, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Even though I haven't had time to do anything lately - and for my weekly podcast, full reviews and other stuff. Not updated in basically a year, but fuck it maybe you'll laugh.
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25 15% Tenet (2020) - Oct 10, 2020
"The fact that the main character is named "The Protagonist" says everything you need to know about Christopher Nolan's view of the role of human beings in his stories. Nolan wants to direct Bond movies so freaking bad."
1% Watchmen (2019) - Aug 18, 2020
"This show has as much to do with Alan Moore's graphic novel as Lost has to do with being stranded on a desert island."
1% Westworld (2016) - Aug 04, 2020
"I don't ever review TV shows on here, but I'll make a special exception for this pile of pretentiousness. Has no understanding of how A.I. works, how robots work, how corporations work, how guns work, how theme parks work, how narrative storytelling works, how plot structure works, how protagonists work. The writers of this show hate human beings because that's the new version of Catholic guilt. Written to make itself seem smart when it's actually incoherent. You were all duped."
25 15% Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - Jul 29, 2020
"The most confusing remake of Rollerball ever. Greg Proops did an awful job trying to redo his announcer character from Phantom Menace."
75 83% Benny & Joon (1993) - Jul 28, 2020
"Whimsical, charming, curious and heartbreaking. Few romantic comedies have benefited from their soundtrack as much as Benny & Joon."
70 74% Wayne's World (1992) - Jul 23, 2020
"Rob Lowe is the ultimate early 90s yuppie villain. I'm shocked he wasn't typecasted in this role for the rest of his career. The most unbelievable part of this movie is that Tia Carrere is considered hotter than Lara Flynn Boyle."
45 39% Ghost World (2001) - Jul 06, 2020
"Are you supposed to empathize with Enid or hate her? Bob Balaban should have his own spinoff movie. "
1% Harvard Man (2001) - Jun 30, 2020
"Next time hire an editor who isn't on 15,000 micrograms of LSD."
60 55% The Fighter (2010) - Jun 24, 2020
"This is a tale of two films and a diametric change in David O. Russell as a director. I absolutely hate Bale, and in this he's actually decent but matches against Wahlberg like Bugs Bunny across Frank Sinatra. There's a story here, but it's told through too many different filters to make anything feel specifically impactful. Also based on a true story the same way Pearl Harbor is based on a true story."
50 45% Good Time (2017) - Jun 23, 2020
"Pattinson is a great central figure, though I wish there was more Leigh and Safdie and less Buddy Duress. It's definitely a ride, but there's quite a few lulls and a huge anti-climax that all the good times can't really make up for, no matter how good of a time they are."