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Cinema Addict - 2295 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 26, 2008

Location: Canada

Age: 33

Gender: Male

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I also have a YouTube with my friend (and fellow Criticker user) TheRealJ-Ro:

You can expect to see movie reviews/talk, weekly top 5s on various things, comedy videos/short films, and other silliness that we get up to. Would appreciate a subscribe!

Anything 51 and up is a recommendation, meaning you aren't wasting your time seeing it. Anything between 51-79 ranges from mediocre to very good. Anything 80+ is what I call a "Great Movie" and it's a must-see and is awesome to various degrees. Anything that's a 50 is something that I'm a fence sitter on (meaning I'm too useless to actually be able to make up my god damn mind) so it could go either way. 49 and under means you should avoid. Under 10 means I was probably raped by the movie or, at the very least, fondled. Despite the effort I've put into explaining my rating system, numbers are fairly often chosen at random (well, maybe my gut feeling) so I might actually like a movie I rated 75 more than an 85, I just really can't be bothered to go back and constantly re-do my ratings.
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100 99% House (1977) - Oct 18, 2018
"Okay so it's not very scary, that's the negative if you want a horror. But if you don't care, this is absolutely batshit insane. Cheesy effects with some pretty awesome sets, awkward (awesome) music, but if you read about the production some of that stuff makes sense. I mean, the movie doesn't, but who cares, the movie is experimental and outrageous. There's never a dull moment. That one girl's disembodied lower half kicked a picture of a cat. That's not even the strangest part."
70 38% Kill List (2011) - Oct 15, 2018
"I predicted half of the ending, meaning I knew who one of them were; the reveal of the second was a surprise and it helped make up a pretty great ending. The rest of the movie was good enough. As many others have noted, it slowly turns from a drama to a horror. It mostly succeeded as a horror from an imagery and weirdness perspective, though I didn't find it scary. It took too long to get to it and the family stuff wasn't that compelling. Recommend it to people who want something odd."
85 79% Blindspotting (2018) - Oct 15, 2018
"Rapping while pointing a gun at a cop was really cheesy. It's a shame because that one scene hurts, but everything around it is solid. Aside from that there wasn't anything I didn't like. I loved watching the friendship between Collin and Miles, and while the writing is obviously important, the two actors really brought that relationship to life. Blindspotting hits commentary that you might expect if you follow the news but it does so with finesse. "
90 92% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - Oct 15, 2018
"It didn't take very long before Goddard made it clear that I wouldn't know what to expect and that is hugely important. The main strength here is the writing but it's so well made in every regard that it actually earned its runtime. Lots of twists and turns, you could go from thinking one thing about a character to another pretty quickly. Stylish film with great acting (Bridges is the star here though). "
75 50% Apostle (2018) - Oct 12, 2018
"No, you won't get The Raid level fighting although there are a few beatdowns that are pretty creative (and gruesome). In fact, Apostle will be known for how gruesome it is and if you're into gore then there's a lot to love here. Evans does a good job shaping a story around it that takes a few neat twists and turns. Shot well but doesn't create a memorable atmosphere (average). A little long but builds up mystery pretty well until it explodes into unapologetic violence and craziness."
80 64% Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) - Oct 11, 2018
"It dragged sometimes, but then other times it really hit the paranoia that the characters were experiencing. While I wouldn't say it was that scary, the ending was certainly horrifying; also unexpected even though I guess technically the aliens give it away a bit before. Good special effects, watching the aliens clone was gross, if this wasn't paced like it was then it would be much better... but even still it's pretty great."
90 92% Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) - Oct 09, 2018
"I don't really seem to have the problems with this as a lot of other people on here do. It's not incredibly deep but there is a line about how we should just leave shit alone in there and although it doesn't explicitly make it sympathetic, I think if you read between the lines it is. But whatever, it's a fun and atmospheric monster movie with great underwater scenes and scary music for the creature. Can be a little tense at times. I really love this."
85 79% Carrie (1976) - Oct 08, 2018
"What keeps this from being a 90 is that some of it goes a little beyond just being campy into bad territory; but the biggest issue is that sometimes scenes just go on way too long. Edit that shit. BUT besides that, what a movie! I cared deeply for Carrie in the first 20 minutes, it explored some important themes, the music is odd but interesting, emotionally impactful and the ending is lovely, as noted, is fantastic. Great suspense/drama movie with a foreboding atmosphere. Not scary though."
35 7% Pulse (2001) - Oct 08, 2018
"As M_A said, it's not frightening after the first 30 minutes, which is a shame because there is some genuinely creepy imagery on display and it feels like it's building at that point. It only leads into a drama, perhaps horror-tinged but that's only because there are ghosts (ghosts don't automatically mean scary). But even the reflective nature of the drama isn't compelling, and by the time the (spoilers) apocalypse starts it's too late, and then it ends. Cool ending but a slog to get there."
80 64% Carnival of Souls (1962) - Oct 07, 2018
"Creepy but there are some scenes that genuinely scared me. A big reason for the eeriness is the all organ score, which many have commended, but it is deserving of the accolades. Performances aren't all there but this is an indie flick that actually looked quite good, a lot of intelligent methods went into making this look as good as it does. Excellent atmosphere all around and a great ending to boot."