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Member Since: Jul 26, 2008

Location: Canada

Age: 34

Gender: Male

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Anything 51 and up is a recommendation, meaning you aren't wasting your time seeing it. Anything between 51-79 ranges from mediocre to very good. Anything 80+ is what I call a "Great Movie" and it's a must-see and is awesome to various degrees. Anything that's a 50 is something that I'm a fence sitter on (meaning I'm too useless to actually be able to make up my god damn mind) so it could go either way. 49 and under means you should avoid. Under 10 means I was probably raped by the movie or, at the very least, fondled. Despite the effort I've put into explaining my rating system, numbers are fairly often chosen at random (well, maybe my gut feeling) so I might actually like a movie I rated 75 more than an 85, I just really can't be bothered to go back and constantly re-do my ratings.
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80 64% Batman: Hush (2019) - Jul 21, 2019
"A good example of animated Batman, with some fun twists and turns, some slight emotional depth in the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. It doesn't do anything that strays too far from what you might expect from animated DC, but it does it well. I wasn't bored, the action was good, atmosphere and animation were competent as well. One good thing about animated BM is that you can get away with things that might be difficult to do in live-action."
85 80% Dragged Across Concrete (2019) - Jul 17, 2019
"It's incredibly slow but sometimes these really slow movies come out where there's something endearing/magical about the way that it so unapologetically lends itself to the pacing, like The American years ago. This fits into that. I never knew what was going to happen, the third act (as noted by someone else) is tense, and also just very deliberate feeling, refreshing. Vaughn and Gibson are great together. The dialogue's style doesn't work all the time, occasionally feeling overwritten. "
65 27% Buffalo Boys (2018) - Jul 15, 2019
"Pretty good action though given some of the other movies in this genre that come out of Indonesia it's rather pedestrian. It's fun, has a little bit of emotional depth. Doesn't go above and beyond in any shape or form."
85 80% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jul 07, 2019
"I didn't find it as funny as the first one but everything else worked. This is the best cinematic Spider-Man, Mysterio was a great villain, the action was exciting. I thought it being after Endgame might hurt it but it did a good job of examining the fallout from everything, which means it's got some emotional depth. "
60 21% Shaft (2019) - Jul 06, 2019
"Like a few others have noticed, its cool that it doesn't seem especially concerned with being PC. Besides that it's not without its charm, but it's just passable. I was entertained most of the time because of the actors, but the material itself is not that endearing. They do what they can, they heighten this to an "okay" in my eyes, but it hardly impresses in any way. Pretty by the books average."
75 50% Furie (2019) - Jun 27, 2019
"I get a lot of enjoyment out of these types of movies even if I don't always rate them highly. Perhaps it's because I expect so much since I love the premise. But this is a really good film with heart (it's hard not to have emotional depth when it's a parent/child dynamic) and fun martial arts action sequences... though I wouldn't say this is the best example of that. Ngo brings a convincing amount of physicality to the role."
55 17% Brightburn (2019) - Jun 25, 2019
"I can say I enjoyed it but most of that was because I was waiting for the story to expand and be more than superhero torture porn. I figured something neat would happen. The premise is great, and admittedly if this happened in real life this is what would happen, but this still could have been executed better. Where's the actual plot exactly? What Warren said is true: there's a lot to dig into but it doesn't really do any of it."
80 64% Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Jun 05, 2019
"I thought it was on par with Skull Island and Godzilla. Some of the human stuff wasn't very inspired but whenever the monsters were on screen it was thrilling, with quite a few "hell yeah" moments. Having the humans help Godzilla so much kind of nerfed Godzilla; I think he should have really PROVED he was the king by overcoming adversity rather than requiring assistance. "
70 38% Captive State (2019) - May 31, 2019
"It's a good dystopian/alien invasion movie but nothing more. Goodman is always pleasant and everybody else is there, not standing out but not ruining scenes. The ending is strange in the sense that it ends exactly where it should for a cliffhanger but then they know that there won't be a sequel so in the credits it says that wars have broken out and the aliens are being overthrown, telling us the stuff we'd usually SEE in a sequel. I get that it's in line with the theme, but still."
80 64% Godzilla (2014) - May 28, 2019
"I quite enjoyed it while also acknowledging that the lackluster parts are human parts. I understand why they do it but it's not really necessary since I imagine lots of people anthropomorphize monsters anyway. I'm not saying no humans, just less of them and more monsters. However, I do like the long build up; that human stuff was fun. Pulling away as much during Godzilla whipping ass was ill-informed, let them fight. But it's shot really well in general anyway."