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Location: Canada

Age: 33

Gender: Male

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Anything 51 and up is a recommendation, meaning you aren't wasting your time seeing it. Anything between 51-79 ranges from mediocre to very good. Anything 80+ is what I call a "Great Movie" and it's a must-see and is awesome to various degrees. Anything that's a 50 is something that I'm a fence sitter on (meaning I'm too useless to actually be able to make up my god damn mind) so it could go either way. 49 and under means you should avoid. Under 10 means I was probably raped by the movie or, at the very least, fondled. Despite the effort I've put into explaining my rating system, numbers are fairly often chosen at random (well, maybe my gut feeling) so I might actually like a movie I rated 75 more than an 85, I just really can't be bothered to go back and constantly re-do my ratings.
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75 50% High Life (2018) - Apr 20, 2019
"It's directed really well. Denis and co. did a lot with space and mostly a single location. Pattinson keeps distancing himself more and more from Twilight (make money and then do the interesting shit) with another good performance where he takes control of the screen whenever he's a part. There's a message here about reproduction and nature in general, and that's fine, but I never really felt what Denis wanted me to feel. It's slow and contemplative, sometimes to its detriment. "
80 64% The Burial of Kojo (2018) - Apr 16, 2019
"There were a few moments where the camera was placed in some strange places that I didn't like, but for the most part this is a gorgeously shot film, full of memorable imagery and a magical sense that plays a little like being in the afterlife. There's an odd but endearing soundtrack going on, as well, which also mostly works. Any authorial flaws it has are overshadowed by when it's on point, because it succeeds majorly and only fails minorly. A pretty original vision all around."
55 17% Miss Bala (2018) - Apr 15, 2019
"Just a generic thriller on all fronts. It does the bare minimum to be passable. I suppose there's always something better to watch but this is breezy with enough twists to remain relatively interesting. Gina Rodriguez was pretty good. She survives this but the movie really sets her up as more than she is by the end. I wish I had seen the original since it seemed to have more oomph and importance to it."
70 38% Rust Creek (2018) - Apr 12, 2019
"Pretty par for the course for this type of thing but it did enough to get me involved in what was going on, so I'd consider it good all around. Good performances, good story, good direction, good cinematography. But as Moribunny said, it will be quickly forgotten. Still worth a watch though if you want something entertaining and easy to digest while not needing something that will astound you or have real estate in your memory for years to come."
35 7% The Silence (2019) - Apr 11, 2019
"I just found it dull, that's my main complaint. I don't know if a world without A Quiet Place would have changed the way I approached it (probably) but there just wasn't anything here outside of a couple sacrifices which had sufficient emotional oomph. Some hokey dialogue/acting, a boringly slow pace, unexplored plot points/character traits, an unsatisfying ending. This isn't a complete disaster, per se, it's just not even decent and definitely not worth watching."
70 38% Native Son (2019) - Apr 11, 2019
"Having no prior experience with the novel, I enjoyed this but don't think it's great. It is competently made in all ways, and has some interesting ideas that it doesn't really explore as much as I would have liked. Despite that, I was really surprised by where this went and that was endearing. I knew something was coming because the tone was so menacing for a drama, but I didn't know what. It felt Get Outish until it swerved. "
45 11% Stray (2019) - Apr 09, 2019
"The premise is pretty neat. With that said it's a disappointment because it deserves a better movie than it is. Most things are okay, I suppose, but there's some wonky dialogue and acting here and there. It takes a while to get going which means you're watching a character study only the characters aren't especially interesting. It's also very very dark: just put some light on! The washed out palette does it no favours and doesn't create a compelling atmosphere."
70 38% Paddleton (2019) - Apr 08, 2019
"It's very simple and honestly I can appreciate most things about it, such as the performances by both of these men and the relationship between them. But I can't say I was overly enjoying it. However, it is really emotionally, specifically the ending bit which just about killed me as well. So I give it a 70 because it was so powerful by the end."
50 14% The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) - Apr 08, 2019
"As this went on it seemed to lose the ingenuity that Cornish demonstrated so well in Attack the Block. Putting kids in outrageous situations seems to be his thing, but AtB did so with more excitement and humour along with being more unpredictable. This started as a clever kids movie and degenerated into a very basic, lackluster fantasy flick with kids in it. I'm sure less critical eyes (kids) could get something out of this but I can't say that I really enjoyed it after a certain point."
90 92% The Man From Nowhere (2010) - Apr 07, 2019
"Even though it's set up like its contemporaries, this felt more special. It took the time to get me invested emotionally, with a tight script and a good performance from the little girl, so when shit started going down it felt earned. The action is brutal and exciting when it happens, but the final fight felt incredibly cathartic. And then stripping away the music for the one-on-one was an excellent choice as well. Had me blubberin', had me thrilled."