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40 T7 There's Always Tomorrow (1934) - Jul 17, 2017
"A slow and careful adultery affair. Too tippity-toed about the subject. The code had just been heavily enforced so that takes the edge out of this subtle romance behind a busy wife's back. Frank Morgan looking for affection when his family is too occupied to give him any quality time. And then Binnie Barnes comes along. Then his kids find out and... you'll just have to see. It's not in-your-face dramatic. More a sweet family dealing with a problem coming together sort of thing."
40 T7 Mother and Son (1931) - Jul 17, 2017
"I found something about this ancient low budget talkie attractive. Especially when it was in a gambling environment with the camera flowing through the smoky rooms. A noble gambling tale starting when gambling became illegal skipping to the depression when it became legal again, with Clara Kimball Young getting back in the game, trying to teach her spoiled sucker of a son a lesson. Those bits gets a little too melodramatic and stagnant, but otherwise I liked the honest morals of the story."
40 T7 Seklusyon (2016) - Jul 17, 2017
"You probable have to be a little spiritual to really appreciate this religious horror from the Philippines. For me it takes a little too many shortcuts with the story. But it's a nice film to look at and it feels more respectable than the ordinary modern horror flick. Directed by Erik Matti, the man behind the international hit On the Job (2013), knows his work and delivers a scary film above the average."
40 T7 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017) - Jul 15, 2017
"Cardboard adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory adding Tom & Jerry to the mix in a very unnatural way. You get some of the lunacy of Tom & Jerry in there in Roald Dahl 's famous tale, but there is barely any lunacy of Willy Wonka there. Didn't hate it as other reviewers.... still you can see a lot of it not working nearly as well as other Wonkas."
30 T5 Die Häschenschule: Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei (2017) - Jul 15, 2017
"A German animation film which was fine, but with a moralistic story which was a real downer."
40 T7 Lego Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash (2017) - Jul 15, 2017
"The Lego version of Scooby-Doo is growing on me. Deliberately lame humor, which is a tradition with this brand, and mysterious pirate ghosts! So sort of like every Scooby-Doo mystery ever.... except in Lego format."
30 T5 Revelj (1917) - Jul 14, 2017
"Had hints of becoming a decent melodrama, but Georg af Klercker direction was never the most refined and it all becomes a lifeless affair of upper-class love and the young girl."
30 T5 I mörkrets bojor (1917) - Jul 14, 2017
50 T8 The New School Teacher (1924) - Jul 14, 2017
"Being only familiar with Charles 'Chic' Sale work from the 1930s, it was another world experiencing him in the silent era! A man that specialized in playing old country men, here he in as a squeaky clean young school teacher! No beard, no special make-up. Just a innocent dreamy young man wanting to teach young kids, and being very naive about it. The film started really charming too, in some ways with Chaplin sensibilities. Cute."
30 T5 Siphayo (2016) - Jul 14, 2017
"Erotic thriller from the Philippines where you can enjoy the plastic naked body of Nathalie Hart. You keep waiting for the tension to build, but it never really comes. And when something does happen, it feels so terribly gimmicky. I did get with the mellow story of the soon-to-become dysfunctional farmers as you knew some shit was going to happen, but it too long for anything to happen, and when it did it was kind of... meh."