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Location: Norway

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50 78% Summer Storm (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"The story has it's intrigue, but in a weird way the production lets it down. Weird casting choices and some less than magical key scenes stops it from delivering on it's potential. There are good scenes in there too, and the allure of the George Sanders & Linda Darnell pairing will keep you watching."
70 96% Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"Apparently Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) is an American classic, but not being American, I wouldn't know anything about that. What I can say is that this Vincente Minnelli/Judy Garland collaboration does warm you up. Gracefully lively and sweet. There's no denying it's charms."
60 89% Die Frau meiner Träume (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"A playful German musical in full Nazi-color, aka Agfacolor, and "The Nazi Ginger Rogers" Marika Rökk in full effect! Light farce, but a jolly nice farce."
60 89% Der verzauberte Tag (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"Took a while before I was in the groove, but this turned out to be a solid tragedy. Felt more sleazy than your average Nazi-era romance, and I guess that's where the appeal lays."
20 17% Skip to My Lou (1941) - Apr 14, 2019
40 60% Double Indemnity (1973) - Apr 14, 2019
"The 1973 TV remake of Double Indemnity (1944) didn't have a chance to begin with, so I guess they just decided to film the script reading of one of Hollywood's untouchable classics."
90 99% Double Indemnity (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"Sooooo silky smooth.... crime can barely be done any better. To the point where Double Indemnity (1944) is almost too perfect for it's own good. Splendidly Noir!"
40 60% Shadows of Suspense (2006) - Apr 14, 2019
70 96% National Velvet (1944) - Apr 14, 2019
"I'm not a great fan of horse movies, but this one triggered all the 'family movie' notions. Beautiful color, likable story of a ambitious little girl, and a breakthrough spotlight on young Elizabeth Taylor! Heartwarming!"