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70 96% They Live by Night (1948) - Sep 19, 2021
"Romantic film noir. Powerful when it wanted to be. Sweet when it wanted to be. But always with the feeling of doom and hopelessness. Truly great performances from Farley Granger and especially Cathy O'Donnell as the angel that out of love goes with this misguided devil. There was times where it lived too much of their love for each other, slowing the experience down, but its overall impact was strong."
50 78% Corridor of Mirrors (1948) - Sep 19, 2021
"There was something there, and then it sort of wasn't. Not consistent or exciting enough. But the spiritual nature of this romance had an enigmatic appeal."
70 96% The Big Clock (1948) - Sep 19, 2021
"Great but not brilliant murder frame-up. In a way the clumsy cover-up by Charles Laughton and his team make it almost comical take on a potentially more dangerous situation. And that's what you'd want from Laughton. His wife Elsa Lanchester was in this too a a screwy old dame, so absolutely a entertaining one."
70 96% The Fallen Idol (1948) - Sep 19, 2021
"There are definitely layers here and a interesting approach from Carol Reed. Does take a while to establish things, but that's part of the brilliance to see how this kid responds while adults do adult stuff. I couldn't help but feel the investigative portion could have added more of a twist. But still, the viewpoint of a kid makes if so different to other takes with similar themes."
30 36% Penny and the Pownall Case (1948) - Sep 18, 2021
"In this short mystery movie it felt like very little of interest was happening and then it was over."
40 59% To the Public Danger (1948) - Sep 18, 2021
"Sort of like a educational piece about the morals of safe driving with an accident happening because of reckless driving and the added dilemma of fleeing from the scene. Effective in its execution, but really does feel like something you'd be forced to watch during school class."
60 90% Trouble Makers (1948) - Sep 18, 2021
"Continually putting the Bowery Boys in murder mysteries increases my curiosity for this movie series. This was a wild one. Totally low-brow and proud of it, with Lionel Stander adding danger to their silly troubles. Good for a chunk of laughs."
50 78% Jinx Money (1948) - Sep 18, 2021
"Jinx Money (1948) mixes crime fighting and comedy in a good way in a true Bowery Boys style. I am missing Bobby Jordan a little as I feel his lighter personality would fit this one, but it wasn't like they were giving him much to do in this series, so not a major loss. It's all Leo Gorcey & Huntz Hall at this point anyway and they bring enough goofiness to whatever they touch. Even to a murder mystery like this."
50 78% Bagong buwan (2001) - Sep 18, 2021
"Story from the Muslim region of the Philippines with doctor Cesar Montano being caught in rebel fire. Tragic movie with plenty of famous faces and a solid action. Not sure how likable the entire experience was, for there's barely anything positive happening, but it sure delivers the struggle. On a side note, I do hope this Muslim organization has changed its name since then because.... MILF.... such a different meaning nowadays."
40 59% Old (2021) - Sep 18, 2021
"Certainly messes with the brain, but I couldn't make up my mind if it was in a good or bad way."