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40 60% Cross Fire (1933) - Jun 17, 2019
"A funny Tom Keene western going all over the place. Starts in a old western town, then World War, where he hooks up with his sidekick Edgar Kennedy, before returning to old grounds. And since Kennedy was thrown in there, they had to deliver a slapstick number for him to rule, so out of nowhere came a boxing match. As a result he starts driving a taxi in town as Keene tries to clear some old pals framed for murder. Felt like just random ideas thrown together. Didn't stop it from being enjoyable."
30 37% Twice Branded (1936) - Jun 17, 2019
"Robert Rendel returns after years in jail for a crime he was framed. The family has moved up in life since he departure, so he has to pose as a uncle to be allowed tp stay at the now snobbish family so to not cramp their style. James Mason plays the son and gives this quota quickie some star-power without that helping the excitement much. It's a gentle well-meaning story, but I felt it failed in the way it ended. Twice Branded (1936) indeed."
50 78% Wild Girl (1932) - Jun 17, 2019
"Joan Bennett in the midst of dangerous men in a western town. I'm not going claim I loved this movie, but there's absolutely something appetizing about the Wild Girl (1932). Very playful in it's introduction and the way sleazy men drooling over Joan while she manipulates them against each other. Charles Farrell was a little bland in the lead, but the rest of the men took care of that, especially Eugene Pallette ans his horsing around!"
50 78% Shoot the Works (1934) - Jun 17, 2019
"Farewell to Dorothy Dell, who had already died in a car crash when Shoot the Works (1934) was released. She was 19 years old and only 3 features into her Hollywood career which was on the rise. Here serving as Jack Oakie love interest and guardian angel, except Oakie keeps messing things up. A nice musical-drama-comedy of the not-so-spectacular kind. Perfectly likable."
50 78% The Meanest Gal in Town (1934) - Jun 17, 2019
"The Meanest Gal in Town (1934) is sort of a mock precoder, with Pert Kelton channeling Mae West with her hypnotizing bum and verbal lashing. It's absolutely silly and such a delight at the same time. This must be the most meemorable role Pert Kelton ever did! On top of that you had Zasu Pitts, El Brendel, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher and, last but not least, James Gleason, all in good form. Not a essential comedy, but definitely deserves to be more known."
30 37% Guilty Parents (1934) - Jun 13, 2019
"One of those naughty films about the destruction of sex and girls being tricked into sin. Guilty Parents (1934) might not be as famous as Tell Your Children (1936), aka Reefer Madness, or Maniac (1934), but it tells of the same kind of sexual ignorance and how it'll lead a young girl astray. Might not feature as infamous scenes as the other sexploitation films, but it tells a somewhat more fluent story or a desperate girl getting into trouble."
40 60% The Roadhouse Murder (1932) - Jun 12, 2019
"Ridiculous script made worse by implausible lead characters. With all it's faults, The Roadhouse Murder (1932) does have interesting things going on from a production level. I think that should mostly go credited to cinematographer J. Roy Hunt, using a lot of techniques from his silent days. Stuff that would a decade later be incorporated in film-noir, which it also is. A clumsy one, but with some chilling scenes and creative montage ideas which were not often used during the early sound days. "
40 60% Renegades of the West (1932) - Jun 12, 2019
"By 1932 standards Renegades of the West (1932) is an exceptionally well done western. By general standards it's an quirky and odd western. From baby competitions to spoon tricks, this one doesn't know if it wants to be a action western or a variety comedy. Tom Keene is a hunky cowboy, but his acting techniques were hardly refined. Might still be one of his better performances. I was entertained enough, but there's no denying this has it's shortcomings. The only feature Casey Robinson directed."
40 60% False Faces (1932) - Jun 12, 2019
"Always the sleaze, Lowell Sherman. A fake plastic surgeon with no moral scruples. What a court room speech! I'm speechless. I think I would have come to the same conclusion as the jury did. Being a precoder one almost expects he'd get away with it too. That was the beauty of this cheap con."
20 16% The Fortunate Fool (1933) - Jun 12, 2019
"The characters are good, but how they interacted made for a complete bore. It's odd how uninteresting this film was."