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Criticker Zealot - 26857 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 2, 2012

Location: Norway

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50 78% Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) - Jul 01, 2020
"Has a wonderful feel of Nordic camp, but weirdly doesn't out-camp Eurovision."
30 37% Big Town (1947) - Jul 01, 2020
"You could sense producer William C. Thomas hadn't directed many movies himself. Relatively poor, or at least extremely underwhelming. The actors does a little better, but that doesn't stop Big Town (1946) from being a really bland crime-drama."
40 60% Vacation in Reno (1946) - Jul 01, 2020
"This is basically the type of movie that would be replaced by sitcoms once TV was established. Light-hearted comedy as last ditch effort to get mileage out of Jack Haley comic talents, which honestly was kind of limited. He wouldn't appear in a movie in any significant form once this comedy was done. Anne Jeffreys came off a lot better, but she would make a bigger mark on television than movies. At least the farce-aspect of Vacation in Reno (1946) kept the pace up."
40 60% Wagon Wheels Westward (1945) - Jul 01, 2020
"Crooks take over a seemingly abandoned town and "Red Ryder" Bill Elliott comes in to do business noticing something is off. Simple fun out west, mixed with a little action. Typical B-western stuff."
40 60% Death Valley Manhunt (1943) - Jul 01, 2020
"George 'Gabby' Hayes was the smart one in this one. Bill Elliott was a little too peaceable for his own good. Not too bad, though. Pleasant little B-western without doing too much to challenge the formula."
40 60% 'A Santanotte (1922) - Jul 01, 2020
"The tragic story is intrigues and the characters are weirdly interesting, but it goes a bit overboard. The acting is oddly sexual as well. "
10 4% As in a Looking Glass (1903) - Jul 01, 2020