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50 78% Brick Bradford (1947) - Jun 13, 2021
"This serial includes reliable bit player John Merton's most iconic role! Shiny hairless skull and sinister looking glasses most associated with the "Jap-era" of American-Japanese relations. Overall, this cinema series was a bit all over the place, but I loved that Merton got to play such a different character compared to what he usually got in the over 250 Hollywood movies during those three decades."
50 78% The Black Widow (1947) - Jun 13, 2021
"The Black Widow (1947) probable doesn't offer anything new as far as Serials go, but the action is snappy and there's all kinds of ideas thrown in. So in that episodic delivery, this one did the trick."
30 36% The Scooper Dooper (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
50 78% That's My Man (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"Horse romance from Frank Borzage. Not quite sure how to feel about That's My Man (1947). Wasn't really likable even if Borzage smeared on his patented sentimental touches. Catherine McLeod and her devotion to her piece-of-shit husband Don Ameche wasn't enough for me. I simply didn't want them to get back together. But there are some nice and entertaining things going on here and there to at least make it somewhat fun."
50 78% Carnegie Hall (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"Director Edgar G. Ulmer's attempt at high-culture, telling the story of Carnegie Hall (1947) with a underwhelming narrative, but musical performances of exceptional quality."
60 89% Captain from Castile (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"A good but bloated Mexican invasion featuring Tyrone Power. Production values are high, but it struggles to find the thread to excitement for such a grand story. In a way the key thing here is introducing Jean Peters, the future wife of Howard Hughes, and the romance bit between her and Power is almost more interesting than the politics and scheming of the invasion, which tells you the film's priority."
70 96% I Walk Alone (1948) - Jun 11, 2021
"Heavyweight cast from when they were still fresh to Hollywood. Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and the always alluring Lizabeth Scott up-front in a dark boiling confrontation between two old crooks. While plenty could have been done until the inevitable confrontation to make things more exciting, the personality involved towers over the material in excellent fashion."
40 59% Living in a Big Way (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"Don't think I've ever been more disappointed by a Gene Kelly movie. Simply too light for its own good."
60 89% The Beginning or the End (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"The Beginning or the End is a difficult movie to judge. Serves as a docudrama about the making, and eventual use, of the Atom Bomb. The film does it's best to justify its use, citing it's for the greater good, to finally end the dreadful war. And so it did. The film also uses the entire length focusing on the moral issues in creating such a dangerous and lethal weapon. So it's not just a celebration from the winning side, Or then again, it is. With that said, I feel this is an important movie."
60 89% The Red House (1947) - Jun 11, 2021
"Took a while before I found the mood of this one. Edward G. Robinson plays a aging woodsman and all we know is that there are secrets. One things get revealed the intensity increases greatly. The atmosphere reminds me that of low budget creepers of the 1950s and 60s. There's a lot I wish was different about Robinson's first venture into producing, but I do admit they got there in the end."