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50 78% Anna and the King of Siam (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"Rex Harrison, the quintessential Thai. "
60 90% Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"Shines during the star-studded musical numbers, but a bit of bore during the dramatic sections. Thankfully it's a biopic of a songwriter so half the film are specialty arranged cameos of anybody who was anybody in Hollywood at the time."
60 90% The Jolson Story (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"The grand tribute to Al Jolson. Full color, the original voice, and a story glossing over any rough edges of his character. The celebration Jolson himself always wanted. As it's more or less all positive, it's not one for those wanting a deeper connection to a person, but only to get an idea of the phenomenon that was Al Jolson."
80 99% Shoe Shine (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"Gripping story of drifting Rome kids and how the system handles them. Powerful as to the fear they face when put behind bars, and how it manipulates and changes them, ultimately leading to disaster. Director Vittorio De Sica had already experimented with kids stories in I bambini ci guardano [The Children are Watching Us] to great success, but here elevates it to another level. He had really matured as a director during the war and here we see the fruits shaped during of those troubled years."
60 90% The Room Upstairs (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"Can't say anything other than I loved the brief glare between then-lovers Jean Gabin & Marlene Dietrich. The overall experience might not be one to last, just like the real life relationship between them, but it was it's something I'm happy I got to experience."
50 78% Macadam (1946) - Sep 29, 2020
"I struggled with this one. There were some quality scenes that stood-out, there was actors who made their presence felt in a big way, but I wasn't getting into the flow or mood of the story. Shame, for there was a lot that was good here, so good that it had the potential to be something real great. But as it stands, a so-so experience with highlights here and there."
60 90% Gates of the Night (1946) - Sep 28, 2020
"Great ending. Amazing, in fact! But for the longest time it was talking itself to a halt. I can only imagine how much more fulfilling it would have been had the original couple of Jean Gabin & Marlene Dietrich starred in this. Their depth and more dynamic personalities would have made this work on a much higher level than the newcomers Yves Montand & Nathalie Nattier ever mastered here."
70 96% Deception (1946) - Sep 28, 2020
"How wonderfully manipulative they both were! I really appreciated the play between Bette Davis & Claude Rains, and Paul Henreid was a serviceable third cello. Box office flop, but a enjoyable success in my eyes."
70 96% The Other One (1946) - Sep 28, 2020
"Dolores del Rio was a Goddess in this! Found the settings mostly simple, but del Rio's expressions was anything but. She commanded the mood. Dominated scenery. She was everything to this movie."
60 90% La foire aux chimères (1946) - Sep 28, 2020
"Scarface Erich von Stroheim falls in love with blind angel Madeleine Sologne and naturally messes it up with his counterfeit side-business. It's one that you knew were going to be tragic already from the start, for a grotesque can never be happy. Cinema has always told us this. I liked Stroheim in this. Wish the crime plot had been handled better. Had potential as a thriller element, but they never took complete advantage of that, and instead focused on Stroheim's misery. Still a good movie."