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Location: Norway

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40 60% El orador (1928) - Dec 14, 2018
40 60% Love Comes Along (1930) - Dec 14, 2018
"Bebe Daniels was the clear shining light in this old relic. She got to sing her heart out and be all sweet doing the deserted girl routine. Unfortunately, besides this being a early talkie with the quirks that comes with that, her leading man was the stiff Lloyd Hughes, who behaves nothing like a sailor. No chemistry either and few other got anything significant to do. Enjoy it for Bebe."
40 60% The Falcon and the Co-eds (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"So odd. Mostly this usual light atmosphere these kind of snoopers have. This one with a bunch of lively co-eds to lighten the mood even more. Then there was the main plot involved something deeper and more psychological. Almost haunting. And that feels simply clashed. Didn't work. Had they kept it mostly spooky it would have been a chilling and interesting affair. But as it is, only a mild letdown in the easy going Falcon series."
50 78% The Falcon in Danger (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"Apart from that annoying fiancé I found this entry in The Falcon series enjoyable in all it's silliness. Good humored popcorn mystery with Tom Conway surrounded by dames and dumb cops. Sure, it doesn't reinvent the mystery genre, but it's a cheerful journey through confusion."
40 60% The Falcon Strikes Back (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"The Falcon continues with Tom Conway having taken over his brothers spot in the movie series. These scripts move themselves. So routine. You can just place [random actor] in there for there isn't that much room for any unique personality, though Conway does have that calmness about him, exactly like his brother George Sanders giving it the Falcon feel. Standard fare."
30 37% Murder in Times Square (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"Had it not been for Esther Dale this murder mystery would have been completely lost. It still didn't have a clue about it's own mystery, but at least there was a character standing out in the whole bored mess."
60 89% Phantom of the Opera (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"They went with beauty over chills. Stunning to look at Phantom of the Opera (1943) with all it's splendor and color, but it came at the expense of it's main character. Or just maybe Nelson Eddy didn't want to be over-shadowed by the phantom of Claude Rains, so a lot more time was dedicated to the stage opera than the tortured soul of the masked terror. There's still a uplifting elegance to it all."
30 37% Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"I still remember the original The Thirteenth Guest (1932) pretty well. Not a great film, but it was one of the early starring roles for Ginger Rogers, so that's why I remember it. To put it short. There is no reason to remember The Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943). Pretty much a boring mess."
10 4% Confessions of a Vice Baron (1943) - Dec 14, 2018
"They somehow made a movie chopping up some of the famous exploitation films of the 30s adding a little bit of new footage with Willy Castello, who was in some of those films, and trying to make a coherent piece of fiction out of it. Regardless of the bare ass and potential nipple being shown, as expected.... a very big yawn."
40 60% We're on the Jury (1937) - Dec 14, 2018
"No worse or better than the original featuring Edna May Oliver. Helen Broderick takes her place nicely, but it's still the same meddling and overly stupid court room comedy Ladies of the Jury (1932) was."