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20 15% Gulliver Returns (2021) - Jan 25, 2022
"They simply eliminated everything that made the famous Gulliver stories so classic, replacing it with a ridiculously lame adventure that isn't worth anyone's time."
30 35% Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up! (2022) - Jan 25, 2022
"You can get some fun out of the western vibes they're thrown into, but Tom & Jerry deserves better than this. Just feels like a obligatory release to keep the classic franchise alive."
30 35% Riverdance: The Animated Adventure (2021) - Jan 25, 2022
"True story. We went on a school trip to London in the mid-90s and one of the obligatory activities was to see the big production of Riverdance the theater musical. I left during intermission. I couldn't stand it anymore! And I wish I had abandoned this halfway through too, but with the kids watching I stuck it through to the end. I have seen worse animated movies, that's all the positive I have to say about it. "
40 59% L'entraîneuse (1939) - Jan 25, 2022
"Considering it's Michèle Morgan and a slightly melancholy mood, L'entraîneuse [Nightclub Hostess] (1939) felt surprisingly underwhelming story wise. Very conventional, would be the correct way of describing it, and not nearly with enough attitudes associated with French cinema. There is still Michèle Morgan, and fans of her will finds ways to appreciate this, along with some nightclub singing giving it some sense of somberness."
50 77% Louisa (1950) - Jan 23, 2022
"Familiar characters like Ronald Reagan & Charles Coburn make this a easy going experience with some mild laughs and likable characters, including the debut of Piper Laurie to make things pleasant. Hardly the deepest of plots, but it serves its programmer purpose."
30 35% Flaming Guns (1932) - Jan 23, 2022
"An old relic from the days they were trying to make silent cowboy legend Tom Mix into a talking cowboy legend. Didn't work and the whole enjoyment of this awkward western is to just experience Mix's very own take on acting in a sound format."
40 59% Marihuana (1950) - Jan 23, 2022
"This Mexican shock movie shares some aspects of those US exploitation films from that period, but it does try to tie it with a more rounded story and emotional effects. Not sure how much it manages to disguise the druggy focus with something more contemporary, but it's definitely more rewarding than those films of the US exploitation genre."
60 89% Born to Be Bad (1950) - Jan 23, 2022
"One of the broader performances you'll get from Joan Fontaine. Almost comically as she plays her men. Absolutely enjoyable, but I'm not sure how serious can take it."
60 89% A Lady Without Passport (1950) - Jan 23, 2022
"Goes on quite a adventure with Hedy Lamarr in the middle of complicated international affairs. They surround her with interesting male figures to enhance the whole thing, but that doesn't stop A Lady Without Passport (1950) feeling like a one-dimensional popcorn flick a lot of the time. Thankfully a lot of that was entertaining, even if the deeper connection wasn't really present."
50 77% A Life of Her Own (1950) - Jan 23, 2022
"Lana Turner gave this life, but to me this life experience didn't amount to much that was came off interesting. A love affair which has sad implications. There's nothing unique about that, and I felt they didn't get much out of the main angles, making this potentially great drama feel a little underwhelming. The acting is perfectly fine, so it's a good movie. Just doesn't push the right buttons to make things stand-out."