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Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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64 47% Ad Astra (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"Ad Astra falls squarely into the human-focused reflective sphere of the sci-fi genre. The cinematography is gorgeous. The central themes of faith and the importance of human connection are present, albeit unsubtle. Unfortunately, the film is slow and without a rewarding payoff. The sound design used to keep you on edge goes too far, becoming numbing. Pitt's narration lies between art-house and fragrance ad, but is undeniably pretentious. Ultimately despite some intrigue, I didn't enjoy the film."
72 82% Knives Out (2019) - Dec 11, 2019
"Knives Out succeeds by updating the murder-mystery formula, delivering an engaging story with plenty of comedic beats in unexpected places and a well-directed ensemble cast. Johnson retains the large country manor, character archetypes and foreign detective; but opts for a layered (over convoluted) plot, ensures none of the characters are vastly superior, adds a bit of action and a touch of social commentary about wealth and power. It's a witty, enjoyable film, though Craig's accent was suspect."
63 38% La Habitación de Fermat (2007) - Dec 09, 2019
"The premise behind Fermat's Room isn't a new one (even for 2007) and its execution leaves much to be desired. The characters are too contrived, the puzzles a bit facile and the plot plausibility is questionable at best. Nevertheless, this film has some charm as a low budget thriller that stays clear of puerile gore for shock value. [SPOILER] A better end would have been to save Hilbert, let him see his proof destroyed, before Fermat arrives with the cop. [/SPOILER] Kudos for the bookcase scene. "
63 38% Mrs. Fletcher (2019) - Dec 09, 2019
"An interesting character study that ultimately (at least by its 1st season's end) leads nowhere. Hahn is great, striking a good balance between her natural comedy and the drama required. Unfortunately the show is often too slow, and its commentary too conventional to be truly entertaining."
64 47% Abominable (2019) - Dec 09, 2019
"Abominable is cute film rendered immemorable by an adherence to too many tropes and clichés. The Chinese setting feels very Americanised (i.e. I couldn’t tell if they were in Beijing or San Francisco for the 1st act). There are some interesting ideas with the Yeti’s powers, but are ultimately used to advance the plot rather build a mythology. I did quite enjoy the villain dynamic, even if it was a bit slapstick at times. Overall a little bit disappointing, but still very watchable."
64 47% Ready or Not (2019) - Dec 08, 2019
"Ready or Not is an entertaining romp that narrowly misses the mark of being genuinely good. The aesthetic is great with some good comedic shots. The cast is works well, portraying their characters as maniacally hilarious and detestably devoted. Weaving however feels out of place, in that she fits in with the family rather than being the kind person we are told (never shown) that she is. Ultimately, the film spends too much time following her screaming her way through a conventional horror movie."
63 38% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Dec 04, 2019
"If Inglorious Basterds was Tarantino’s take on the demise of Hitler, then this film is his version of the Tate murder. Unfortunately, the plot indulges Tarantino’s love of film from the 50’s and 60’s, but not the audience’s love of entertainment. The film feels its near 3 hour runtime without really going anywhere and the humour rarely lands. The climax is great but not worth the wait. Pitt was the only consistently entertaining part."
59 18% The War of the Worlds (2019) - Dec 02, 2019
"This incarnation of HG Wells' classic is a tiresome retread that delivers on the late-Victorian period drama elements but unfortunately nothing else. The 1st episode is slow build that only sets up character relationships. The 2nd a failed attempt at action. And the 3rd, an unsubtle exposition-dump of the novel's commentary on British expansionism at the time. Clunky, irrelevant, and worse boring. Probably best to just listen to Jeff Wayne's War of the World instead."
66 65% Paprika (2006) - Dec 02, 2019
"Paprika pleases with its expressive animation and cyberpunk ideas. Unfortunately, the way in which the plot develops is both a little messy and lacklustre. The execution of the merged dreamscape and reality was poor. A lot of characters are introduced quickly, many of which are not that interesting but do ultimately add to the arcs of main characters. Detective Konakawa is the audience proxy, but has way too much of a side story to be helpful. I liked Doctors Chiba & Tokita’s relationship."
60 21% Hustlers (2019) - Nov 29, 2019
"Hustlers (or How I’m Learning to Ignore Critic Consensus and to Just Trust My Instincts) is a film that I found dull and meandering, with scenes veering too often into melodrama. The plot is pointless as it doesn’t truely hold any of the characters’ actions to account. Not a single one (not the strippers, nor Wall Street targets, nor police) is remotely sympathetic. Adam McKay was a producer on the film, and his smug remembrance for the 2008 crash comes through. A mix of meh and blah!"