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Location: UK

Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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67 74% Lady of the Manor (2021) - Sep 17, 2021
"Lady of the Manor isn't a great film, hitting a juvenile note with its constant fart jokes and silly faces, but the Longs make it work. Silly in almost every aspect, the film's ludicrous theme of atonement theme is made bearable by its lack of believability. The acting isn't stellar but Lynskey and Greer are fun to watch. It's a cute, light, fluffy, nonsensical film that doesn't require much concentration but delivers a few good laughs."
63 39% A Writer's Odyssey (2021) - Sep 16, 2021
"A Writer's Odyssey is Taken meets Inkheart wrapped up with the climax of IT: Chapter 2. The film is entertaining, even with the heavy-handed CGI that resembles most of Zack Synder's filmography, but on the whole is pleasant to look at. The acting is decent, though falls victim to occasional mumbling. The premise is strong with a few good ideas, some derivative ones, and a interesting perspective on corporate overreach, greed and karma. The Kidnapped daughter is becoming a tiresome trope."
53 7% Parlez-moi de la pluie (2008) - Sep 14, 2021
"Subdued and dull. Parlez-moi de la Pluie isn't a bad film, but neither the plot nor characters ever become engaging which undermines any attempted humour or witty exchanges. Some people may enjoy this film, but it held nothing of interest for me."
64 50% Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) - Sep 09, 2021
"With lowered expectations & aware of the tone (heightened panic, ridiculously advanced tech behind the rooms, extreme contrivances) that the Escape Room franchise has set up for itself, Tournament of Champions is the derivative & logical next step. The film itself is fast-paced & fairly engaging. The characters decent, if a bit thick at times. Apparently there's a cut where Woll's Amanda returns, but I watched the apparently canon daddy-daughter version; though this explains the rushed 3rd act."
65 61% Abe (2020) - Sep 09, 2021
"Abe has plenty of aspects that don't quite work; the blogging, the unacknowledged bullying, shots of food prep cut like a Bourne action sequence. Despite all that, the premise, themes and decent performances from the entire cast make the film an enjoyable experience. Schnapp is a more tolerable lead than Wolfhard. Jorge is the victim of bad sound editing. Ultimately the film has a few insights into the strifes of a multi-racial kid, but its foray into the politics is well-meaning but shallow."
60 22% Adieu les cons (2020) - Sep 07, 2021
"I liked the punchline, but Adieu les Cons relishes in its quirkiness as it slow burns through a melancholic drama that is much lighter on the comedy than I would have liked. The world-building, themes (most notably seizing life while you have time versus chasing down regrets) and saturated colour tones never really worked for me. Efira, Dupontel and MariƩ are good though. "
64 50% The Craft (1996) - Sep 04, 2021
"The Craft is an enjoyable if somewhat dated film that blends brooding valley teenagers with campy-wicca-magic (think Clueless meets Charmed). The feminist undertones are related to self-discovery & self-empowerment, with bullying as the main theme; a refreshing change from "oppression by the patriarchy". The 3rd act pivots to the consequences of power, which works thematically but is lacking in execution. I liked the 90's alt soundtrack. The performances & effects leave something to be desired."
64 50% Centaurworld (2021) - Sep 04, 2021
"Centaurworld can often seem like an obnoxious indulgence of the most irritating camp stereotypes masked in self-affirmation songs. In all honesty, it's not that bad but the characters are written and sound like mediocre Wiig-era SNL efforts. There are a few interesting ideas that come through by the end of S01 and some of the (too many) songs are catchy and well-written; so hopefully it will continue in this direction going forward. "
64 50% Big Nothing (2006) - Sep 02, 2021
"Big Nothing is never anything more than mildly amusing and the number of twists and turns make it feel a little convoluted. The style is a little amateurish, with split frames and loud punk-pop songs. Nevertheless the film still remains moderately entertaining thanks to solid performances from Eve, Pegg and Schwimmer."
65 61% The Perfect Host (2010) - Sep 01, 2021
"The Perfect Host is ridiculously implausible, but Pierce's performance carries the film as it takes weird and unpredictable turns. Tomnay's film is a mess, especially in regards to the narrative and tonal shift just after the halfway mark. Fortunately it's well-paced, short enough and with a fitting ending, remaining entertaining through (even if it's a bit frustrating at points). Pierce provides almost all the comedy as he swaggers through the film, while Crawford struggles to elicit sympathy. "