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Cinema Addict - 2019 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2014

Location: UK

Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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71 79% Captain Marvel (2019) - Mar 20, 2019
"Brie Larson has plenty of charisma as the overpowered Captain Marvel. The visual aesthetic is like a darker Guardians, and is top-notch as we expect from the MCU. This origin story is one of my favourites, nicely tying the theme of identity into an action-packed mystery. Their are weaknesses in the script and some eyeroll-worthy direction, but these flaws are easily forgiven. As for the overpowered complaints, it makes her a Thanos contender and is a sign the movie is self-aware of its stakes. "
59 20% Mortal Engines (2018) - Mar 19, 2019
"Mortal Engines is disappointing film that fails because of its characters and cast. While the production design is impressive and works for the most part, every interaction with the plot seems to leave it in ashes. The action and writing is more akin to fantasy than post-apocalyptic sci-fi but preformed with very little of the gravitas needed to make it work. The exception is Lang's Shrike who is great. The cast diversity is laudable but the chemistry is very weak, making for exasperating watch."
63 40% The Festival (2018) - Mar 18, 2019
"A moderately funny ride that teaches you that musical festivals are shit unless you’re on MDMA, life is great when you’re the centre of attention, and you must always concede to posh twats in the end. Thomas and Animashaun are good, but O'Doherty steals the show."
64 50% Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018) - Mar 10, 2019
"Slaughterhouse Rulez boasts an impressive cast for what is essentially a glorified B-movie. The first half is loaded with anti-fracking rhetoric while the second half replaces all that with a lot of running around. I liked the almost incomprehensible northern protagonist, and enjoyed most of the characters and dialogue. I didn’t actively disliked about this film, though it doesn’t leave a lasting impression, perphaps because it borrows so heavily from so many other films."
64 50% I Kill Giants (2017) - Mar 06, 2019
"I Kill Giants is a decent film with good performances from Wolfe and Wade. Unfortunately the allegorical giant-slaying doesn’t parallel the main character's struggle in a satisfying way. While the trauma is obviously related to her parents, the film tries to build it up as a great reveal, which didn’t quite work. Lots of interesting ideas and well executed character moments, but ultimately a film held back by its own narrative flaws."
59 20% I Think We're Alone Now (2018) - Mar 04, 2019
"I Think We're Alone Now is a forgettable outing with a paper thin premise that desperately needed to be elevated by the characters, cast and writing. Unfortunately it isn’t, and the audience is left with a dimly lit slog. There were things I liked about the film; like Dinklage's self-chosen exile, the idea of rejecting a false utopia; these things were just too few and too far between, and the film just doesn’t pull it off."
66 67% The Favourite (2018) - Mar 03, 2019
"Weisz, Colman, Stone and Hoult are great. The dialogue is pithy, and funny or sad when it needs be. The use of wide lenses updates the usual stagnant look of most period pieces. The Favourite is undeniably a good film; so why did I find myself not fully enjoying it. It's a very indulgent film; the costumes, the characters and their behaviour, the score, the runtime. Ultimately, it may be that the characters are truly unsympathetic; their institutions deserve immolation instead of a tepid defeat."
65 59% TiMER (2010) - Feb 28, 2019
"I actually enjoyed TiMER, despite it’s many flaws. Most of these flaws can be attributed to Schaeffer's inexperience, with scenes not being as tight nor dialogue being as snappy as they should have been. There are a lot of RomCom clichés used, that do work, giving the film it’s cutesy vibe. The ending may be a little divisive, but I appreciated the movie sticking to it’s premise rather than presenting an absolute moral platitude."
63 40% Widows (2018) - Feb 27, 2019
"Davis stars as a well off black woman whose troubles begin when her white husband dies. People die, allies act childishly, characters take themselves way too seriously, all in How to Get Away with Money. Widows is a well shot dreary affair, which compresses a heist, a political rivalry, gang violence, race relations, and grief into a 2 hr film. The acting is good, very sombre though Debicki does get the one fun moment. Ultimately I found the characters are unlikable, and didn’t enjoy the film."
64 50% Instant Family (2018) - Feb 26, 2019
"Instant Family is a simple and clichéd story, made entertaining by some off the performances. Spencer and Notaro are great. Wahlberg and Byrne are tolerable. Moner is surprisingly good. There are plenty of sweet moments and plenty of contrivances. Most of the jokes land, with a pretty good Blind Side running gag. An alright film, but nothing special."