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Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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58 15% Happiest Season (2020) - Nov 27, 2020
"Despite a strong cast, Happiest Season is both generic & annoying. Rather than cover any interesting territory, DuVall decides that closet comedy & sibling rivalry are enough to make the film entertaining. While I normally enjoy light-hearted RomComs, not only could I not get into this one, but the ending whereby all it takes to instantly fix everything is the realisation of bad parenting & mistakes made; the film is moronic. Davis is bad. Levy is intolerable. Stewart & Plaza are decent."
63 39% The Survivalist (2015) - Nov 25, 2020
"The Survivalist is a film that is better at creating a tone than it is at an interesting plot or characters. McCann and Goth do a good job of conveying the physical and mental toil that their post-apocalyptic world has taken, but their emotional distance is tiresome to watch, especially with the long silent interludes. Essentially, I just didn't like the gritty, unrelenting setting that character lived in and how the film posits the pessimistic future for humanity."
64 49% The Irishman (2019) - Nov 24, 2020
"There are interesting biographical elements in The Irishman, as well as stellar performances from most of the cast (notably Pesci & Pacino), but they can't make up for the fact that the film is just too long & drawn out to sustain interest. Scorsese's done similar films with similar themes of machoism, brotherhood & Americana before, and while a solid addition, this film doesn't add much. Ultimately, the film glorifies thuggery as an intrinsic part of American society, and it never engrossed me."
57 13% That's My Boy (2012) - Nov 23, 2020
"I actually liked the ending, though I can't be certain whether a) it was because I was aware the film was ending, b) it was because this film broke me, or c) that the jokes actually landed. That's My Boy is a terrible film. The entire cast is better than this. The opening showed promise, but the puerile, shallowly offensive plot that followed is a waste of time. "
67 73% Crash Test AglaĆ© (2017) - Nov 23, 2020
"Crash Test AglaƩ is a quirky film from its offbeat characters to its Wes-Anderson-esque cinematography. The film is part road trip comedy, part into the wilderness drama, but manages to strike the right balance between entertaining, absurd, mildly sad, and charming. Depardieu and Moreau are great in their minor supporting roles, but Hair carries the film on her performance, even if the portrayal of OCD (and possibly autism) is a little stereotypical."
65 60% The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020) - Nov 23, 2020
"There are a few funny moments, but this is my least favourite entry in the Lego Star Wars universe. As usual Rey & Kylo do the heavy lifting, leaving the rest sequel characters to mull about the Millennium Falcon with the uninteresting Life Day B-plot. While there are a few laughs, this Special doesn't go deep enough narratively nor far enough comedically. Ultimately the best bits (and promise) were in the trailer, and the Special was just meh!"
59 18% Snitch (2013) - Nov 22, 2020
"Snitch is a messy film that is never better than mediocre in any way. The screenplay feels formulaic with the plot often feeling contrived or just dumb. The rhetoric about minimum sentencing is contradicted by the theme of "for the greater good", making the film inconsistent rather than thoughtful. The dialogue and characters are punishingly one-dimensional and sleazy. Johnson disappointing turns into the hero (again). Bernthal and Bratt were decent, but the film remains underwhelming."
67 73% Death Becomes Her (1992) - Nov 21, 2020
"Death Becomes Her is thoroughly entertaining despite being ridiculous & pulpy. With plenty of over-acting that actually works, it's nice seeing Willis genuinely try. The tongue-in-cheek satire of vanity, underscored by Willis' hilarious refusal, is obvious but not too pushy. Zemeckis (& Silvestri) capture camp well, with the rooftop scene being reminiscent of Back to the Future. The effects hold up really well, though I'm curious how the film would've turned out if Kevin Kline hadn't pulled out."
63 39% Madame Hyde (2017) - Nov 20, 2020
"Madame Hyde is possibly the most subdued interpretation of the Jekyll/Hyde story that I've seen. I enjoyed the familiar setting of the film (inner-city school by a housing estate) that retains its own distinct cultural identity thanks to a good & diverse cast. While Huppert's performance as a meek teacher is great, the film lacks enough thematic follow-through to leave an impression. There are comedic moments & creepy ones, but the film never decides what it wants to be about beyond teaching. "
64 49% Sister Mary Explains It All (2001) - Nov 20, 2020
"Sister Mary Explains It All has moments that are intensely funny, but fails to make the transition from stage to screen as it fails to come together satisfactorily by the end. The crux of the plot is that Catholics are bullied into the faith, and it comes across a little disingenuous to either be funny or poignant. The entire cast is good, but it's Keaton who steals limelight. A silly film that takes a weirdly dark turn."