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Celluloid Junkie - 3374 Film Ratings

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Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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61 25% Make Hummus Not War (2012) - Feb 07, 2023
"Make Hummus Not War contains as much background on Graham's love life as it does on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. There are a few interesting tidbits but they tend to get repeated as the doc goes round in circles. Relatively shallow and a little contrived."
64 50% The Fabelmans (2022) - Feb 07, 2023
"I've never been a massive fan of Spielberg's non-sci-fi/fantasy work, and The Fabelmans is no exception. As always Spielberg is a talented director but his quasi-biographical effort lacked any meaningful depth for me. His early family life is perfectly banal, even if it's well shot. LaBelle does a great job. Rogen wasn't as annoying as I usually find him. Ultimately Spielberg couldn't get me to care enough about his rose-tinted portrayal of his life, and the film is just unremarkable."
69 81% The Menu (2022) - Feb 07, 2023
"Taylor-Joy is a great actress who consistently plays characters I dislike. The Menu is a fun ride, though the satire doesn't quite translate into poignancy. The film pits those who serve against those who consume in such a way that equates petty grievances (Carrero not having any student debt) with fraud & workplace harassment. Overall the film looks great, has plenty of witty dialogue & manages to deliver a convincing sense of foreboding before flying off the rails. Entertaining, but flawed."
64 50% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Jan 31, 2023
"The Woman King: The Way of Water begs the question, would we have gotten a better film if Coogler had died instead of Boseman. Joking aside, the loss of its main character is the least of the film's problems. The cinematography places black actors in dimly lit environments too often. The fight scenes aren't that engaging. Many of the character arcs aren't interesting. It's derivate; from Aquaman to Avatar to the thematic handling of grief, it's been done better before. Alright, but flawed."
65 61% The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to see Titanic (2021) - Jan 30, 2023
"Nikki's film is purposefully shot, almost exclusively focussed on Poikolainen's Jaakko to yield a sense of claustrophobia. Paired with the aggressively grey colour palleted, Nikki manages to capture a cinematic interpretation of both blindness & paraplegia in a novel way, aided by strong performances. The plot leans into the comedy initially, before taking quite a darker turn that didn't quite work for me. Definitely an interesting watch with some sharp-witted dialogue."
64 50% Three and Out (2008) - Jan 30, 2023
"Three and Out gets better as it goes along. Crook & Meaney play well off each other. I'll rarely complain about Arterton, and Staunton isn't as terrifying when not wearing pink knitwear. They're are plenty of good jokes and the theme of appreciating life is well-executed. Amusing; a little sappy at time; typical British fare."
64 50% Music Hole (2021) - Jan 29, 2023
"Music Hole is undeniably giving off Pulp Fiction vibes both in terms of its crime narrative and non-linear, character-shifting-perspective style; though not as strong as Tarantino's work on either account, and much more "French". The film has plenty of fun moments, though at just 80 minutes it drags a little too often."
62 31% Diva (1981) - Jan 28, 2023
"I often wondered whether the film's stylistic choices, many of which now seem pastiche, were a generic product of the time (late 70's/early 80's) or a genuine trend-setter. As it stands, Diva is an odd crime-thriller with a decent romance plot and some goofy chase scenes. The acting is alright; the soundtrack is a mix of abrasive noise, piano tiddling and the occasional snippet of an aria. I didn't particularly enjoy the film, finding large spans quite dull, but it isn't a bad film per se."
63 39% Short Peace (2013) - Jan 26, 2023
"Short, yes; Peace(ful), not particularly. This collection of animated stories is admirable, but lacks structure making it less memorable and less enjoyable. We're left with a jarring mix of cute animation and gore in 80 minutes that feel like they would have done better if released weekly on a YouTube channel. Each story is an intriguing idea, but with no place in a feature film."
54 8% Rite of the Shaman (2022) - Jan 24, 2023
"I was surprised to discover that Rite of Shaman is not Dr. (PhD in Education) Farmer's 1st film. Technically the film is decently shot but the score is over-dramatic & overly-intrusive while the dialogue & acting feels clunky. Structured into two halves, the film showcases the bad; trauma, illness, bullying before drastically shifting gears to the good. The contrived manner in which this shift happens undermines the film's point that a positive attitude makes the world a better place."