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Member Since: Aug 18, 2014

Location: UK

Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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60 22% Suspiria (2018) - May 09, 2021
"Suspiria is a slow burn with too many unanswered plot-holes filling its overlong runtime. The acting is decent (though Swinton's Klemperer was unnatural); I liked the soundtrack; and there are some interesting ideas & plot turns. Unfortunately the pallid skin tone palette, pretentious cuts and near-incoherent structure render the film frustrating at best. Whenever the film gets close to being thematic it abandons subtext for nonsense, leaving a decent climax alongside too much pointlessness."
65 60% The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) - May 07, 2021
"There are plenty of cool moments within the film, but at nearly 3 hours long, this epitome of the western genre goes on for far too long. A treasure hunt, an almost comedic tale of flip-flopping revenge, and a well-executed theme on the futility of the civil war aren't enough to justify the runtime. Wallach's the Ugly gets the most development & personality; Eastwood's the Good sole the virtue is being blonde, and Cleef's the Bad is mysterious & underused. Phenomenal score, horrendous dubbing."
60 22% Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) - Apr 30, 2021
"Airplane! was succeed in combining its wit and slapstick with near-perfect timing; The Sequel doesn't. This sequel sets up its sci-fi motif immediately, but it ventures into modern lazy parody more than it does genuine comedy. The most annoying facet is the use of flashbacks to setup a joke and then immediately repeating the joke. The film just as crude as the original, just sadly nowhere near as funny."
67 74% The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) - Apr 27, 2021
"The show has some great moments but suffers from pacing & balance issues with regards to its plot throughout its 6 episode run. I liked the way the show dealt with race relations and Sam's attitude & reluctance on his journey towards becoming Captain America. I liked the socio-economic consequences of the Snap, though the individual members of the Flag Smashers were unconvincing & underdeveloped. Bucky was great. Zemo & Carter seemed inconsistent. A little all over the place, but enjoyable."
67 74% WandaVision (2021) - Apr 27, 2021
"WandaVision is an enjoyable mini-series that has a few concepts going through it, none of which are particularly strong on their own merit. The Wanda-Vision portion provides some solid drama surrounding grief, but flounders a little with the comedy. The sitcom era skipping is clever, but not executed as well as has come to be expected from the MCU. Hahn steels every scene she's in. Parris' Monica lays interesting ground. Peters inclusions was ultimately disappointing. Park was a joy."
61 25% Mortal Kombat (2021) - Apr 27, 2021
"A few entertaining fight scenes, plenty of unnecessary gore & an amount of cheese you'd expect from a 90's video game. Mortal Kombat isn't a good film, peaking with Sanada's opening scene. What remains is a poor script paired with bland characters played by mediocre look-a-like actors. The plot plays out expectedly, while generic "epic" music blares in the background. The film can be alright if you're in the right mood, reminiscent of an X-Men entry but with less personality and fewer themes."
32 0% White People Money (2020) - Apr 23, 2021
"White People Money actually has an interesting concept behind it, but manages to diminish it with every minute it goes on. The plot progresses almost nonsensically at times, with a woeful script that gets caught up in racial stereotypes and the minutiae of the main characters' thoughts. Mediocre acting and horrendous sound effects make it painful to watch at times. Perhaps the film is satire on the perception of African-American, but honestly it feels too dumb overall to be effective."
67 74% Made for Love (2021) - Apr 21, 2021
"The ending of the 1st season makes the series worthwhile, but the journey is a slow burn that at points seems a little aimless or tedious, at least initially. Milioti is great."
63 39% New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021) - Apr 21, 2021
"Nezha Reborn is an interesting adaptation of the mythos, that unfortunately gets overshadowed by its stylistic choices. Excessive heroic stances & colourful elemental action accompanied by electric guitar riffs get to be a bit much. The animation is really good, as is the steampunk-inspired designs & aesthetic. However, the film lacks character depth, opting for clich├ęs rather than establishing personality. The cheesy English dub didn't help either. An enjoyable, albeit flawed film."
61 25% Eternal Beauty (2019) - Apr 20, 2021
"Eternal Beauty delivers strong performances from its cast, but a slow pace and the persistent atmosphere of unrelenting gloom made it hard for me to enjoy this film. Roberts' cinematic portrayal of schizophrenia is both unsettling and novel, and while perhaps black comedy, the film was never really humorous. Most of the characters are varying degrees of horrid, in a way unique to British films that is simultaneously both edifying and patronising towards the down-trodden; and I don't care for it."