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Bio: "It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it." - Roger Ebert

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63 38% The Dead Don't Die (2019) - Sep 23, 2019
"I didn't enjoy The Dead Don't Die. Looking back on the film, I did find the jokes and meta-humour amusing upon reflection, though not at the time and it's seemingly a lot of work for not much payoff. The problem with the film is that it is unrelentingly down tempo, It never crescendos, plodding along until its unassuming end."
62 30% A Cure for Wellness (2017) - Sep 18, 2019
"A cure for Wellness is a wonderfully shot, silly mess that is one "Not the eels!" away from being another The Wicker Man. The setting, atmosphere and colour palette help build the eerie tone, which is the best aspect of the film; though starting the film with this tone rather than building it up leaves no to room to establish DeHaan's character as sympathetic. The mother is out of place, the side characters are like unhelpful NPCs, and the plot is hokey and too cliché-ridden to be enjoyable."
57 14% Harmony (2018) - Sep 15, 2019
"Harmony has a few interesting ideas but is ultimately let down by a forced romance, a screenplay in need of a rewrite (or two), and missing the YA trend by a couple of years. The film does succeed at developing its fortune-cookie theme of having love overcome fear, albeit through a slowly paced story with irritating characters and stakes that are overly grandiose."
64 47% Carnival Row (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
"The 1st season of Carnival Row is a frustrating watch. The aesthetic is great as is mythology behind the races, but I really didn't like a lot of the creative decisions with regards to the plot and even the concept. The primary reason is the obviousness of everything. The themes of racism are unsubtly illustrated with Irish accents. The plotlines are clichéd and dragged over the 8 episodes. The show feels like a more contrived Penny Dreadful."
65 57% Shaft (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
"I was pleasantly surprised by Shaft (2019), not really having been a fan of the previous incarnations. The film works more for its comedy than its action, and its commentary on inter-generational perspectives makes it that much more entertaining. The film is acutely aware of political correctness; the plot dealing with both islamophobia and sexism, and actually comes across as mildly nuanced and centrist, up until the end scene that abandons logic for a cheapened triple Shaft shot. "
63 38% Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel (2016) - Sep 10, 2019
"Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel has a cool steampunk asthetic that carries the film through its 90 minute runtime. The voice acting and animation are good. The plot is decent though there is some wasted potential with the setting and side characters when the story defaults to "evil baddie wants to cause destruction". I will give the film props for having the gall to reuse a plot point from Wild Wild West."
46 3% Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (2015) - Sep 10, 2019
"Hoopa and the Clash of Ages is a bad movie on many levels. The animation and aesthetic is subpar, looking like a knockoff Aladdin or Sinbad. The voice acting (in the English dub) is annoying and borderline racist. The direction is bad, delivering exposition and flashbacks without a coherent style, in an obfuscated plot that is ultimately pointless For a movie that jams in most of the legendary Pokémon, the fight scenes are surprisingly dull. Ash and Lugia's reunion was especially disappointing."
60 22% Pokemon the Movie 13: Zoroark - Master of Illusion (2010) - Sep 09, 2019
"The opening credits seem to draw inspiration from Fox's/ Singer's X-men adaptations. The animation is great with vivid colour and sharp layers, and so are the designs of the buildings, forests and characters. The plot is decent, but the film is let down by poor dialogue and voice acting (at least in the English dub). The megalomaniacal villain is also unsympathetic and annoying, making the film a little less compelling."
67 70% Booksmart (2019) - Sep 06, 2019
"Booksmart has the right balance of quirky comedy and heartfelt moments to make it an enjoyable film; but flawed in ways that won't make it a classic (for me at least). I liked that for once an American film didn't portray high-school as a compendium of cliques, making the lead girls their own worst enemies. Some of the comedic moments were great, and on the whole the cast and writing were strong. Feldstein's Molly was a bit too annoying though, whether through the writing or performance or both."
65 57% Top End Wedding (2019) - Sep 06, 2019
"Tapsell and Lee are pretty funny even though they lack chemistry as a couple. While not the best RomCom, Top End Wedding is a decent comedy with plenty of genuine laughs that delivers a positive (albeit saccharine) message on the importance of cultural heritage. Despite several clichés, the heavy focus on Aboriginal Australians (and Australia in general) makes the film feel fresh."