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Bio: My film rating scale: if it's over 80--it's a damned good movie; if it's between 80-70 it's either notably flawed or one of those 'different strokes for different folks' movies; if it's between 70-60 it's still enjoyable and/or has some artistic merit; if it's below 50 it's inexcusable, utter crap.

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77 46% Zola (2021) - Rated 09 Jul 2024
"A more realistic Spring Breakers (with more inchoate commentary about race relations) that rambles along as an aimless vaguely-Herzogian yarn. Oh and for some inexplicable reason it features a Succession-prequel-version of Cousin Greg. Well-acted and convoluted enough to be compelling, but there doesn't seem to be any point to this film. I guess this is the last bits of postmodernism being purged out of the arthouse movie system."
77 46% The Holdovers (2023) - Rated 03 Jul 2024
"An avuncular bit of nostalgia that lovingly recreates and gently modernizes the maudlin comedies of the 70s. In many ways, it feels more like a stage play than a movie, providing the cast an opportunity to show off their acting chops via a rotating spotlight of quasi-soliloquies. There's not much here, but it's a pleasant watch nevertheless."
76 41% Fallout (2024) - Rated 07 May 2024
"All of the trappings of Fallout, but you get the sense that the script could have easily been repurposed for the upteenth Marvel-movie. This is particularly the case with the final 2 episodes, where the plot waffles about cartoonishly evil corporations doing things that make not one iota of sense. Plus, what at first looks like it may be character development is just little more than 2D character tropes, recycled. A real shame given that the first 5 episodes were a fun bit of Fallout."
78 53% Heaven's Gate (1980) - Rated 06 May 2024
78 53% The Regime (2024) - Rated 21 Apr 2024
78 53% Dream Scenario (2023) - Rated 31 Mar 2024
"A very promising first-half rapidly unravels, as Borgli struggles to find a sensible place to land what otherwise would be a highly ambituous piece of arthouse cinema. Instead, the flick dissolves into an inchoate amalgam held together by a very fine thread of a credo that advertising and cancel culture is bad, and love and family is good. Still, it's ultimately not the worst addition to the whole dreams-and-maketing arthouse subgenre (for that, see Strawberry Mansion)."
77 46% Broadchurch (2013) - Rated 29 Mar 2024
80 69% Far North (2023) - Rated 17 Mar 2024
"Like a delightful mix of Waititi and People Just Do Nothing. A real hiddem gem this."
73 32% Vanskabte Land (2022) - Rated 12 Mar 2024
""I'm full of shit. Pray for me." pretty much sums up the whole movie. While I can't fault the gorgeous cinematography--every shot is a mid 19th century painting come to life, but the narrative (or lack thereof) is plodding and overly self-indulgent. In a way, it is all very Lutheran, repressed, emotionless, jarring, vacuous. Contrast to something like There Will Be Blood, a film of a similar tenor but wildly more compelling, more watchable. Godland was a series of pretty pictures."
74 34% Possum (2018) - Rated 09 Mar 2024
"Not much here besides creepy arthouse vibes, except it's not very creepy when there's nothing relatable about the barebone cast. Like a live-action tool music video with maybe a little too much aimless wandering through woods and marshes."