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Cinema Addict - 2170 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2007

Location: USA

Bio: My film rating scale: if it's over 80--it's a damned good movie; if it's between 80-70 it's either notably flawed or one of those 'different strokes for different folks' movies; if it's between 70-60 it's still enjoyable and/or has some artistic merit; if it's below 50 it's inexcusable, utter crap.
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77 44% The Innkeepers (2011) - Nov 13, 2019
80 66% Good Time (2017) - Nov 13, 2019
79 58% Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) - Nov 11, 2019
"When Aguirre broods by zee panflutist eet iz folly und vrath juxtapozed een zee paradox of life. Und zee beauty of zis symmetry iz zee questions ve must ask. Iz eet zee social gaze zat rocks zee flutist or iz zat gaze reflected back at us in zee pendulum of life's greatest folly? Or iz it zee gaping void ready to swallow us whole? Eet iz neizer, obviously, eet iz neizer. "
76 40% Lake Mungo (2008) - Nov 05, 2019
"A poor man's Twin Peaks as told through a faux-cumentary. Very, very slow. The Blair Witch Project this isn't."
75 37% The Assassin (2015) - Nov 05, 2019
92 97% The Lighthouse (2019) - Nov 02, 2019
"If it wasn't filled with a professorial commitment to historical auhenticity, you would think you were watching early Aronofsky. Meaning proliferates--is this simply a retelling of the tragedy of the two Welsh lighthousekeepers? Some exposition on Proteus & Prometheus? Or is there some link to the Gospel of Thomas & early Gnostic texts about divine duality? Whatever the meaning, the acting performances of Dafoe & Pattinson make the Biblical ramble a memorable one. A masterful work of a film."
80 66% The Stepfather (1987) - Nov 01, 2019
"There is something to the othering of traditional family values as "the stepfather" (the replacement of the "murdered" Father) while normalizing therapy and single-parent households. Unfortunately, it's not clear if there's any more here than a simple illustration of the paradigm shift on the left coast. The film doesn't really probe the implications unlike Psycho or the criminally underrated Peeping Tom. Still, it's an enjoyable piece of cinema mostly due to O'Quinn's phenomenal performance."
80 66% The Rambler (2013) - Oct 31, 2019
"Like an actually watchable version of Gummo that wanders through bizarre and horrific slices of Americana with a poster of Lynch over the camera. There is something intriguing here, but you gotta think that a better cast would have really made this flick shine. Still worth a watch."
77 44% The Changeling (1980) - Oct 28, 2019
"Haunted house story meets the Manchurian Candidate. Still, despite the campy haunted house cliches and the nonsensical political-thriller chaff, there are enough creepy sequences to give this flick at least some merit. "
78 50% Viy (1967) - Oct 20, 2019
"Didn't age well. Some intriguing moments and an authentic devotion to folksiness makes this worth a watch, but the meager budget and the dated effects really ruin the immersion. "