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Celluloid Junkie - 2505 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2007

Location: USA

Bio: My film rating scale: if it's over 80--it's a damned good movie; if it's between 80-70 it's either notably flawed or one of those 'different strokes for different folks' movies; if it's between 70-60 it's still enjoyable and/or has some artistic merit; if it's below 50 it's inexcusable, utter crap.
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77 46% American Movie (1999) - Jul 04, 2021
74 35% Workaholics (2011) - Jun 28, 2021
"It's Always Sunny fan fiction. I mean it's not even that subtle. The main set of characters have direct one-to-one analogs: Adam is Mac, Anders is Dennis, Blake is Charlie, Jillian is Dee. "
68 18% Mad Detective (2007) - Jun 06, 2021
"Normally, I try to be understanding when it comes to low budget movies, but Jesus Christ this is pretty much unwatchable. The sound design sounds like everything was recorded on a secondhand tapedeck, the subs are riddled with grammatical errors, and the "noir" photography is so amateurish that it can only be watched on an old vaccuum tube TV. Add to that, the choppiest editting I've seen in ages and you have a movie where half the time you can barely keep up with what's going on. "
82 77% Amulet (2020) - May 29, 2021
"This film has really compelling ideas that easily rival Aster's works. There are some scenes that are haunting a la Von Trier's Antichrist (though the overall photography is sometimes hit or miss). The main problem is that the script is clumsy & borderline incoherent. The dialogue is awkwardly disjointed & the way the final act unfolds on screen is needlessly muddled. It's a mix of Killing of a Sacred Deer and Spring, but with a feeling that it could have been miles better than either work."
80 67% Celda 211 (2009) - May 25, 2021
"Just a very solid honest to goodness thriller. The way it's shot is somewhat beguiling in that it evokes a sense of 90s-styled telenovelas that you expect will unfold in a rather predictable way; it doesn't. Instead it boasts a level of intensity in the acting and plot that really resembles Sicario more than anything (though on a much lower budget). Worth a watch for a good dose of tension in a bottle."
88 92% Sauna (2008) - May 15, 2021
"Like a gorgeous invocation of Tarkovsky, Bergman, and Von Trier, this is a dense, puzzling piece of art horror. The horror elements are used as obscure metaphors of the brutality of the wars and violence that give birth to nations, and how the subsequent generations have been spared firsthand knowledge of the atrocities of our national ancestors. But the overarching themes would be for naught if the photography, the acting, and the direction didn't conjure such an eerie, oppressive atmosphere."
76 41% Saint Maud (2020) - May 14, 2021
"A polished remix of Red Dragon, Red State, Devil All the Time, and a medley of other "religious horror" flicks. It doesn't do anything particularly new or interesting, but it travels the paths well-trod by other older movies quite well. Watch only if you want something solid from the subgenre, otherwise you ain't missing much by skipping it. It's just a generally unpleasant experience often bordering on religious torture porn without any insight or revelation to make the gruesomeness worth it. "
79 59% Force Majeure (2014) - May 13, 2021
"For a film inspired by youtube videos, it sure has a lot of boring fluff. The first half hour or so often feels like a sterile, inferior rip-off of The Loneliest Planet. But if you give it time, Ostlund does craft a handful of set pieces that are absolutely sublime in capturing singularly relatable social situations. But in keeping all the dull, garish bullshit for no real reason, it feels like he's insisting that the audience NEEDS to smell his farts to undersrand his artistic vision."
77 46% The Night (2021) - May 10, 2021
"It's just steeped with a nice creepy ambiance, but it never quites get there. Maybe it's because Hosseini just doesn't have the acting chops or isn't getting the direction he needs (though Noor does admirably). So while the set up is exquisite, instead of ramping up the tension it starts treading water and by the climax I was honestly getting a bit bored. It's frustrating because it's clear that it has so many clever ideas here and such a palpable sense of dread, but ultimately it falls short."
76 41% Fata Morgana (1971) - May 10, 2021
"Herzog filmed a home movie of his trip abroad, but figured he needed to get everyone to see it, which meant it needed some sort of plot, so he got someone to read the Mayan creation myth and got the rights to a couple of Leonard Cohen songs, threw a little Herzog-typical absurdism at the very end and called it a day. It's actually quite nice to relax to, but it's biggest negative is it inspired people like Terence Malick to think that disjointed pretty imagery is all it takes to make a movie. "