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Celluloid Junkie - 2521 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2007

Location: USA

Bio: My film rating scale: if it's over 80--it's a damned good movie; if it's between 80-70 it's either notably flawed or one of those 'different strokes for different folks' movies; if it's between 70-60 it's still enjoyable and/or has some artistic merit; if it's below 50 it's inexcusable, utter crap.
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79 59% Angst (1983) - Oct 13, 2021
"Expertly shot, directed, and acted only to end up a vacuous (fantasized) snuff film. Whereas other films about similar subject matter had some other, overarching point that made the excursion into the grotesque somehow worth the discomfort (e.g., Clockwork Orange, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), there's not really much here, besides maybe an overly intimate character study of a fantastically deranged psychopath. May as well be a Dahmer documentary... Honestly, I regret watching this. "
85 87% The Visitors (1993) - Oct 13, 2021
83 80% Bacurau (2019) - Oct 09, 2021
"A Herzogian epic with a Tarantino bend. "
69 22% The Isle (2019) - Oct 07, 2021
"This flick suffers from an atrocious cast and a shoestring budget. A good half the movie involves LARPy-costumed actors gazing uncomfortably at each other. I'm guessing the looks are supposed to be meaningful, but it comes off as more of a "I farted and I hope this other guy didn't smell it." Let's not even mention the startled Gilligan running around comically. A real bummer considering the script's repurposing of famous myths could have been very well done by a more capable director."
55 7% Darkness Falls (2003) - Sep 21, 2021
77 46% The Out-of-Towners (1970) - Sep 20, 2021
"It's not really a comedy in the laughing sense, but the escalatingly absurd tribulations of what must be the most obnoxious man in the world keep you watching. ...despite George Kellerman's nonstop torrent of whining and complaining. I mean, yeah, it's intentional, but it does get a little grating especially with 1970 sound so every yell is a like nails on a chalkboard. Still, despite it all, it was a fun enough ride to warrant the very inconvenient journey."
58 8% Briget & Eamonn (2016) - Sep 20, 2021
"Meta-trash is still trash."
76 41% London Irish (2013) - Sep 19, 2021
"Like a more offensive, more incoherent, and, frankly, less funny, It's Always Sunny. Still, it does occasionally stumble into uproarious laughter. All that said, credit where credit is due, as this show is far more realistic in its depiction of nihilistic, aggressive binge drinking. There are far less wacky adventures and far more what the feck are ye doin', lads?"
76 41% Deathdream (1974) - Sep 18, 2021
"A bit of a frustrating watch. The underlying conceit is reminscent of early Romero--where the concept of the undead was a political satire and not the too familiar vacuous monstrocity. But God, is this hard too watch: bad acting (barring the lead's creepy smiles), hokey photography and effects really make this feel like a Tale from the Crypt when this had the potential to be a true classic. I guess Clark decided to put all his attention into Black Christmas that year..."
77 46% In the Earth (2021) - Sep 16, 2021
"Wheatley is a pagan, psychadelic Tarkovsky making Blair Witch. He clearly has mastery over his philosophy and his script is as dense with metaphors and symbology as the masters, but the execution is frequently as sloppy as an amateur with a go-pro. It makes for frustrating viewing, because there's so much there, but the pace and the visual language makes the process of watching this film all too frequently boring despite the fascinating subject matter. Like a 1st draft of a brilliant novel. "