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Cinema Addict - 2025 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2007

Location: USA

Bio: My film rating scale: if it's over 80--it's a damned good movie; if it's between 80-70 it's either notably flawed or one of those 'different strokes for different folks' movies; if it's between 70-60 it's still enjoyable and/or has some artistic merit; if it's below 50 it's inexcusable, utter crap.
more Recent Ratings
79 57% The End of the Tour (2015) - Aug 08, 2018
82 75% Animal Kingdom (2010) - Aug 05, 2018
67 17% The Karate Kid (1984) - Aug 04, 2018
93 97% The Rover (2014) - Jul 27, 2018
"A kind of sequel-in-spirit to The Proposition. Both have a jaw-dropping soundtrack, gorgeous minimalist cinematography, and themes delving into filial relationships, humanism, and the inevitable ends of contemporary society. Despite the plodding, moody pace The Rover keeps tension and interest via a stupendous cast and a taut narrative. All in all, this is a stunning neo-Western depicting the most hideous of faces through the lens of studious Lynchian beauty. "
89 93% The Death of Stalin (2017) - Jul 23, 2018
"A smart, brutally authentic bit of historical fiction. Revealing the absurdist reality of Soviet politics has never been done better."
78 50% Breakdown (1997) - Jul 17, 2018
77 45% Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 14, 2018
74 35% National Treasure (2004) - Jul 14, 2018
85 85% The House on Sorority Row (1983) - Jul 11, 2018
"It's a familiar plot but it's so well put-together and so well acted that, at times, it feels like an arthouse flick. Grindhouse afficiandos will probably be disappointed, as this movie lacks a certain twisted creativity common to the genre. But it more than makes up for it with a tight script that boasts a richer array of characters than the rest of the pack. "
76 41% Inferno (1980) - Jul 07, 2018
"Yeah, Argento has an eye for pretty landscapes, but he revels a bit too much in his "kill shots," which come off as painfully dated 38 years later. Plus it's hard to really call this a full-on movie; it's more of a hodge-podge of gratuitous set-pieces. "