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Cinema Addict - 1845 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Albany, NY, USA

Age: 32

Bio: Ratings and reviews are subject to change on a whim.

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74 57% Mean Girls (2004) - Aug 01, 2022
"Coming back to this as an adult (and finally being able to watch it all in a single sitting), this is still pretty decent! Manages to capture the awkward feeling of trying to fit in at school pretty well, and it's got some great belly laughs. It's a bit oddly paced and Hollywood's obsession with cliques is tiring, but I still had fun. Worth your time."
69 47% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Jul 25, 2022
"Has its moments, but this is surprisingly lifeless for this combination of talent and story potential, especially considering how much fun Ragnarok was. At least Bale manages to light up the screen and make his villain more memorable than the standard disposable Marvel antagonist."
71 51% Christine (1983) - Jul 04, 2022
"Look, just cause the hood falls on someone's hand and a dude has a heart attack behind the wheel doesn't automatically make a car evil! More seriously, Christine lacks a certain coherency, especially earlier on, that would make it stronger, but there's still some fun to be had here. It's not deep, but the last forty minutes or so are pretty thrilling at times, so it evens out in my book."
82 79% SPY×FAMILY (2022) - Jun 30, 2022
"A fun little light story about a family where every family member has a secret, and the only one who knows it all is too young to know what to do about it. Not every episode is as strong as every other, but I still had fun. Looking forward to the inevitable season 2."
11 1% Robot Holocaust (1986) - Jun 27, 2022
"One of the most incompetent low-budget sci-fi films I've ever seen. They spent all the budget on some costumes and then just winged the rest. It's the post-apocalypse yet you can see modern Manhattan in the background! Crazy."
76 63% Safety Last! (1923) - Jun 06, 2022
"While it's comedically more uneven, especially earlier on, than the more famous works of Chaplin and Keaton, the entire building-climbing sequence is both hilarious and completely unnerving. Lloyd's charisma carries this."
90 94% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - May 31, 2022
"Equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, a rapid-fire journey through every emotion in a lifetime, or many lifetimes. The Daniels let their imaginations go wild (never thought I'd see a fight like the dildo fight in a movie!), and Yeoh is excellent in the lead, but it's Quan who really impressed me in his side role. Walking out of the theater I felt refreshed and had a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the world around me, like the day after an acid trip. Art only cinema can deliver."
34 10% Morbius (2022) - May 28, 2022
"I watched this the way it was meant to be watched: via a super-compressed file I downloaded from Discord while stoned out of my mind. Couldn't tell what was going on half the time, but that seems to be pretty par for the course. It's a total mess, obviously shot and edited and reshot and reedited a hundred times, dropping plotlines at a moment's notice and giving us no real emotional through-line. The worst of modern filmmaking, basically. Deserving of all the memes, which I love."
74 57% Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - May 23, 2022
"Falters a bit once you have time to think it over, but once again Raimi proves he knows his way around comic books better than most who try. A generally thrilling time."
71 51% Arcane (2021) - Apr 25, 2022
"Never played League of Legends. I fell in love with the initial episodes to the point that I'd prefer the whole series be focused on the characters as kids - because the material set in the present isn't nearly as strong. Sometimes it feels as though bad things happen because they have to, rather than feeling like organic developments. As such I'm left with some mixed feelings. Absolutely love the animation though, I would love to see more works in a similar style!"