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36 T2 Time Walker (1982) - 25 Nov 2023
"Actually not that bad an idea for a horror movie, but fails massively in execution. Yes, let's wander around a boiler room again for the tenth time already. Terrible acting and preposterous character actions."
86 T9 Oppenheimer (2023) - 10 Oct 2023
47 T2 The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) - 30 Sep 2023
"Could be something decent with better characters and more paranoia, but it's fairly dull as-is. Severed heads don't make good antagonists."
T1 The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969) - 30 Sep 2023
"Dull to the point of being physically painful. A masterclass in not making the audience give a shit about your story."
70 T5 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) - 19 Sep 2023
"It's... decent? It's decent. Mostly unremarkable adventure romp that keeps you in the moment but is none too memorable after. Not a super big fan of what they did with the macguffin and the climax, but hard to comment on anything else. Very middle-of-the-road."
63 T4 As bestas (2022) - 07 Aug 2023
"Less "lets you decide what it's positions are" and more "doesn't have much to say." When it's tense it sparks some interest, but that is for only about 45 minutes in the first hour. Deflates shortly thereafter and then a massive narrative ellipsis kills any hope of regaining that interest dead. Characters aren't engaging enough to care what happens to them."
79 T8 Barbie (2023) - 31 Jul 2023
"Mostly lighthearted, crowd-appealing fun. Maybe tries to have its cake and eat it too at times with trying to insert a proper message and stumbles a bit for it (see how the "real" character's arcs are oddly rushed). But that's not too much of a detriment when there's this much fun and style on display. Gosling, Robbie, and the set design all deserve to win awards."
76 T7 Death Parade (2015) - 29 Jun 2023
75 T6 Inside job (2021) - 13 Jun 2023
"Fairly fun comedy series. Won't blow you away, but it has enough heart for its characters to carry it through the weaker episodes. Too bad about the cancellation."