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81 T9 Detour Detour (1945) - 16 Aug 2011
"I've lost count of all the films I've watched in my lifetime, but I can make this assessment without hesitancy...Ann Savage's character Vera, is the most evil bitch I've ever seen in a film. And she's great. I used to think that Out of the Past and Double Indemnity were the truest expression of Film Noir, but Detour has every Noir cliche in spades."
100 T10 Harakiri Harakiri (1962) - 26 Mar 2011
"The cream of the crop of chanbara films. It's hard to imagine that a film that runs well over two hours and consists of a samurai sitting on a mat in a garden telling a story would be captivating at all. But this is by far the best samurai film I've ever seen. And it gets better with each subsequent viewing."
100 T10 Brief Encounter Brief Encounter (1945) - 28 Jul 2011
"I'm usually not one for romantic films, but this film just grabbed me and when it was finished, I fell in love with Celia Johnson. It's a shame that she eschewed working in feature films for most of her career, because she was one great actress. Her chemistry with Trevor Howard is never wooden or cloying and you can understand why he falls head over heels for her. A definite treat for those who love this kind of film and film making."
T1 Swept Away Swept Away (2002) - 28 Jul 2011
"The modern day Medusa whines her way through what has to be the worst film of all time. I literally wanted to reach into the screen and strangle her after about 20 minutes. Everything that was wonderful about Lena Wertmueller's original film is absent from this abortion of a film. Avoid this film at all costs, it should come with the Surgeon Generals warning."
81 T9 Cape Fear Cape Fear (1962) - 30 Mar 2011
"What was Martin Scorcese thinking? It's been too many years for me to admit, but I should have seen this film much, much earlier. Robert Mitchum is even better in this than he was in Night of the Hunter. What doesn't work in Scorcese's version, works magnificently in this film. The atmosphere, acting and suspense are all top-knotch. What makes Max Cady menacing in this film is that Mitchum makes him believable, unlike the zealously religious caricature that DeNiro portrays in the remake."