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40 25% Buried Buried (2010) - Rated 28 Jul 2010
"More admirable because of it's ingenious concept and how it manages to stay true to the premise, Buried gets tangled to the inevitable: you can't make a 90 minute film of a guy stuck in a box interesting. While I admire the helmer resisting the urge to venture outside the coffin, it does feel as if something is missing. Starting from the hitchcockian opening credits, there is a tingling sense of paranoia that ultimately goes nowhere. The political content is quite a letdown."
80 78% The Social Network The Social Network (2010) - Rated 21 Oct 2010
"Sorkin's screenwriting is excellent, portraying a very dark, hierarchical world where status is more important than anything. This is not a movie about Facebook, but of the reality which these sad individuals inhabit. All this is channelled through the witty dark humour Sorkin flavors the dialogue with, excellent cinematography, a brilliant soundtrack and, of course, the key performances of all the young talents involved. Fincher has truly returned to form."
60 50% Inception Inception (2010) - Rated 16 Jul 2010
"As the storyline takes it's enjoyable onion-structured form, one might suspect Inception is trying to appear more intelligent than it actually is. With strong performances and striking visuals, the film is marvellous to look at, and often emotionally engaging - but there is all too little of the existential mindfuck that could have made this an instant classic. The 'what if' ending is the unnecessary cherry on top of a cake that never tastes as sweet as it could have - and should have."