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Bio: Disregard prejudices, trust instinct, and, above all, read.

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95 80% Inception (2010) - Jan 28, 2011
"In my mind, Terrence Malick is a film philosopher who expresses his ideas through poetry. Christopher Nolan, on the other hand, is the same kind of film philosopher, only he expresses his ideas through logical construction and analysis. There's a lot of very good ideas at work here. It's definitely not perfect, but this is the first time I've seen Nolan shine without any heavy baggage weighing his films down. I can't wait to see what he builds next."
95 80% District 9 (2009) - Jan 25, 2011
"I've heard all of the complaints and never gave this the time of day. I finally watched it and was delighted. This isn't subtle because the message doesn't call for subtlety, this film is trying to beat you over the head with its constantly repeating message: THIS ISN'T APARTHEID, THIS IS STILL HAPPENING. I fear that this is lost on American and European audiences and it wasn't perfect, but it was still nice. The use of documentary was pitch perfect, especially since it's only a framing device."
95 80% The Garden (2008) - Jan 23, 2011
95 80% Generation Kill (2008) - Jan 23, 2011
94 68% Waiting for Guffman (1996) - Jan 23, 2011
"I work in theatre. This instilled in me a kind of existential horror. I found myself questioning art in a way I've not done since Exit through the Gift Shop. As far as the comedy goes, though, I've seen Christopher Guest do better. That said, the characters are better developed here than in later films."
97 91% Network (1976) - Jan 21, 2011
"This feels vaguely theatrical. I'm not sure if this could work on stage, but it's depressing and absurd and humorous and contains probably the best monologues of contemporary performance."
93 54% The Gallant Hours (1960) - Jan 21, 2011
"This goes back and forth from being stale and stiff to enjoyable and interesting. I'd say that it's about an even split. It is at all times saccharine and so dripping with sentiment that its framing device is straight out of Goodbye, Mr Chips."
95 80% The Lower Depths (1936) - Jan 21, 2011
"Probably my favorite thing about Renoir is that there's always SOME shred of optimism. It makes him at worst enjoyable, at best sublime."
97 91% Play Dirty (1968) - Jan 18, 2011
"I'd like to know where this gem has been hiding all these years. I peruse WW2 films like they're a fine wine and this one's among the very best. It's probably the best companion piece to my personal favorite: Kelly's Heroes. Certainly a better companion than Where Eagles Dare. I recommend going into this blind. The anti-war message has lost its edge over time, but there are still a few surprises that even the most jaded viewer of jaded war films will find enjoyable."
94 68% 180° South (2010) - Jan 07, 2011