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Cinema Addict - 1554 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 11, 2014

Location: USA

Bio: According to my voting scale, anything above 50 is worth viewing, with anything over 80 being a favorite. Let me acknowledge my preferences: I hate horror (and always will), and I don't like superhero films. Thrillers, zany comedies, and epic dramas almost always do well in my book.
more Recent Ratings
45 25% The King of Queens (1998) - Aug 10, 2020
72 69% Little Boy (2015) - Aug 10, 2020
"Child acting is always a stretch, and it has its moments of weakness here. Often sentimental, but without veering too far into LifeTime movie territory, the movie tackles the mysterious topic of faith, and does so rather well."
75 76% Band of Brothers (2001) - Aug 06, 2020
73 71% Apollo 13 (1995) - Aug 06, 2020
27 11% Triangle (2009) - Aug 02, 2020
76 77% Keeper of the Flame (1942) - Jul 31, 2020
"A twisty tale that ends with a bang, but that bang pushes the movie into melodrama. The best part of it all is the cabbie, played by Percy Kilbride, who steals every scene."
40 20% Hotel Chevalier (2007) - Jul 30, 2020
52 34% The Darjeeling Limited (2007) - Jul 30, 2020
"Lower-tier Anderson, with his style often getting in the way of substance. The short-film set-up to the film is awful, but is necessary for a minor character arc payoff. All of the character arcs are minuscule and the story quite literally goes off the rails. That being said, there are still some great scenes. The scenes don't add up to a great film, though."
84 87% Gideon's Trumpet (1980) - Jul 29, 2020
"I didn't watch this movie in high school and I did enjoy it thoroughly, so I guess this movie should be banned from high schools or something? Jokes aside, it's simultaneously subtle and gripping. Henry Fonda is a joy to watch, and I have a feeling his performance inspired Mark Rylance's turn in Bridge of Spies."
80 81% Amistad (1997) - Jul 17, 2020
"A remarkable story well-told. It is well-framed, starting in medias res not for the purpose of grabbing our attention, but for the purpose of distancing the audience from our hero, Cinque. Later, when the background is given, it reframes the story. It is a powerful shift."