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Cinema Addict - 1710 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 8, 2009

Location: London, UK

Bio: TV ratings at https://www.criticker.com/profile/BownTV/ my ratings have no real internal consistency or logic and make sense only to me

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84 72% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"Men would rather *lists all the stuff that happens in this movie* than go to therapy"
81 58% Armageddon Time (2022) - Nov 23, 2022
"A very evocative tale of a young boy’s first experiences with privilege and discrimination that excels when it focuses on this instead of the more generic coming-of-age elements. A truly excellent cast, many of whom get their deserved standout moments, and great production design."
83 67% Aftersun (2022) - Nov 22, 2022
"At its best a beautiful and sad depiction of looking back on childhood and seeing events in a new light with the emotional intelligence that comes naturally with adulthood. I can’t tell if me being left wanting more is the fault of the movie itself or just the hype surrounding it. Corio and Mescal are superb."
87 84% Tár (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
"A wickedly funny examination of power, unchecked behaviour, and the insane level of pretentious nonsense in the classical music world. Blanchett gives one of her best performances ever, which is really saying something, and the examination of our current social climate is fair and thoughtful. It’s all backed up by an excellent score and perfect framing. Maybe not worthy of being SO much more acclaimed than every other 2022 movie, but not too far off."
78 48% The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) - Nov 08, 2022
"A really strong but obviously unfinished feature that kind of just ends up feeling like a bunch of stuff happening to a jerk without the structure a fuller version would have given it."
73 31% Taipei Story (1985) - Nov 08, 2022
"Despite having strong themes and gorgeous visuals I struggled to connect with this one. It’s colder than Yang’s other films, which probably didn’t help, but I wasn’t able to connect to the characters like I wanted."
86 80% Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) - Nov 08, 2022
"I prefer the lyrical, fragmented, poetic tone of Davies’ work to just about any other kitchen sink drama filmmaker ever. The moments he catches just feel so profound and moving. This is an extremely sad movie but it never tips over into complete despair. The use of music is exceptional. I just like it a lot okay"
79 52% The Battle of Algiers (1966) - Nov 07, 2022
"Admired more than I liked but a great down-to-earth look at a revolution and guerrilla warfare and the human cost."
88 88% Raise the Red Lantern (1991) - Nov 07, 2022
"Impossibly beautiful with impeccable framing of the fascinating central location, and as good as a fable on patriarchal systems as it is a character study. Remarkable."
71 26% Pyaasa (1957) - Nov 07, 2022
"Bounced off this so hard I got a concussion when I hit the opposite wall. The last 45 minutes are legitimately good with some excellent story beats, but before then it stays one-note for far too long adding in a billion superfluous songs and repeating itself over and over. Conceptually a strong tale of materialism over human connection, but pretty disappointing in execution."