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Flick Fan - 28 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 3, 2010

Location: Lawrence, KS, USA

Age: 49

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93 62% Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Jul 11, 2010
"This is a really good "feel good, then feel real bad" movie. Very emotional. The film style is very dark, which really compliments the darkness of the story. The best "feel good" part is Morgan Freeman's part in "Danger's" first fight. "
67 3% Hot Fuzz (2007) - Jul 06, 2010
"I guess it was ok, but really not all that good. A few funny bits, but just a bit too slow and not all that attention keeping."
97 94% To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) - Jul 04, 2010
"A classic. Holds well to the book. Very cutting edge and risky when it was made, still a powerful film today. "
67 3% What Just Happened (2008) - Jul 04, 2010
"Pretty flat. Bruce Willis as himself was the best part. Lots of stars, but so, well, flat."
93 62% Idiocracy (2006) - Jul 03, 2010
"So sophmoric, but targeted to the very wise through sarcasm. It's so scary though, because it really feels like this is a future documentary of our society. It's got what plants crave!"
95 83% Fight Club (1999) - Jul 03, 2010
"I love it!!! The suprise twist got me, I had no idea! A brilliant piece of work!!!"
72 12% Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Jul 03, 2010
"I generally like Burton flicks, I think Depp is great, and I really enjoyed the book and the earlier film of a similar title. The thing is, I didn't think that much of this one. Wonka is made into a substantially weaker character, and don't even get me started on the Oompa Loompas! Counterpoint: Very visually satisfying!!!!"
93 62% The Dark Crystal (1982) - Jul 03, 2010
"Lots of people like this one less than I do, but this is a great movie. I did see it as a ten year old and that (I am guessing) helped it cement into my brain, but still, a good movie for young and old. "
95 83% Time Bandits (1981) - Jul 03, 2010
"One I grew up with, and one of my favorites! History and fantasy all wrapped up in one. And you will want a map of time before it's over. There is a really nice repro being marketed for about $100!!!!"
95 83% Wild at Heart (1990) - Jul 03, 2010
""Hotter than Georgia asphalt" David Lynch makes some fine films. This might be the best. Fairly uncomfortable, which seems to be an attractant for me, and with several of my favorite actors. What's not to love?"